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8 Signs You’re Addicted to Singlehood

signs you're addicted to singlehood

Before starting this article “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood,” let me ask you-

Are you still single? Does that mean you’re available for anyone? Okay, let me give you a scenario where you married the love of your life. Before marriage, you enjoyed their company, loved everything he/she did for you. But after marriage, you feel a little tied down. You miss your freedom and lone time or say your “singlehood.”

The answer to my first question is either yes or no, depending upon your relationship status. But my second question depends on your mental state. There might be some people who are single and eagerly waiting to mingle; if you are one such person, then probably this article is not meant for you (Sorry). But if you are single and wondering why you don’t feel like mingling with anyone or love being single, then calm down. This article, “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood,” is here to clear all your dilemmas. Why waste time finding out if you’re addicted to singlehood or not?

8 Signs you’re addicted to singlehood

1. Loving yourself more than anything

8 signs you are addicted to singlehood


You have been always told to love yourself first. But loving yourself doesn’t mean avoiding everyone around you. If you are someone who always thinks about yourself first in any beneficial situation, you are addicted to singlehood. This is because you can not think of parting with your benefit or success with anyone else. You love yourself so much that you believe that you are the prettiest/smartest person on earth. You become selfish, and whether you are in a relationship or not, everything is just about you.

I hope you have heard the trending song, “Main itni sundar hun main kya karu? (I’m so pretty that what can I do?)” Clearly, the girl has one of the signs from our list of the “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood”.

Let’s read ahead to find more such traits.

2. Addicted to work

Okay, so you agree with me that you love yourself more than anything. Now tell me one thing, do you find peace when working at night and or in the day? Do you enjoy working from home or your office? While everyone has a set time limit for themselves, you enjoy sitting at the office late and doing your work. You worship your work, and you can’t leave that for anything or anyone.

There is no doubt that you tend to excel at your work. You become a perfectionist. Your company recognizes you as one of the most valuable assets. But is it going to last forever? Find out if you can relate this as one of the “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood”.

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3. Addicted to friends

8 signs you are addicted to singlehood

Okay, There is no doubt that you are a work addict, but no one can work continuously without a break. You want a trip, not alone but with a bunch of friends. There are times when you want to take a trip alone, too, but a group of friends is always your first choice. With friends, you are committed in some way or other but not actually committed. You make such friends who do not poke their noses in your business, yet they are always available on one call, and you reciprocate in the same way.

No doubt you have good friends. But you lack as a boyfriend/girlfriend. Many times you have heard this “I like you as a friend, but I don’t see a future with you.” Maybe this line has broken your heart several times, but you move on easily. Yes, I know you can relate to this sign. Let’s move ahead and know how many more signs you see in yourself from our list of the “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood”.

4. Sense of personal mastery/self-sufficient

Yes, you have been raised this way. Your parents wanted you to be an independent person, and so they taught you to be self-sufficient. You can work your ass off, you can travel alone, you can find a house alone in a new city, you can cook for yourself, and there is nothing you can’t do to meet your basic needs.The habit of doing everything by yourself has given you a sense of personal mastery. And since you don’t depend upon anyone for anything, you think you don’t need them.

This can be one of the 8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood. But, how long can you be a self-sufficient person? There are times when you require someone for unconditional emotional support. Something to think about!

5. Single at heart


8 signs you are addicted to singlehood - single at heart

Whether you are in a committed relationship, married, or are dating someone casually, you are always single at heart. You don’t like to be tied down with one person. You tend to flirt with other people around you. You easily fall in and out of love. You love the adventure of loving someone, and once that adventure is over, you take a step back. Staying single at heart gives you a thrill. You always want to feel wanted by the people around you, especially by your opposite sex. You might find this trait a little confusing, but if you introspect, you will surely relate to this as one of the signs you’re addicted to singlehood.

6. Don’t like to be tied down

As said earlier, you don’t like to be tied down means you don’t like to be controlled by anyone. You are a free soul. By being self-sufficient, you think you are old enough to make your own decision and work as you want. You grow in freedom and tend to stay away from people who try to keep watch over you. Even in a relationship, you lose interest if it is getting into your personal space. It either your way or the highway. Did you resonate with this? Then it is yet another of the 8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood.


FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” There is no doubt that you love your singlehood, but at the same time, you fear that people might make a plan where you aren’t included. As mentioned earlier, you want to feel wanted by people, so you keep yourself always updated with the things where other people lack, and they are forced to come to you for that. You want people’s attention every time. If you can relate with this sign from 8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood, then you must read another article on FOMO-

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8. Fear of sharing finances

8 signs you are addicted to singlehood

You earn a handsome amount, and you don’t want to spend it on anyone. Maybe you are in a committed relationship or married to someone, but still, you don’t feel like sharing your earnings with your partner. Maybe you are single and are looking for a partner, but your biggest fear is that you don’t want to share your finances with him/her. At the same time, you also don’t want to use their earnings. It always remains, “My money” and “your money.” If this is what is going on in your mind, then it is one of the signs you’re addicted to singlehood.”

Well, we’ve covered the most important traits of addiction to singlehood here. There is no doubt you can relate to these signs. My suggestion- but don’t be proud of them. There is a reason it is called an addiction. People will come and go, some will touch your life, and some will add value to it, but there are a few people who will stay in your life and give it a beautiful meaning. You need to hold on to that person and share all your worries, success, and failures with them.

Sometimes, during our school and college days, we enjoy our singlehood so much that we feel like living that way for the rest of our life. But then comes a phase where you have to marry and share everything with that special person. No doubt that in the beginning, it becomes hard for you to compromise on your singlehood, but if you take it well and manage yourself properly, your life changes for good.

For me, singlehood was a phase of my adolescence, I enjoyed it, and I still brag about it. But, I do accept now that I can’t live like that always. To thrive in a happy relationship, you can’t be selfish.

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