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We are all about spreading the joys of love, and that includes your love stories too. If you have something amazing that you would love for the world to know, then all of you have to do is drop us an e-mail. Love Smitten isn’t biased with just love stories and marriages. So you can share your love code with a friend, a pet, your passion, your child, parent… just about anything! 

You needn’t be the best of writers, neither is language a concern. You can contact us, and send across your submissions with whatever best you have. We shall make sure to transform it into a beautiful piece of write-up that will jolt the readers into deepened emotions, laughter, and happy tears. 

Your love poems and love quotes are more than welcome, and we would love to feature them with your name for the world to see, that you are on our side to spread the love! 

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