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Importance of Compliments in Relationships- 5 Reasons!

importance of compliments in relationships

We all must have noticed happy couples or we might just be one ourselves. What do you think is the reason behind this happiness? While the reasons could be plentiful, one that surely contributes to it is compliments. Compliments are very important for a happy relationship. One should understand the importance of compliments in relationships to revel in their happiness.

We should know what our partners want from us. What do they commonly need? To love them, care for them, understand them, accept them the way they are, appreciate them and compliment them on the littlest things than the major ones. When we read this, it sounds easy but sometimes we miss out on doing so much from the above-mentioned, especially complimenting. We shouldn’t save our sweet and loving words for special occasions. Instead, we should understand the importance of compliments in relationships and make it a habit.  

Importance of compliments in relationships

1. Better emotional connection

importance of compliments in relationships

A couple is always emotionally connected but with time the connection dies. But we can revive our connection through compliments. Compliments in relationships will result in a better emotional connection between a couple. Our feelings are mainly expressed by our words. When we compliment our partners it shows our feelings and emotions towards one another. Similarly, when they compliment us we feel special. Through compliments, we can connect more with our partners, especially emotionally.  

2. Encourages us

importance of compliments in relationships

Everyone needs mental support and motivation at some point in time. Sometimes we lose our self-confidence and we subconsciously need someone to boost our confidence. When we compliment our partners about something, they feel more confident about themselves. Encouraging each other makes relationships stronger and couples feel more connected to each other.  Motivation is not just about giving long speeches. Just a simple sentence can make someone feel encouraged. By complimenting one another, we’re letting them know that they’re doing something right. 

3. It increases communication 

compliments in relationships

No matter what, when we talk about relationships, communication always ends up being a point! Yes, we have already mentioned in many of our articles that communication is a must in a relationship. Many a time, we begin conversations with compliments. But what if one lacks in the compliments? Wouldn’t it lead to a lack of communication? It helps to compliment our partners even on little things. It increases communication between us. Occasions don’t demand compliments, love does! Increasing communication will lead to a healthy and stronger relationship. Compliments also boost trust between a couple. Our partners will be able to trust us when we will give genuine and honest compliments in relationships. 

4. It increases intimacy 

compliments in relationships

Intimacy is not just about sex. It is emotional as well as physical closeness between a couple. It increases when we feel comfortable with our partners. If we want our partners to feel comfortable we should openly talk to them about our idea of intimacy. We can start with compliments. Compliments aid intimacy in relationships. A romantic compliment can turn on your partner and make them feel special as well. Our tone of compliment will express the honesty in our compliment, which they would be able to feel, and directly touch their hearts.  

5. It increases understanding

compliments in relationships

Everyone is different; no two people are the same. It might be possible to be similar but it is not possible to be the same as another person, especially as a couple. So, understanding is a must between a couple. When you feel like you are not able to understand one another, inculcate the habit of complimenting the little things. That will introduce us to the concept of noticing everything about our partners, thus helping us understand one another better. We will get each other’s likes, dislikes, natures, personalities, and even love languages. When our partner compliments us we also feel special and we get to know what they are feeling for us. That’s the importance of compliments in relationships!

What to compliment in relationships?

1. Appreciate the little things they do

We generally compliment the big things people do for us. But just ask yourself, is it justified to not appreciate every little effort? Just imagine your partner making morning tea for you and you don’t appreciate it. It either signifies that you assume it is your partner’s duty or because you take them for granted. These little efforts make a relationship happier. Appreciating little things such as, “I am very happy because you made my morning so sweet with this tea,” is a compliment. It’s not a formality and it will make them feel special.  

2. Compliment their values

Complimenting one’s skills and values makes them feel so special. Complimenting values mean complimenting their character, their optimism, their kindness, their hard work, and their strength. Don’t we all feel proud when someone compliments our inner strengths more than our outer acts? And compliments will not only provide positive energy to the receiver but also to the one who complimented. Complimenting on values means appreciating our partners for what they are as an individual and their realness. 

3. Compliment their passions 

Our partner needs to know that we believe in them and we trust them. It is also important to be aware of their dreams and passions and to respect them. We can support their passions by complimenting them, which will give them the strength to achieve them. With this support, our partners will be able to trust themselves. They will find it easier to reach their aim with someone by their side. Sometimes dreams could be of your togetherness also. Support it! Compliments in relationships are a must.

4. Compliment their looks

It’s always nice to listen that our partners find us beautiful, handsome, pretty, sexy, hot, etc. It makes us feel more special when we are together for a long time but they still find us attractive. We should compliment in relationships about how much we are still attracted to them. It is one of the keys to a happy relationship. When compliments are specific, it throws a different effect. Think about how your partner is different from everyone else. Tell them clearly about their uniqueness. Everyone loves themselves, so everyone would love to receive compliments on their looks. 

5. Appreciate their judgment 

Everyone feels special when they hear how much their partner trusts and respects them. Sometimes, in a relationship, some situations are such that we have to handle individually without discussing with our partners and without their advice and support. And at such times, we can only hope they back for what we have done. We want our partners to trust and respect our judgment on some things. We just want to listen, “I trust you and I respect your decision.” And when we genuinely get these kinds of compliments in relationships, we feel complete!  

6. Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is a formality, or so some say! But sometimes, a “thank you” says more than a lot of other compliments. When we recognize our partner’s efforts in something, we must appreciate it. A simple “thank you” can make them feel appreciated. We feel if we’ll thank them, it’s a formality or even unrequited after spending so many months/years together. But have you ever wondered what lack of appreciating leads to? The feeling of neglect or ignored. Compliments in relationships should make a positive impact in a relationship. 

The Psychology of compliments in relationships

Do you know the psychology of compliments in relationships?  

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of personal life. If given rightfully, they create so much positive energy that they make our relationship stronger. They create a comfortable atmosphere around two people. Of course, there is a way to give compliments in a relationship. And, similarly important, a way to receive them. And both should need to know how to do both.

Focusing on and noticing the good qualities in our partners gives our moods a boost.  Compliments in a relationship amplify positivity. They are little gifts of love. They are not asked for or demanded. Compliments show the worth of our partners in our lives. But compliments work only if they are genuine and backfire if they are not. A false compliment makes the speaker untrustworthy and it raises doubt about intentions. And that can undermine the entire relationship.

Receiving compliments in relationships is also a big task. We shouldn’t negatively react to the compliment we get. It would nullify the positive aura around us. Sometimes our partners might feel disrespected and unworthy noticing our negative responses. There is only one way to receive compliments in relationships—graciously, and with a smile. The positive atmosphere created by compliments in relationships, if we allow ourselves to inhale it, can be powerful enough to transform our feelings. 

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