Will you let me marry him, daddy? (The anxiety of confessing to my father!)


After many years of love and princess-treatment, there comes a time when girls finally find another man! A man, who can never be a replacement for her father, but yet, cannot go ahead with him without her father. It is a big deal; he wants to look out for you, but you want to balance your emotions on both sides.

Coming from a country of arranged marriages, confessing my relationship before my father was the hardest thing I have had to do. He loves me so much, that I knew any guy wouldn’t be the best in his eye on the first go. That said, it doesn’t matter where we are from; the father-daughter bond is universal! I’m sure you are nodding in yes right now.

It was during those days that I penned down this poem to express my anxiety. It covers everything I felt when I announced my love relationship to my father. All daddy’s girls will surely understand every sentiment attached to it.

Poem: Will you let me marry him, daddy?

father of the bride, daddy, father


Daddy’s darling daughter,

The life of my mother;

So loved, so pampered,

No dreams of mine slaughtered.

The little pink dresses, the clinging to his arms,

But now I’m older, I’ll be sent to far off farms.


A woman’s heart is a deep ocean,

Now it is all out in the open;

I’m in love, and I seek your approval,

But I’m also scared because the world is cruel.

Sonnet 17 (XVII) โ€“ by Pablo Neruda

As the moment of confession nears,

The tick of the clock accelerates my fears;

I so want you to say yes,

Till then my mind will be in such a mess!


I love you too much to hurt you,

Because fathers like you are so few;

But your care makes me feel sure,

You want for me happiness so pure.


Maybe you have your loved concerns,

But with mistakes people learn;

I have faith that he’s a good guy,

Yes or no, in emotions I will cry!


You are my hero, no man can love me as much as you,

But he also has all his love to offer, and that is true;

Your willingness means so much to me,

Like other cowards I will not flee!


I wait for you to talk it out,

I wonder if you will be calm or shout;

Abundant love you have given,

That one more expectation in me it has risen.


Please agree; please don’t be mad! Please listen!

With your attention my eyes will glisten.

My heart beats fast, tensed it is,

Lord’s child I am, I pray your answer is another miracle of His!

Hemali Adhiya

The poem was originally written on 04th December 2016
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