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ways to show love and appreciation

Love and Appreciation: 5 Ways to Strengthen Relationships

Importance of showing love and appreciation Showing love and appreciation is important because it helps to build and maintain strong relationships. When someone feels loved and appreciated, they are more likely to feel valued and respected, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and cooperation. Additionally, expressing love and appreciation can help to improve communication and understanding …

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Relationship red flags to avoid

8 Relationship Red Flags you shouldn’t Avoid

The butterflies, the first kiss, sense of touch, the shivers, the dates, the rejecting a 100 dresses, the hairstyle that doesn’t look like too much- they’re all the feelings of a new relationship, isn’t it? But don’t we end up avoiding the relationship red flags because everything seems like nothing could get better than this? …

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7 steps to a loving relationship

7 Must-follow Steps to a Loving Relationship

When we say “steps to a loving relationship,” it might sound like too much work. You’ll be surprised to know that it is nothing but work. Love comes naturally to people. Then why don’t the things we have to do in love come to us naturally? I truly think that sometimes we either hold back …

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what not to do in a new relationship

What not to do in a new relationship? 10 Tips!

Have you subscribed to us on Love Smitten yet? If yes, then you’re already prepared for these tips and have probably been waiting for them. (Hint: Subscribe now so you’re with us!” Basically, we’re dedicating a couple of weeks to those who’ve just stepped into a new relationship since we’re in the spirit of celebrating …

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8 Clear Signs of Disrespect in a Relationship

What do you think is the reason for the lack of respect in a relationship? Let’s talk about some clear signs of disrespect in a relationship in this article. We all admire a long-term, stress-free, successful romantic relationship. But how much do we know the secret behind this admirable relationship? The more we ponder about …

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10 Relationship Mistakes you Should Never Make

A relationship is a beautiful bond that we all get to experience. Nowadays, every teenage girl or boy begins to revels in the joys of relationships with friends, best friends, girlfriends/boyfriends. Eventually, there is a stage where we take a step ahead, fall, and learn from our mistakes- they’re relationship mistakes. But that’s not a …

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expressing yourself

8 Simple Ways of Expressing Yourself in a Relationship

Expressing yourself in a relationship in simple terms means communicating clearly with your partner. We all have heard that communication is a key to any relationship. It sounds filmy but it is true and necessary indeed. We all accept it is a key part of our relationships but sometimes we just don’t know what actually …

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Shooting Down 10 Common Relationship Myths

We generally read and watch rom-com movies, novels, and series and expect our relationship to be like one of them. In reality, relationship myths are somehow very destructive if you are a true believer in love. Life has its ups and downs, similarly, the relationship has also ups and downs, which we have to encounter …

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signs you're dating a man-child

12 Signs You’re Dating a Man-child

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man-child? Let’s rephrase, have you been in a relationship where you felt like you were the mother in nurturer in the relationship, especially when it came to basic things? Well then, you know how that went! Dating a man-child is not only difficult but also stressful. …

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