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8 Clear Signs of Disrespect in a Relationship

What do you think is the reason for the lack of respect in a relationship? Let’s talk about some clear signs of disrespect in a relationship in this article. We all admire a long-term, stress-free, successful romantic relationship. But how much do we know the secret behind this admirable relationship? The more we ponder about it, we’ll get the most common answers to this- love, care, compatibility, understanding, etc. But do we ever wonder what if is a lack of respect in this relationship? After all, it is the main ingredient to make this healthy relationship. Respecting doesn’t mean letting your partner dominate you. It means to honor each other’s desires, needs, feelings, and goals. 

Relationships with disrespect mostly lead to the failure of a relationship. Disrespecting is sometimes unintentional and done subconsciously. And in this kind of situation, there are still chances to save our relationships. Let’s discuss a few signs of disrespect in a relationship to get a clear picture.

Here are 8 Clear Signs of Disrespect in a Relationship:

1.  Feeling ignored

disrespect in relationship

 A happy relationship includes the time that a couple spends with each other. Sometimes due to schedules, our partners may not be able to give us enough time. It is normal and acceptable. But if you’re feeling ignored by your partner’s behavior towards you, it may not be acceptable. There’s a difference between being busy and ignoring. One must make some effort to spend some time with loved ones. Sometimes being together also doesn’t make us feel like we’re together because our partner acts busy. We’re all busy, but it’s all about prioritizing. If the efforts are lacking, then it’s a clear sign of disrespect in a relationship because they are not able to value their partner’s presence.

2. Stonewalling and Silent treatment

disrespect in relationship

Stonewalling also shows a lack of respect in a relationship. It simply means avoiding communication intentionally. Many times, we can’t convey what we want to let out. It is because our partners are avoiding the conversation. Sometimes, they leave discussions midway or give us silent treatment. Silent treatment means manipulating us and controlling our minds differently, thus dominating the relationship. That’s why we may feel unheard, frustrated, ashamed, and hurtful. 

3. Dishonesty

Another sign of disrespect in a relationship is dishonesty. Honesty is the main element in every relationship. Lies and dishonesty indicate a problematic relationship. When we feel that there is no need to say the truth to our partners, we are not respecting and valuing their existence in our lives. It increases the gap between the couples. 

4. You’re not their priority

Prioritizing someone in our life directly reflects their importance and how much we respect them. If our partners prioritize us, it means they are proudly informing others about our existence and how important we are to them.

5. Value for Time

disrespect in relationship

 We might have noticed our importance in someone’s life by the way they value our time. This same fundamental principle applies in relationships also. Suppose that you and your partner have planned to catch up, and they don’t reach there on time. Maybe this is happening too often- it means your partner doesn’t value your time. These issues seem small and remain unnoticed. But these are also the signs of lack of respect in a relationship, although, it is more subconscious. Talking about it could resolve matters. 

6. Criticism in front of others


Respecting our partners in front of others is as important as respecting them in our personal lives. Not doing that gives people the idea that they can behave in that manner too. What’s worse? We’re giving people reasons to gossip! If your partner shares your darkest secret with others, then they are neither respecting you nor are they trustworthy. What happens between a couple should remain between the couple. There shouldn’t be space for a third person. Yet another sign of lack of respect in a relationship is embarrassing a partner in public. Unnecessary roasting, making derogatory comments, leaving the partner alone for too long, etc. are all signs of it.  

7. They are never on your side

It is a very general expectation in a relationship to have a supportive partner. We always want our partners to stand by us, no matter what the issue is. Whether it is a small misunderstanding at home or some serious issue related to work, we need them to stand by us. But some always try to make their partners feel like the fault lies in them. They further make them feel guilty about things they are not guilty of. It shows a lack of respect in a relationship. 

8. Being rude to your people

disrespect in relationship

If we are in a relationship, we eventually become a part of their inner circle, including their friends and family. And they become a part of yours. If they respect our people, we will indirectly feel a sense of respect towards them. And if they ignore our people or are rude to them, it means they are not respecting us and the importance of your people in our lives. It is a sign of disrespect in a relationship.

How to get out of a disrespectful relationship?

We have already got an idea of the signs of disrespect in a relationship. Now the question arises- how do deal with this? For starters, don’t tolerate it. Tolerating disrespect will hurt you after some time. So try to sort it out on the basic starting stage. 

1. Recognize the signs of disrespect

The first step to solve the problem is to decipher it. It’s more of a self-help process than people trying to talk us into observing these signs in our partners. Once you do, sit down, and talk. If things get worse and you’ll still want to give your relationship a try, talk to a couple’s counselor. 

2. Stop assuming

How many times are assumptions accurate? Before assuming something, let’s give our partners a chance to explain their intention and the true meaning of a particular behavior. Explanations are not always lent to clarify. Sometimes it is required not to create misunderstandings and disrespectful behavior towards others. 

3. Take a break

We humans don’t value anything easily until we lose it. So if we don’t want to lose something very beautiful in our life, we should our partners some time and space. If they are unable to respect our presence, then taking a break can make them realize our existence. And if we will take some time for ourselves, it would be beneficial for our growth as an individual as well. 

4. Quit acting like a victim

It means to stand up for yourself. Ignoring disrespect in a relationship, and tolerating everything would hurt us, maybe not now but in the future. Tell them how you are feeling about their disrespectful behavior. Talk about it! Try saying no partner for something that you don’t like and do not agree with. It will make you feel more confident in yourself as well as we can maintain our self-respect. This would protect us from a disrespectful relationship.

5. Walk-off

When all the above fails, it is probably time to say goodbye to someone who thinks disrespecting is normal. Yes, I agree that it is a difficult and hurtful decision, but it would surely make us feel relaxed. No matter the feelings or efforts invested in the relationship, there has to be a point when we draw a line. There’s no point in any of these without mutual respect. They should either be willing to work on their behavior or accept that people might eventually leave. Don’t we deserve to love ourselves? 


No matter the signs or your feelings, do what makes you happy. At the end of the day, all that matters is you find the kind of love that makes you feel over the moon. If you found our article on the 8 signs of disrespect of relationship helpful and interesting, then hit the like button and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Do rate this article and for more such amazing content subscribe to our page.

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