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First 5 Things Women Notice About Men

things women notice about men

Consider a situation, you have been talking to your woman/girl for quite some time over the dating app or phone calls, and tonight you are going to meet her for the first time on a dinner date. A lot of “ifs and buts” are going on in your head. You don’t know how to behave with her or what to wear to impress her in your first meeting but I am sure you want to be at your best tonight. There is no doubt that every woman has different expectations from their man but there are some features that matter to most of the woman. Here are some things women notice about men in the first meeting. Let’s discuss this!

First 5 Things Women Notice About Men

first 5 things women notices in men

1. The First Look- Your Face!

Yes, this is not something brilliant that I have mentioned here. We all know that we see the face first, but do we like all the faces that we see in a day? Not really. What makes a face interesting or likable? Let’s dig deeper into one of the first things women notice about men. You need to take good care of all these features that God has bestowed upon you. Most women do not like untidy and unkempt hair. Take proper haircuts, wash them well, and comb them properly. Either keep a clean shaved face or keep a well-groomed beard and mustache. Remove all the unwanted hair from your ears and nose (yes, it looks dirty).

Apart from these physical grooming activities, you need to keep humility in your eyes. Your eyes show your character, fill it with love and affection. This gives women a sense of satisfaction that if you care about yourself, you are going to care about them too.

things women notices about men

2. Your ever-charming Smile

There are people whose smiles take all your worries away! Why not be the same for your woman? Your smile is something that reflects your emotion in the best possible way. Those emotions come from your heart and stay on your face. Though it should have been covered in the first point of the first 5 things women notice about men, I needed to emphasize it separately for a special reason.

One genuine smile and you are sold. But before smiling a little wide, don’t forget to that you need to maintain them too. Make sure you’re not smelling bad before a date or have food stuck in your teeth. This is really an embarrassing moment and could end up disgusting not just the woman in front of you, but anyone for that matter. Don’t be pretentious with your smile and don’t smirk. Your smile should be genuine and it should make you an approachable man she cannot resist.

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First 5 things women notices in men

3. Posture and Built

Whether you like it or not but this is amongst the first few things women notice about men. They say looks don’t matter but your first impression comes from the way you look and your body type. I don’t mean to say that you need a muscular body with six-pack abs, but definitely not an over or underweighted body. Your body is the temple for your soul and you must take care of it by eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercises. It not only keeps you in shape but also improves your confidence in everything. Which woman would not like a confident man?

Women feel safe and secure with a confident man. They should trust that they are in safe hands. In a world where health now plays a significant role, it is your duty to care for your body.

first 5 things women notices in a man


4. Voice and Language

Your voice is something that can have a long-lasting effect on your woman’s heart. Remember the voice of Amitabh Bachhan, the heaviness and stability in his voice can send you to some other world, the world where he wants you to go. Or go back to Vidya Balan’s voice when the room echoes with her “Good Morning Mumbai” in the movie Munna Bhai. As soon as you hear her voice in the film, it brings a smile to your face. What I mean to say here is that your voice is definitely one of the things women notice about men. It has the power to catch all her attention in just a minute or two.

But your voice will lose all its effect if your language is harsh and rude. Actually, I believe both of these qualities complement each other. With your poised voice, you ought to have a respectable language for everyone around you and not just with your woman. She is going to notice how you speak to other people as well as her. This is definitely an important point in the first 5 things women notice about men.


first 5 things women notices in men

5. Greetings and Manners

Of course, the list of the first 5 things women notice about men is incomplete without this point. Greetings and manners, these two things are different yet largely related to each other. How do you greet your friends, your colleagues, and people above and below your stature to show what kind of a person you are? And the way you behave with them defines your character. Saying Hi or hello to your friends is normal. But how you treat your loved one, or a woman especially, can define your future relationship with them.

We have seen in a lot of movies that how a hero practices in front of the mirror to greet his heroin on their first date. I suggest you do the same. This one-line greeting could cast a lasting impression on the woman. Manners is all about how you behave with your woman but remember it is not something that can be learned in a day. It defines who you are and how you were raised. If you are reading this article now then start making some polite changes in your behavior, which you think requires a change.

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If you are ready to work in these areas, there are no doubts that your woman is going to be interested in you but remember these are some basic points only that will make you a prospect. Everything else depends upon how genuine you are. Your appearance does make you attractive, but your heart and soul make you lovable. People are known not for how they look but for how they make others feel about themselves.

With this article on the first 5 things women notice about men, we don’t wish to advocate that physical looks matter, or that we support body shaming. But, if you’re looking for an honest opinion on the things women notice about men in the first meeting, this should match your search. When you look at someone, this is how it all begins until one starts soul searching for their “one.” It is then that other attributes that belong to one’s nature that play a role. Things don’t reach that far until you’re groomed enough for the woman to take it to the next level.

Women want a sense of respect from their men, a sense of security, and the freedom to let them live their life. They wish to feel wanted and loved and they will observe every bit of your behavior to validate their expectations. So keep a positive attitude and that will always keep you an interesting person. Happy dating!

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