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10 Signs You Are Dating A Strong Woman

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We now coexist in a tough world, and to do that, one has to be an optimist, a go-getter, and most importantly, strong. For women, it is two times tougher, because, let’s face it, it is a different world and struggle altogether. Although, with the progressive times, women who wish to stand out are finding themselves in spellbinding places in their careers, families, and relationships. Gone are the days that women would be submissive, and want to please others before themselves; we see no harm in that!

All we are trying to say is, a strong woman is hard to find, but a blessing to have in your life. Not that she needs to be someone with a full-proof career plan or someone who is modern; a strong woman is anyone who has the aura and personality to be who she is, unapologetically!

What she chooses to be is subjective- a career woman, a fabulous family woman, an extraordinary mother, or in some cases, all three! She is irresistibly attractive! But, you need to date such a woman in the right way, because she is not one to mother a guy into growing up. She is a grown-up and expects her man to treat her like one too.

Wondering how you will understand her? Let us delve into the 10 signs of a strong woman and appreciate how she is different from the lot. That said, we don’t think that any woman is less than another; each one has their own beautiful ways of living, and the more she embraces it, the stronger she is!

 1. A Ball of Fire with Strong Values

signs of a strong woman


Since times gone by, a prejudiced part of the community always claims how women have to sleep their way to the top. Our question, why don’t they think that women are also capable enough of achieving the best? A strong woman will never succumb to anything that comes in the way of her values. Focus on the words here, ‘Her Values’, and not the values people expect her to meet. She will not let herself down to please her partner, neither can any storm stop her for doing something for her man.

2. Solitude does not intimidate her

Normally, not just women, but people fear to be by themselves for long. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to make it to a coffee or dinner by themselves. That is not the case with a strong, independent woman. If you have to leave her behind to attend to something else, be rest assured, that such a woman will not bug you with unnecessary phone calls unless required. You see, loneliness does not scare her.

3. Finds Strength in Positivity and Gratitude

It is challenging to get a strong woman down; she is one to accept that life is, and never will be a bed of roses. Not just will she stay positive, but she will make sure to spread the wings of her halo in her relationship. If you are dating someone like this, then you sure have one hell of a therapist to talk to, right at home! Additionally, gratitude is her might and main; one may find her always at her best for she knows that what she has is enough, at the same time will never stop working hard to acquire more.

4. An Equal with a Voice

We don’t mean to imply that a strong woman is rude or harsh; but when you find your girl asking for things to remain fair, it means she is not afraid to voice out her opinions. Such a woman will not suppress her needs all the time but will verbalize her needs, and attempt to find a mid-way. Make sure you allow your partner to feel like an equal because that is something she will never be willing to sacrifice. Nonetheless, if she is in love with you, she will never want to curb your happiness.

5. Is conscious of when to manifest her emotions

dating a fiercely independent woman


You heard that right; even a fiercely independent woman can be emotional towards many things, including her partner and her needs. Much like the many other females, she might want to feel loved or pampered; but, the only difference is that she can pick her moments to display them. Such a woman is not one to create scenes; but yes, she will feel and fall to the full extent. One thing you should know if you are her man is that she will never show these sentiments to you until she trusts you completely.

6. One with goals and financial plannings

Goals and financial planning are the greatest attributes of a woman of strength. A man in a relationship with such a woman should be prepared to not question her integrity at work because just like a man with a responsible job, she will prioritize her life goals over you ONLY in emergent situations. What makes such an action worthy of love is that she will still know how to balance it out later. What’s more?

Such a woman is one with stern financial plannings. That does not mean she does not want you to spoil her with gifts once in a while; but, she will not want to be entirely dependent on your as far as finances are concerned. Her intellect teaches her to make savings in her name. Amazingly so, she will go out of the way to spoil her man too.

7. A Big no-no to Sexist Lifestyles

she's a strong woman


You may have to accept that your strong independent woman will never accept sexist ways of living. No, she is not going to shun away from her duties as the woman of the house, but that does not mean she will baby you. If she is one to share your emotional, physical and financial burdens, then she will sure as hell demand a man who will partake in household chores. After all, it is only fair that when she is not afraid of being a woman of today’s age, why wouldn’t she want the man to be one too?

8. Knows how to limit the people in her inner circle

A woman of this context is always one with a purpose in life who does not believe in wasting her time in meaningless conversations and television dramas. This affirms the fact that her inner circle will consist only of the people she trusts, along with other empowered women, just like her. While the world talks about how two women can never be the best of friends owing to jealousy, strong women will beg to differ. They will make sure to include women alike so that they can catch each other when they fall. Her man is definitely a part of this inner circle, only if he can handle her strength without letting ego get in their way.

9. Silence is Golden, Speech is Silver

Every man in love with a strong woman is sure to fall for this quality. While men in the bars complain about the fight their women usually pick, men dating strong women have less to contribute there. The point is, if he can embrace the fact that she is not one to quarrel unless it is severe, then he is a happy man in a jolly relationship.

A female who knows that silence is the best answer to cease unrequired conversation is the sign of a strong woman. In fact, she is always open to conversations and will resolve issues by means of discussions. She has the knack of letting go and turning away when the situation demands. Isn’t that just remarkable?

10. Adorns a head-turning personality

signs of a strong woman


If self-sufficiency, creativity, understanding, strength, independence, maturity, values and positivity does not get heads turning, then what does? A strong woman is competent in running the house, even in the man’s absence while taking care that no one, not even her for that matter, can take his place. She does not need a man to chauffeur her around, or help her pick up grocery bags. Undoubtedly, she will enjoy your company on a drive or when shopping, but the point is, if her boyfriend/ husband is not available, she will make headway to get tasks moving.

Merely reading about such ascribes makes one want to find the perfectly dateable ‘strong woman’. If you think you can handle this, then you should know, that you are in for a wild life. The more she finds you accepting of the above, the more she is going to go out of the way to make and keep you contented. Expect surprises, well-planned date nights, and lovable pampering, because a strong woman lives by the understanding that even her man deserves spoiling and loving, just as he does for his woman!

Are you in love with a strong woman? Tag her in this post, and let her know how much you adore her qualities and her presence in your life!

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