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importance of compliments in relationships

Importance of Compliments in Relationships- 5 Reasons!

We all must have noticed happy couples or we might just be one ourselves. What do you think is the reason behind this happiness? While the reasons could be plentiful, one that surely contributes to it is compliments. Compliments are very important for a happy relationship. One should understand the importance of compliments in relationships …

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10 Routine Ways to Nurture a Relationship

An important question between two people in a relationship after a while is how to nurture a relationship. Relationships without nurturing can eventually fall apart. A relationship doesn’t only mean a romantic one; it includes all our relationships, the ones with our family and friends.   A healthy relationship requires people to invest time, love, and …

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expressing yourself

8 Simple Ways of Expressing Yourself in a Relationship

Expressing yourself in a relationship in simple terms means communicating clearly with your partner. We all have heard that communication is a key to any relationship. It sounds filmy but it is true and necessary indeed. We all accept it is a key part of our relationships but sometimes we just don’t know what actually …

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signs you're dating a man-child

12 Signs You’re Dating a Man-child

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man-child? Let’s rephrase, have you been in a relationship where you felt like you were the mother in nurturer in the relationship, especially when it came to basic things? Well then, you know how that went! Dating a man-child is not only difficult but also stressful. …

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10 Healthy Relationship Habits You Should Develop

Want to feel loved or connected to your partner forever? Every relationship is unique in its way. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. Everyone deserves to develop some healthy relationship habits that we are proud of, someone who stays without even asking for it. But if there is true love between two people, …

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From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates

Soulmates are people who love you with so much conviction. Love is what brings two dark souls together. It is the light between us. We must remember that we are mere travelers of life on our journey to home, that nothing will matter in the end, for everything is chaos, except love. So love hard …

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My first heartbreak

My First Heartbreak -“This isn’t how Fairytales End”

Everyone has their first love or I should say the only fairytale of our lives. Have you encountered the pain or have you ever heard the phrase “my first heartbreak?” Doesn’t it take you back to the strong connection between your first love and your heart? I woke up on an awfully quiet night. When …

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Good night wishes for lover in hindi

30 Good night wishes for lover in hindi

After exhausting yourself all day, when you come back home at night, we all want someone waiting for us, with whom we can find some missing peace. The person, who we miss, and hope to cuddle to sleep. their absence makes us feel left out. But guess what, your partner feels the same way as …

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a dying relationship that lived on forever

The Dying Relationship that Lived on Forever

Relationships have the power that even when people leave our lives, the bond remains forever. Steve and George’s story is similar, with their dying relationship that still lives through George’s memories. But their story isn’t the typical kind. It’s the kind of loving bond that a soul has with another soul. The kinds where there …

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