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Dating in the 40s? 7 Sincere Tips

Some people say, “40s are the new 20s!”. Without diving deep into the numbers, we truly believe that there is no age to attain what your heart desires, have new experiences, and feel emotions. One such experience is dating! Dating in the 40s can be tough but looking at the flip side, it is a …

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dating tips for introverts

10 Insane & Helpful Dating Tips for Introverts

Finding people is always a struggle for introverts because they’re unable to unveil their amazing selves to the world. Be it making friends when in school/college or finding a date and then having a conversation that leads somewhere, there is a little extra effort than extroverts. Introverts also fret about how they should behave on …

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New age relationship terms

12 New-Age Relationship Terms we bet you didn’t know

No matter if we are single or are in a relationship, the jargon of Gen Z is a striking style to attract others. Many inexperienced Gen Z people are unfamiliar with these new-age relationship terms, which we believe, people should remain aware of. It’ll avoid quite many awkward and uncool moments. No, knowing these relationship …

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signs you're dating a man-child

12 Signs You’re Dating a Man-child

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man-child? Let’s rephrase, have you been in a relationship where you felt like you were the mother in nurturer in the relationship, especially when it came to basic things? Well then, you know how that went! Dating a man-child is not only difficult but also stressful. …

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The Awesomeness of Dating in your 30s

Who made the rules? Who said you should settle down and have babies before you turn 30? More than anything else, who said dating in your 30s is boring, difficult, or demanding? NOBODY can make the rules for you. We don’t care if society looks at people who settle down after turning 30 differently. Lastly, …

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signs you're addicted to singlehood

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Singlehood

Before starting this article “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood,” let me ask you- Are you still single? Does that mean you’re available for anyone? Okay, let me give you a scenario where you married the love of your life. Before marriage, you enjoyed their company, loved everything he/she did for you. But after marriage, …

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things women notice about men

First 5 Things Women Notice About Men

Consider a situation, you have been talking to your woman/girl for quite some time over the dating app or phone calls, and tonight you are going to meet her for the first time on a dinner date. A lot of “ifs and buts” are going on in your head. You don’t know how to behave …

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