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tips to deal with insecurities in a relationship

Deal with Insecurities in a Relationship -9 Powerful Tips

For years people have fought the insecurity game, leaving many relationships broken, and people trust-broken. Insecurities in a relationship arise due to various reasons. Sometimes, it’s the opposite person that’s responsible, and sometimes, it’s sourced from our inner selves. Either way, insecurity is one of those relationship dilemmas that leaves one gasping for answers and …

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emotional intimacy tips

8 Habits to build Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

When we get into a relationship with someone, hardly do we think, “it’s okay if it doesn’t work out.” We want it to work out; we want someone we can call our partner. And how do we make that happen? By building emotional intimacy in relationships. It’s what makes a relationship rock solid. It’s what …

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10 Types of Intimacy in a Relationship (Tips included)!

Intimacy, hmmm, don’t we always conclude that the word is all about physical love and sex? A large population needs to understand that intimacy in relationships is beyond just the physical acts of love. They are, indeed, the binding forces of keeping people together and happy. While physical intimacy is one type, there are many …

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the 5 stages of a relationship

The 5 Stages of a Relationship as your Grow in LOVE!

Love and relationships have no technical aspects to them. But do they have observant aspects? MANY! Observations, research, and several studies later, researchers have concluded that growing in love is a step-by-step process. To be precise, there are 5 stages of a relationship that every evolving couple undergoes. Now, you may not notice things progress …

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how to grow individually in a relationship with tips

How to Grow Individually in a Relationship? 6 Pro Tips!

Growth… a five-letter word that makes you think about the then, now, and the later. How else would you measure it? You need the data! We’ve been talking about “Growing in Love” when in a relationship. But do you think one can grow individually in a relationship? I cannot contain myself in saying this any …

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what not to do in a new relationship

What not to do in a new relationship? 10 Tips!

Have you subscribed to us on Love Smitten yet? If yes, then you’re already prepared for these tips and have probably been waiting for them. (Hint: Subscribe now so you’re with us!” Basically, we’re dedicating a couple of weeks to those who’ve just stepped into a new relationship since we’re in the spirit of celebrating …

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must-do's when starting a new relationship

10 Must-Do’s when starting a New Relationship

Happy New Year, everyone. While it’s just new years for some of us, for some others, it’s also the start of a new relationship. Isn’t it? We’re continuously looking for “the one” and you never know when you miraculously bump into that person. Since we’ve just stepped into 2022, we thought, why not dedicate a …

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