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8 Signs Your Man is a Keeper- Dating & Relationships

No sooner do we find ourselves settling into a serious relationship than we begin questioning the future. When talking about relationships, women often wonder if the man is a keeper or someone who’s not in it for the long run. And then starts the dilemma of answering that question and safe-locking your future. So, how can one figure out if “He” is “The Man?”

The anxiety of settling down, not investing time on someone who doesn’t want the same things, and wanting to start a family is very common. Even if getting married and having children is not a priority or the immediate next plan, knowing the direction of the relationship is of importance to many. Although, this is for those who are dating for a future, the serious kinds! And it is during such times that we want to know if the man is a keeper.

In our article, we’re going to keep all the materialistic aspects of the picture. It’s not like women don’t like these kinds of stuff; we all do. But it would be wrong to recognize your keeper on the basis of this! Also, let’s avoid comparing our relationships with others. People are different, and every couple has the freedom to set their own rights and limitations. The one thing that we should all universally look for in our relationships is “happiness!”

Signs that your Man is a Keeper!

1. Knows the Balancing Act

balancing the time

We live in a world where we all have to manage multiple things. So when we say “knows the balancing act,” it wouldn’t require a special skill-set. A stable man would love investing equal time in the relationship. Therefore, if he continues to balance his life between work, family, friends, and you, then treasure him!

Most people do this wonderfully at the beginning of their relationships. But with time, some men feel like their partner is begging for time. Some others also feel like their women have no right to claim that time. Well, then there’s a problem. With time, life changes, and responsibilities increase. But there shouldn’t be friction for time unless it is irrational.

A keeper will manage it all. On times when he cannot manage the time, he will also feel bad about it. “I’m sorry babe! I’ll make up for it” are the kind of sentences he might use. Your man is a keeper is he feels equally bad about not spending time with you. You see, such people usually give quality time, rather than quantity time. Quality time build valuable memories.

2. He’s interested in your life


Women are interesting beings. A keeper knows that, and he will always keep an interest in your life. Not that he should know where you are all the time. But a much-in-love man will usually ask you about your day. During the morning hours, he’d ask you, “So, what are your plans for the day?” Or, when you meet at the end of the day, he’d ask, “So, how was your day? What did you do today?”

Such men usually also keep an interest in their woman’s personal lives. He’d want to know your family and friends too. There won’t be any insecurities of making it to your family gatherings or official events. Your man is a keeper if he also partakes in things you enjoy once in a while.

3. Your man talks about the future

is your man a keeper

Only a man who is in for a lifetime will talk about the future. And if he does, you’ll that your man is a keeper. Now let us not misjudge this word. When we say the future, it does not always have to be a talk about “marriage.” If you are investing your life on the man, then you need to see gradual changes in him.

Initially, he may talk about little trips he wants to take with you. Once he gets a little comfortable, he will share his dreams with you. Men do not like talking about what they want to achieve with everyone. So, if he just did, know you are special! With time, he will start talking about a life together, about marriage, old age, everything.

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4. If your man is a keeper, he will value your time like his own


When a man truly falls for a woman, he knows that she isn’t going to wait around for him. He will not be the kind of male who’ll weight what kind of work you do, or you don’t work at all. All he will attempt to do is respect your time. We can draw two inferences here. A keeper will not just value your time in terms of keeping his word on a commitment. He will also make sure that you get undivided time from him.

We do across some people who simply want their partners to function based on their schedule. A keeper is much different. Such men make sure they take both’s schedules into consideration before making a plan. He’s also not the kind who will dismiss or discount your schedule as unimportant. If it is important to you, it is important to him.

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5. A keeper understands the word “compromise”

dating tips

No one is perfect; after several years on this planet, we tend to accept this reality. But people who want to build healthy relationships often try and find perfection in their imperfection. That is a sign of people who want to stay in a relationship. Some men misinterpret that compromise is a word for the females. They want them to compromise their home, family, friends, and even careers some times.

Even though the time is changing, and there is a lot of growth and grace in this area, it still happens. But that is not how a keeper functions. He knows that a relationship dies without mutual compromise. When you find a guy who knows that compromise is like the see-saw in your relationship, you keep him. Sometimes, you go down, and sometimes him! That’s how you make it work.

6. There’s bliss in the “little things”

is your man a keeper

Women are independent and strong enough to do things by themselves. And even if some of them are dependent, there’s nothing wrong with it. The man is dating you, knowing that it is a part of you. But you know that your man is a keeper when he finds and gives you bliss with the “little things.”

Say he’s passing by a store and buys you something you randomly mentioned that you needed. Or maybe, he knows that your period is around the corner and stocks the fridge with things you generally crave. He goes out with his friends to grab a bite and likes the taste of a dish you like, so he brings some home for you. See, the little things. These are not materialistic things; they’re signs that he cares.

7. A keeper is mostly emotionally available

relationship advice

In our article, we’re going to change how we see emotional availability. One should not just be available for his woman. In fact, he should be available for his own emotions too. When emotions stay built inside, they damage a person internally. It doesn’t take long for it to affect relationships and life after that.

So, your man is a keeper if he doesn’t run away from emotions. He will make sure to hear you out to your teary and exciting moments. A guy who goes all-in will feel comfortable and calm by expressing his emotions with you too.  In fact, he’ll look for you every time there is a new wave of sentiment. Now, this man… he’s a keeper!

8. Your man is a keeper if he’s an “equalist”

signs your man is a keeper

We’re living in a time when we do not need machos or feminist. We need more equalists. So if you are one too, like one who believes that no particular task or emotion is meant for a particular gender, you are an equalist.

An equalist man automatically understands that living with a woman or dating a woman means chucking out all gender biases. Of course, it is for the best that the woman is the same. Like, it is okay for the woman to plan a beautiful date-night surprise, and for a man to do the laundry.

A keeper will not burden you with household chores, assuming it is your duty. He knows that in a working world, the responsibility of a house falls on both’s shoulders. If you are living together, you will see the signs. And if you are not, try having conversations about the same. Your guy is a keeper if he does not automatically assume that the outdoor errands are for him, and the indoor chores are for you.

Moreover, he will not force gender-biased emotions or feelings either. Like, he would not that physical pleasure is the right of both genders. Or that, it is okay for the female to want some “me” time with friends.

Are you dating a keeper?

So, now you can figure it all out. We are all about “happiness” and “eternal love.” Although, we’d like to reinstate that no one is perfect. It is possible that your man may not have all of these qualities. But if he is willing to make a conscious effort, and you find these qualities important, you can share this article with him, or even talk to him about it. Not that the man has to change, but together, you guys can come to a mutual understanding.

Also, do not judge these signs in a matter of a day. Slip-ups happen; give it time. Some men take longer to adjust to romantic relationships. After all, you’ll are dating, not speed-boating! If the man is sweet, sensitive, a good listener, all of these are good signs too. In the end, go for your happiness, but don’t expect too much either. We all have limitations with good intentions!


Hemali Adhiya

Hemali Adhiya is the co-founder and author of the e-magazine Love Smitten. Alongside writing and editing for several other websites, she hosts a YouTube Channel- Total Angrezi. Traveling is her way to unwind, and she loves recording these experiences!

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