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7 Upbeat First-Date Ideas

Dating? Swipe right or left? If you have swiped right, you might find yourself pacing to find some of the best first-date ideas. While we all absolutely adore the OG dinner date or movie date, they might not be that fun anymore. Furthermore, Gen Z is an adventurous bunch and isn’t merely pleased with some simple and conventional dating ideas. But don’t be fooled! Millennials too are not far behind. And boomers and baby boomers? They have taken it all a notch higher with their love to experiment and try novel things. Hence, we bring you some upbeat first-date ideas so you can have all the fun out there while being yourself.

There is something for each age group as we truly believe there is no age to date, explore, and find oneself! Also, these ideas serve as a great ice breaker and will not let you be awkward or uncomfortable for long! If this still has not spiked your interest, we assure you that you are in for a totally fun read of some upbeat first-date ideas.

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7 Upbeat First-Date Ideas 

upbeat first-date idea

1. Try Restaurant Hopping 

Restaurant Hop! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This is an updated version of the OG dinner date. If you are tired of dining just at one restaurant for the entire evening or you are craving some food adventure then this upbeat first-date idea is for you!

This idea suggests that instead of settling for just a restaurant, you can explore more cuisines or food places. For instance, you can visit food trucks and munch on several delicacies. You can also go to your favorite place for dinner and your date’s preferred place for dessert or vice versa. This upbeat first-date idea will not only satisfy the foodie in you but also will give a jumpstart to your special evening!

2. The Workout Date 

The pandemic is ruling our lives for more than 2 years now! Work from home, online education, and online dating have become an integral part of our lives. While things are gradually going back to normal, the only constant that remains is our sedentary lifestyle.

So, if you are tired of your sedentary routine and virtual dating life, this workout date is for you! You can work out, do Zumba, or even meditate! There are several possibilities and it is an absolute win-win for numerous reasons. Firstly, you can bond better with your date and pay attention to details of what they like and dislike. Next, grooving with some music and talking about routine life can be a smooth ice breaker. Most importantly, you will take a step towards embracing a healthier routine. So, this upbeat first-date idea is definitely worth giving a shot!

3. Thrift Shopping 

upbeat first-date idea

Have you ever thought about how cliché it is to play 20 questions on your first date? The answer might be a humongous yes but what better way to break the ice and get to know each other right? But, brace yourselves as we present you a polar opposite and refined version of 20 questions! It is thrift shopping!

Are you surprised? Don’t be. While thrift shopping, you can acquaint yourself with each other’s likes, dislikes, favorite colors, seasons, fashion sense, etc. This way, you get an opportunity to be your true self and you can know whether your vibes match or not. Last but not the least, you are sure to have a fun-filled date! So… what are you waiting for? Try this upbeat first-date idea soon!

4. Go Ice Skating 

While the summers have jazzed up the heat number, you can chill by opting for this upbeat first-date idea. Yes, we are hinting at ice skating! We are sure that you must be scared of falling down and getting hurt. But aren’t these our first thoughts even while imagining the first date?

Experiencing ups and downs together is part and parcel of a relationship. If you and your date can manage to help each other gain momentum and have fun then this date is a success! It is almost an exercise where you learn to be there for each other and discover to trust the other person. This upbeat first-date idea subtly works on building trust which is the foundation of any relationship.

5. Peruse a Book Store 

upbeat first-date idea

Just imagine an OG date. You and your date are sitting in a café silently, waiting for your respective orders to arrive. You both are thinking about how to break this ice and start a conversation but to no avail. And finally, either of you asks for the go-to book of the other person and the conversation commences as if you have known each other for ages!

This is the magical power of books. So why deprive your first date of this magic? Going to a book store for a date might sound odd. But we promise that there will be no dull moment. One of the most common things that can go wrong on a date is that you don’t find enough topics to have a conversation and eventually the vibes just wear off. But this is something that just CAN NOT happen if you decide to peruse a book store. Even the shyest people are fond of books and vibe with others because of books. If they can do it, why can’t you? Just give this upbeat first-date idea a thought.

6. Hit Up a Karaoke Bar 

What strikes you when you think of music or songs? We are sure it must be a song of your choice or your favorite singer. But have you ever given a thought to a musical date? We are sure you must have guessed it by reading the title of this upbeat first-date idea.

Very few people might actually consider hitting a karaoke bar for a date. But trust us you will not regret it. We understand that not everyone is blessed with the classiest vocal cords. It might also get a bit embarrassing to try your music skills but isn’t it an inevitable share of a relationship? Trying new things with each other and discovering new talents, what could even go wrong? Rest assured this would only increase the comfort level you share with each other.

7. Learn at a Pottery Class 

upbeat first-date idea

Science and technology have taken a front seat in the last couple of years. It has proven to be a boon in most cases. But it is also responsible for the loss of our most important bonds with nature and soil. With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we have forgotten to connect with soil and nature.

While planning an upbeat first date, connecting with soil and creating something new can be a sublime experience. Molding the clay with our hands and constructing something beautiful is indeed a joyous feeling and almost feels like an achievement. Sharing small and big achievements with a special someone can definitely make our day and theirs too! Thus, a pottery class date is bound to be a special memory for you.

Psst… even if you don’t enjoy the date, you get to keep your creation which will be a cute souvenir and you also get to learn a new skill! What more can one expect from a first date?! We really hope that you thoroughly enjoy your first date and that this blossoms into a fulfilling relationship! If this is the case, you would surely love to read some absolute No’s in a new relationship. Click here to read.

With this, we come to an end of our post 7 Upbeat First-Date Ideas. We hope that this proves helpful for you to plan your first date. Let us know which of the above ideas grabbed your attention. Don’t shy away, we would love to read your unique first date ideas in the comments down below.

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