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10 Romantic Ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home!

romantic ideas to celebrate new year's eve at home

Yes, we romanticize everything, and we’re not guilty about it! I, personally, am crazy about New Year’s eve more than Valentine’s, and that’s completely okay. What matters the most is we remain excited about at least one of these celebrations and have the will to celebrate it with the person we love, nothing else matters. Every day is a new day and every day could be Valentine’s day! That said, we usually run out of ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home since we have limited options before us.

No matter the reason, we’re hitting a global phase where it’s best to celebrate new year’s eve at home, plus, it would ensure you begin the year with romance! I wouldn’t want or ask for more. Honestly, I do believe that every once in a while we should all celebrate some special days without a group and just as a couple. These ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home will make you want to do just that, and more (wink, wink ;-))

Romantic Ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home!

Before we jump into the ideas part, can I just add here that you should both want to be completely on board with doing whichever idea you pick? One of you forcing the idea on the other or either of you being disinterested to do anything but sleep or heat the couch laying around is not going to set romance. It’ll rather just end up spoiling one another’s moods. Okay, that’s sorted then, you’re both onboard:

1. Cuddled binging

cuddle and binge watch

The holiday season is about to leave us with a new year and we have to catch up on some of the most romantic holiday movies of all time. If you’re tired from all the work you’ll have been doing throughout the year and are more looking forward to a relaxing but romantic time, then this is one of the best of our ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home. Gather the movies, bring out your cozy blanket (you’re not allowed to sleep in two separate blankets during this romantic celebration), order in some food, and bingle-watch until you kiss each other Happy New Year!

2. Wake up the child in you- Board Games Time!

couples playing board games on new year's eve

So, it’s just you two at home, and you want to have some fun. Why not wake up the inner child in you and have fun doing stuff that you both enjoyed doing as kids? You got that, bring out the board games! Select two-three board games that you both enjoyed as children and let the tournament begin. Even if you start post 9 PM, you’ll have three hours of endless games, where you can throw challenges, record the moments, create laughter, and forget the world outside!

No one’s going to stop you from sipping on some wine and popping the corn to keep the stomach entertained. Isn’t it one of the coolest ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home?

3. Dress-up for your “only for 2” couple’s party!

couple dance on new year's eve

Okay, this one is a tried and tested one among our many ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home. My husband and I also go for these “only for 2” couple’s parties, where the two of us don’t even realize there’s no one else with us. What do we do? It’s new year’s eve, so we dress up, so we have pictures to make the evening a memorable one. Once we’re a couple of hours away from the clock ticking twelve, we begin our couple’s dance to soft music we both enjoy.

Within no time, we’re both breaking the silence with the best of the party songs and dancing like there’s no tomorrow! (I’m not going to tell you about how our legs feel the next day! But, it’s worth it). Have your own dance party and countdown to midnight. Wish, kiss, and end it with a bang of a song!

4. Become Masterchefs

couples cooking together

List up all the things you both like to eat, go grocery shopping together so you can set in the mood, jump into some comfortable wear clothes, and spend the first few hours cooking some exquisite dishes, the kinds that you haven’t cooked at home, and welcome the new year relishing the food that you’ll cooked together.

Sounds like one of the best ideas to spend new year’s eve at home, doesn’t it? To me too!

5. Party Game time!

couple's party games

You already know of all the games couples play with one another at such parties. Why not organize some of these just for the two of you? Not just will it kick in some fun, but also give the both of you to spend more cozy time, chasing one another and coming close? So, you could play blindfolded catch, spin the bottle, a scavenger hunt where you both don’t kiss one another until midnight until both of you find the final hint, and the like.

Pretty exciting!

6. Organize a Virtual Couple’s Party

couple's party games

Yes, we did say you’d get to spend the new year alone with just the two of you, but hear me out. When at a virtual couple’s party, you’ll still be just you two at home, but have the company of several other couples online. Whenever you want to sneak in a kiss, turn the video off, and then turn it back on. You’ll can dance together, throw couple challenges at one another, play couple’s truth and dare, and a lot more! Don’t forget to invite us in, if you do plan such a party if you plan to go ahead with this one of our ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home!

7. Make Relationship Resolutions

relationship resolutions

Achieving relationship goals isn’t all that simple in our busy times. Why not welcome the new year with the both of you deciding upon a few relationship resolutions that help take the new year to the next level? You can probably combine this idea with our other ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home. Make sure you write these resolutions down so you’ll feel more strongly committed towards follow them.

8. Couple’s Karaoke Night- Private Concert!

couple's karaoke night

Order in a mike much before new year’s eve, and you can have your very own and personal live musical night at home where you can spend some romantic couple time. This is one of those ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home among the many that even I want to implement. So, here’s what you do. Gather the best of the karaoke music of the songs you both enjoy, and have your own music concert.

Sing romantic hits, seduce one another (hey, no judgments), and then countdown to midnight together. Don’t forget to record some of the best moments from the night so you have something to remember the celebration later.

No matter which of these ideas to celebrate new year’s eve at home you decide to do, make sure you don’t leave the romance quotient out of it! Ensure that you’re both in the best of your moods to welcome 2022 with love, joy, and togetherness. Nothing else is more important than that. Get into your comfort zones, cuddle up or drink up, do it together, and be in love!

Who cares if we’re too early for it- Happy New Year, in advance, guys!

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