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8 Effective Relationship Resolutions you MUST take in 2023!

relationship resolutions 2023

Relationship resolutions- the idea may sound like the other failing resolutions we take every year when we’re motivated to step into a new year. But no sooner do we get through two months into the new year than we even forget what a resolution is. That feeling that we held close to our hearts and minds, and even journals, for some, fade with life’s new or monotonous ups and downs. Surprisingly, most people don’t even know the concept of relationship resolutions.

No matter the pattern, you’ll see how amazingly they work when you finally decide to break this pattern of breaking your resolutions. But for years now, people have only introduced us to making promises relating to all areas of our lives except our relationships.

Enter- Relationship resolutions 2023! Change things this year. Make some resolutions for your relationships too so that there’s minimal scope for failing in some areas of your relationships.

How do Relationship Resolutions Work?

Relationship Resolutions | Hemali Adhiya

Do you believe in manifesting things? In the power of the law of attraction? If you do, then resolutions can work wonders for you and your relationship. When we make a resolution, it is more like a dedicated promise we make to ourselves. They include promises of the things we want to achieve in the coming year. Why do we want to set these resolutions? Because we know somewhere how these parts of our lives came in the way of achieving something this year.

Writing down resolutions and saying them every day acts like a manifestation. It helps attract the things you want to achieve. But one also has to invest efforts into achieving something. So, these written relationship resolutions act as a reminder to keep working towards our goals.

Should you Take Relationship Resolutions as a Couple?

8 good relationship resolutions

Why not? But it isn’t compulsory. A relationship resolution doesn’t always have to be a relationship weakness or goal you set as a couple. Sometimes, there are individual battles we’re all fighting, and relationship resolutions are a beneficial way to resolve them. I, for one, believe in relationship resolutions because I always uphold how relationship goals are a thing and how every couple should have this kind of conversation.

Say, for example, as a couple, you want to make personal time a part of your relationship. You will then set a relationship goal like- “We will not mind or interrupt each other’s individual space in our relationship.”

But if there’s a habit that’s upsetting your partner, and you agree it needs work, you can make an individual relationship resolution because the outcome will benefit your relationship only. For example, if your partner thinks you are a bit too insecure and you agree that you’re only hurting yourself with those feelings, you can make a resolution like- I will redirect my insecure thoughts in my relationship by doing something productive. You can then deal with insecurities in your relationship and let your partner know you trust them. 

8 Effective Relationship Resolutions You MUST take in 2023

Ringing in the New Year with Relationship Resolutions

When I say the words “effective” and “must,” I’m emphasizing that these are the issues most couples are trying to cope with in today’s day and so, these are exceptionally helpful! Here are 8 effective relationship resolutions you MUST take in 2023 and make goal-setting a part of your relationships, and do it like you mean it!

Don’t forget to reward yourselves or one another if you’re able to follow the resolution and see the positive changes.

  1. We will take conscious efforts to keep the spark in the relationship alive. 

  2. I will help my partner feel secure in this relationship so there is no scope for insecurities. 

  3. We will strive to create a healthy space for communication without raising voices, walking out, or using blackmail or extreme sentences.

  4. We will respect each other’s space and not take our time away from each other in a negative light. 

  5. We will try to break the tension, arguments, and fights between us with meaningful hugs and by holding hands. 

  6. We will find our peace and relaxation in EACH OTHER instead of in gadgets. 

  7. We will appreciate the things we do for each other instead of taking them for granted. 

  8. We will not allow any third person to speak in our relationship and ensure we do NOT disrespect each other in front of others. 

Which of these relationship resolutions is most relatable for you and your relationship? Go ahead! Make this a part of your coming year and let it be a dedicated effort. If your peace and your relationship are really important to you, don’t let go, don’t forget, and don’t break this one! You don’t need to take all of these resolutions, and you can absolutely edit out the resolution based on your relationship’s needs, but take it.

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