must-do's when starting a new relationship

10 Must-Do’s when starting a New Relationship

Happy New Year, everyone. While it’s just new years for some of us, for some others, it’s also the start of a new relationship. Isn’t it? We’re continuously looking for “the one” and you never know when you miraculously bump into that person. Since we’ve just stepped into 2022, we thought, why not dedicate a couple of weeks to help those starting a new relationship with some help. Wouldn’t they need it? If you’re one among them, then, hey, congratulations! 

Alright, so, you’re starting a new relationship, and you’re worried or a tad anxious maybe to make it work because you really like the person. We’re not afraid of being ourselves in a relationship, but at the same time, we also tend to think about all the things we do right or wrong so we’re always impressing our partners. Look, there’s no pressure! But then, we also want to make it work. And sometimes, just sometimes, we need to ensure we’re not doing anything to scare the person away. 

Let’s take a look at 10 such must-do’s for starting a new relationship. 

Must-Do’s when Starting a New Relationship 

do's in a new relationship

It’s best we begin with what we should do when starting a new relationship than what not to do. It’s just simpler to get the positivity started before throwing some tough thoughts down our system, isn’t it? Before going any further, remind yourself to kick the nervousness out of you because it is most important you’re all in without any fears of “what if something goes wrong.”

Do’s for starting a new relationship

1. Be mentally prepared 

As I mentioned above, you need to be mentally prepared for being in a relationship that leads somewhere, hence all these efforts. If your mind is still stuck on someone you dated before or are simply too addicted to singlehood, then maybe it’s best you don’t lead someone else on who might genuinely be interested in you. It’s only fair to the person and to you too so you save two people from the mess and drama. 

2. Be creative 

creativity in a relationship

Creativity doesn’t mean you draw cards or go out of the way. But why not be creative and have some newness to your dates and the way you take things forward? Try doing something different than what you’ve seen or done before. Chilling at home or at the movies is too regular. Starting a new relationship gives you an opportunity to do things a different way. So, explore creative options like going on an adventurous date, taking morning or evening walks, or going out together with a group of friends so it’s different from a regular date but is still fun. 

3. Be a good listener 

Only talk talk talk might bore your partner after a while. They’d also want someone who listens, understands, and respects their thoughts too. When starting a new relationship, ensure you’re a good listener, so they know you’re invested in their life and so they begin trusting you. 

4. Respect- yourself and your partner! 

respect in a relationship

New or old, no relationship is a healthy one without respect in it. But it is best you establish each other’s boundaries of respect when starting a new relationship than when it’s too late. Be clear about what it means to cross a line in your world and understand theirs’. Don’t be afraid to respect yourself in front of them and their circle. No self-bashing or inferiorities because you respect yourself! 

5. Inner circle inclusion 

If you really like the person you just started seeing, then you should invite them to meet your inner circle and probably also drop a hint that you would like to meet theirs. Maybe once you make the first move, your partner will get it too, and you’ll both introduce each other to your circles. 

6. Keep communication open 

communication in your relationship

Communication plays a very important role in every kind of relationship. But when starting a new relationship, it is vital that both of you keep the doors for communication open. You need to be able to say what you want to say and vice-versa. Shutting down communication will come in the way of knowing the person and hence strengthening your bond. 

7. Trust your intuitions 

When the love is new and the level of attraction is on an all-time high, you could end up avoiding a few red flags here and there. It could be the extra possessiveness that you might think is just sheer liking, snatching your independence by always planning something opposite from what you’d like and calling it special, or anything else. When you feel uncomfortable about something and it’s not going down well with you, trust your intuition. 

8. Spend enough time with each other 

spending time together in a relationship

Spending time doesn’t seem much like an effort when your relationship isn’t new. But when starting a new relationship, you should be mindful of spending enough time with each other. Although, it is also necessary to strike a balance. Meeting too much could also lead to a burden and you could fall out of love or attraction. Meet, spend a few days apart thinking and connecting with each other, and then plan another date. There should be enough excitement that keeps you guys on your toes for meeting the next time, isn’t it? 

9. Stay away from the ex-talk 

There’s a difference between knowing that your partner had an ex or that you had one and talking about them repeatedly. Whatever happened in both your pasts is for your personal growth and learnings, and implementing the lessons in this relationship. While talking about the ex should be limited, comparing them with an ex is an absolute no-no! 

10. Reciprocate and make efforts 

make efforts in a relationship

Starting a new relationship demands efforts and reciprocation, and hopefully, it becomes a part of your relationship’s lifestyle. You should be a part of all the plans your partner makes and also be one of the planners too so they know you’re interested as much as they are lest they start feeling like they’re forcing their plans and relationship on you. 

These are some of the must-do’s when starting a new relationship, but there are also some don’ts. You know you want to ensure that everything you do also ensure you don’t do some things that could avert the person from you. We’ll be coming up with a list of don’ts in our next article, so subscribe to us now and we will notify you when we publish it. 

Until then, get working on this, and also share it with your partner so you both know that you’re on the same level of taking the relationship to a stronger phase! Cheers, to love. 

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