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All About Stashing, Firework, and Submarine Dating

stashing, firework, and submarine dating

Absolutely new terms, right? Who even knew that there’s something called stashing, firework, and submarine dating? Like, we already don’t have enough trouble figuring out stuff in our regular dating lives. And now this? Well well well, it might surprise you, that these are the trending forms of dating that you’ll find in people around you. You might probably recognize these characteristics, but I met you didn’t know what it is called.

Just writing about all these things makes me go back to the good old days when dating meant liking someone, going out with them, falling in love, and then either ending it or marrying the person. And now here we are talking about things like stashing, firework, and submarine dating. When you understand what these mean, make sure not to fall for such people’s behaviors and avoid becoming a victim. The last thing we need in the world right now is more broken hearts. I guess, maybe we can take this more like a way to make our dating lives much happier than they are. How?

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The answer is simple- when you catch these stashing, firework, or submarine traits in anyone, you’ll know to pull back, and find love elsewhere! If only dating was all about holding hands and the first kiss memories anymore. It feels more like a battlefield because trusting someone is more like serving your heart on a silver platter waiting for them to gobble it up.

Let’s not be all negative, though. It’s almost Christmas, and we should speak about joyful things, right? Some people do find true love and happiness, and I always root for love! Let’s get straight ahead into understand what stashing, firework, and submarine dating is, and how you can keep away from such people.

What is Stashing? 


One of the latest dating trends, stashing is all over the internet, and we’re still trying to figure out when this happened. So, you know what stash means right? Anything that you keep in secret is all stash. Everyone has a stash of information about themselves that they don’t want the world to know. Or, even stashed items that you don’t want others to find. Do you get where I’m going with this? 

Say you’ve met someone adorable. Time flies by when you both are together, and you couldn’t have asked for more. Everything seems to be going smoothly when you suddenly realize that you know everything about the person and yet know nothing, about them. To know a person, we need to hear about them from people they grew up with, or from friends they hang out with. You cannot know everything by listening to them.

I’m sorry if this breaks your heart, but if you feel like your “person” doesn’t want to introduce you to their gang/family, then you’re being stashed. The person you’re dating wants to keep you a secret (stashed). They don’t want people to know they are seeing you, and as long as you’re not in for something serious either, this is a red flag!

The term may be something you’ve just heard, but the behavior isn’t new at all! We’ve all seen or been in relationships where one wants to stash you.

Some Signs of Stashing

So how do you identify if you’re just being insecure or you are a victim of stashing dating? Let’s take a look at some very evident signs.

  • They don’t want to introduce you to their family (This is something you should consider only when you’ve dated long enough to meet the family)
  • Stashing also means keeping you away from their friends. They don’t want you to meet them, and they might not show particular interest in meeting your friends either. 
  • If the person is one with a stashing mindset or intention, they will not add you on social media. (Typically, they might even create a separate account and show they’re not much into it.)
  • If they’re unwilling to click pictures with you, then know you’re being stashed. 

Now, how soon you expect such things from the person and how long you’ve been dating to notice these signs is something you should judge. All we want is for you to trash the stashing person!

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What is Firework Dating?

fireworking- firework dating

Much like stashing, firework dating is also something that recently stormed the dating world. Yet again, the behavior isn’t new, only the word is. You might say, fireworking is the exact opposite of stashing. Do you want to be someone’s eye candy? No, right? Well, if you’re being treated like one, then you’re a victim of firework dating.

An extreme show off of the relationship they have with you is not something we enjoy. When in a group, we like hanging out as friends, and want all the attention and pampering when we’re alone. But when that doesn’t happen, it is also a red flag!

Here are some signs that you’re a victim of firework dating. 

  • Your partner loves showing off your relationship on social media.
  • They regularly take you out with their friends to show you off.
  • If your partner is clicking too many pictures of the two of you together and tagging you on their social media platforms, you’re under firework attack! 
  • They might not find it important to seek your permission before using your pictures on social media so that they can show to the world how much they’re happy to have someone. This could be both, either because they want to express how they’re not single anymore or because they want to show off they are with an ideal partner.

If your partner is with you to show to the world, their intentions don’t seem right. Someone should want to be with you because they enjoy spending time with you, because they think you are perfect for them, and because they’re madly in love with you.

What is Submarine in Dating?

submarine dating - submarining

Some people have annoying qualities. Do you know those kinds of people who come and go out of nowhere? Well, that’s submarine. These people appear in our lives, give us all the love in the world, and then vanish into thin air. And then, bam! Once again, they’ll be a part of our lives after some time. So you see, they behave like submarines. They appear, and then disappear, and then again reappear.

Of course, submarine in dating is not very close to stashing or firework dating. But, it is still not something that we should entertain. It’s either all in or all out!

Whatever kind of dating, at the end of the day, find someone who loves you for who you are. Seek love, seek partnership, seek comfort. Whether you’re a victim of stashing, firework, or submarine kind of dating or you are someone who indulges in it, either way, it isn’t healthy.

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