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She Divorced Her Ideal Husband- Was This A Love Story?

she divorced her ideal husband

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What? Did she divorce her ideal husband? But why?” Sometimes, “ideal” is not everything you need to stay in a marriage. And sometimes, what looks ideal to others isn’t what it is inside the closed doors of a house. Sameera’s marriage story is not merely a roller coaster ride. It is more like riding one into believing something and then revealing a whole other side after taking the sacred vows. Do such rides lead to a love story?

India is home to the idea of arranged marriages. Nothing moves forward without the involvement of parents and other adults of the family. The adults feel it is their responsibility to find someone who is well-settled, but this generation demands the union of like-minded people. Sameera too, like the many others in the country, gave up on finding love her way and surrendered to the idea of traditional matchmaking. And that became one of the biggest reasons why she divorced her ideal husband. I say “ideal” because everyone thought he was.

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She divorced her Ideal Husband- A Love story?

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When Sameera and Samarth spoke to each other for the first time, he managed to sway her with his sweet talks. Their bond grew faster than a high-speed fan, and within a month, they announced that he/she was the “one.” Everything seemed picture-perfect. Both of their parents agreed to similar wedding arrangements, which is challenging to achieve in Indian weddings.

Samarth’s parents did not force Sameera to kill her dreams and become a stay-at-home wife. They were more than willing to allow her to pursue her dreams, and that the one thing that Sameera wanted the most from her new family. And yet, she divorced her ideal husband. What went wrong?

After a wedding that left everyone in awe of their new-age romance blended with traditional Indian customs and an even more romantic honeymoon in the Maldives, Sameera and Samarth started a beautiful life together. Sameera, Samarth, and his parents all lived together in a beautiful cosmopolitan home in a peaceful location away from the bustling crowd. Very soon, Sameera found a job that met her requirements, and their lives entered the phase of routine, much like many other marriages after a few months.

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If her married life was such bliss, that her mother-in-law did not pressure her with household chores, her father-in-law pampered her with mouth-watering sweets every weekend, and her husband was available for her physically and mentally, what was the trigger that she divorced her ideal husband?

As time went on, Sameera’s parents saw signs that their daughter was hiding something. She hardly ever spoke to them when she was alone and never visited them without her husband. While they paced in anxiety, they wanted to respect their daughter’s pleadings not to worry and that she was “handling” everything. They wondered what is it that their princess had to “handle” it? Wasn’t her husband “ideal” after all?

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When Things Changed

After six months of together, Sameera caught her husband gobbling something in his mother’s room. Apparently, the “ideal” husband and their parents thought that a wife needn’t know that her husband is seeing a therapist and is on pills that help him cope with life. It shocked her to learn that they hid something important from her since she had every right to know. But they consoled her saying, “We didn’t want you to worry. You’re new to this house, and we did not want his health to be a matter of adjustment for you.”

Sameera, being educated in the field of mental science, knew that his pills would affect their lives and how it would also affect their chances of having a healthy child if he didn’t stop with the medication.

Moreover, they also refused to share the reasons why he saw a therapist and consumed medicines for depression. “He was stressed about the wedding expenditures,” and that is all they said. So in love with them, Sameera didn’t question how a grown and mature man like Samarth would stress about wedding expenditures. Samarth had been saving for his wedding for two years before he met her.

Soon, Sameera showed signs of agitation when Samarth avoided spending time with her. He would spend more time with his mother after returning home than with her in their bedroom’s privacy. When she would ask, his answer would be the most common defendant reasons, “You’re paranoid. What’s wrong with spending time with my mother?” Not wanting to sound like someone who separated sons from their parents, Sameera would accept defeat before his slyness.

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Samarth’s mother also showed subtle signs of her true colors. She hated it when the men in her family liked the food cooked by Sameera. And so, she found ways to be the only person who cooked food at home. “You must be tired after a long day at work. You rest. I will make food.” Sameera thought her mother-in-law was so kind. Little did she know that she was keeping Sameera from taking over house responsibilities. Her mother-in-law was unwilling to share the credits of a well-maintained house!

Sometimes, she would even barge into Sameera and Samarth’s room to fold their personal clothes or to watch TV in their bedroom on the pretext of feeling hot in the living room. It was her way to steal Sameera and Samarth’s “couple time.” She wouldn’t leave until one of them would fall asleep. How she expected to become a grandmother, one will never know! And those became the start of the reasons why she divorced her ideal husband.

A year later, Sameera felt more cornered than ever. Samarth and his parents ganged up against her, making her feel like an outsider in a house she called her own! They wouldn’t let Sameera talk to her family alone in the fear that she would tell them what was happening. Whenever she wanted to go home, he’d act all possessive, “Baby, I don’t want you traveling alone. Let me come with you.” With him around, Sameera couldn’t spend a minute alone with her parents, and so, she became lonelier without anyone to understand her.

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Things worsened with time. Every time she came online on Whatsapp, there he was messaging her. If she delayed her response, he’d want to know who she is talking to and about what. And this aggravated the reasons why she divorced her ideal husband.

Samarth’s possessiveness grew on Sameera. She started losing her mind and felt jailed in his love. Samarth didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays, but Sameera did. Neither did he make an effort to make Sameera feel special, nor did he allow her to celebrate with her colleagues or friends.

As soon as she took a metro from work, Samarth would call her up and act like he was missing her. In reality, all he intended was for her not to speak to others during that time and, so he kept her call busy.

Sameera comprehended that Samarth and his family had ways to sugarcoat their behavior, and she fell for it every time. There was no way he would accept doing any of this. He even got her a postpaid network connection so that he could get itemized bills of her calls, something she didn’t know about until she caught him hiding the bills in her drawer. And so, she divorced her ideal husband ultimately.

One day, Sameera was frustrated as hell. Samarth and his parents sat in one corner of the living room, while a lonely Sameera sat in the opposite corner. She knew she would have to confront them about them cunningly making her their puppet, or she would have to hold her breath forever. That day, the family saw a very different side of their silent daughter-in-law. She divorced her ideal husband because they blamed her for being mentally unstable for placing such allegations on them.

When she threatened to call her parents, the three of them charged towards her, scaring her to shut her mouth. But Sameera cared more about the love story she had with herself and with her family than the fake one she had with her husband and his family. That evening, she dared to call her family and asked them to book her a flight home. Within hours, Sameera was home. She told her parents about everything she went through in a year.

Finally, She divorced her ideal husband!

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Despite several efforts to save their marriage, Samarth didn’t accept any of his faults. He refused to become a better partner or to leave his mother’s side. And so, she divorced her ideal husband.

When everyone met Samarth for the first time, no one seemed more ideal than him for Sameera. He was smart, good-looking, well-settled, romantic, spoiled his wife with expensive gifts… But only Sameera saw how his idealistic behavior was a way to trap her into believing that she was happy. If not for her upbringing and education, Sameera would’ve succumbed to their madness. Thankfully, she understood in time that Samarth and his family tried to woo her with over-expressive acts of love and Richie-rich gifts. The more she analyzed the situation, the more she gained clarity about what was going on. What other option did she have? She divorced her ideal husband!

Yes, this is a love story! But one that demonstrates self-love. It is perfectly okay to love yourself above others. There is no need to fall for gifts or sweet nothings. Fall for a clean-hearted person. This is why she divorced her ideal husband and has no regrets about it.

Let “her” story be an inspiration to others who think that “ideal” is all you need to survive a marriage. A relationship requires freedom, love, understanding, support, love, and a lot more. Choose a partner who can give you all of this than just putting up an “ideal” act.

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  1. This article will encourage a lot of Indian women in our society to self love and get out of a toxic relationship. A true story of how education and vigilance can help you out from any worst situation. Lovely Choice of words and insight.

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