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7 Reasons Why Gift-Giving is Important in a Relationship

The festival of gift-giving in India is around the corner, it’s the festival of lights- Diwali. It made us ponder how such a simple act of gift-giving can have a huge impact on an individual, and a relationship. We thought why not highlight it with one of our posts. So here are ‘7 Reasons Why Gift-Giving is Important in a Relationship’.


Is Gift-Giving a recent trend?

gift-giving- relationship

Well, the clear answer to the question is no. This custom has always existed. For instance, let’s consider our grandparents; haven’t they been our silent lovers since forever? Amidst the happening environment of a big joint family, a simple rose would just do their work.

Our parents are somewhere in the middle. Neither are they too old-school nor too bold. They just know what their partners need even before them saying it out loud. From a child’s point of view, their parents always take care of each other’s comfort before their own. They might not give gifts to each other that frequently. But when they do it, they make their partners feel treasured.

This is symbolic that no expensive gifts are needed. Something simple is enough to bring a smile to the face of our loved ones. The emotions and feelings matter the most and not the price of the gift. Most crucially, the sheer joy that we witness on our partner’s face after gift-giving is remarkable.

So be it any era, any country, any religion, or any class, giving gifts is vital and widely practiced. When just words are not enough, gestures come to our rescue. We are sure you too might have gifted your partner on multiple occasions. So do share with us what were your reasons for gift-giving.

But like every coin has two sides, gift-giving is a double-edged sword. It might come in handy or even spoil the whole purpose. While gift-giving is essential, we should be careful to not make the other person feel that by giving gifts, we are taking them for granted.

But being optimistic is the key right? So without any further ado let us take you on our journey that why giving gifts is salient to us.

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7 Reasons why Gift-Giving is Important in a Relationship

gift-giving - relationship

Be it the past, present, or future generation, the element of gift-giving is never going to become an outdated one. A relationship might be novel. The individuals might have contrasting views, but it is their love that binds them together. If this doesn’t become a strong pillar of their bond, what will?

Words might lose their importance over the years but these small gestures will be evergreen. Gift-giving is an effective way to strengthen the bond in any phase of the relationship. Be it the dating phase, the engagement phase, or years after marriage, this gesture continues to remain credible and influential.

While we will eagerly wait for your reasons for giving gifts, we would like to throw light on 7 reasons why we find gift-giving important. At this point, our excitement levels are touching the sky. Let’s stop our blabber and state our reasons why gift-giving is crucial.

1. For gratitude expression

All of us are beautifully different. While some of us might be able to express our views and feelings freely, others might face difficulty in doing so. Words do play an important role right? But what happens when we fall short of words in expressing the importance of a partner in our life?

The act of gift-giving comes to our rescue here. Without any doubt, we should appreciate their presence in our lives. We should cherish all the small efforts they take to brew our lives into a whole new direction. They are our better halves. It should be the first task in our to-do-list to make them feel adored for completing us. So let’s pick a simple thank you gift to express our gratitude and make our partners feel that they are the only ones all over again.

2. For conveying a heartfelt apology

Fights are a part and parcel of every relationship, right? Some might be just playful banters while others might be a  heated argument. Hurt becomes an indispensable part of every fight. But when we realize that the fight was our fault, is it too late to apologize?

When it is tough to pacify our partners and they are too hurt to hear out our explanations, gift-giving can do wonders! It is one of the most effective ways to convey our guilt and apologize to them. Let us put in a personal touch to the gift. It will not only portray our efforts but also be symbolic of how truly sorry we are. A simple red rose, a greeting, a DVD of their favorite movie to let them know how much they mean to us… there’s a lot we can do! Which of these are you going to try?

3. For rekindling romance

gift-giving - romance

Understandably, no relationship is going to remain the same. Each relationship will transition- with trust, understanding, and love- it’ll become a stronger bond. Without these, the relationship could lose the spark.

Our relationship is like raw clay and molding it is in our hands. But we can give gifts to re-create some of the early memories of our relationships. This will not only sizzle romance but also become a reason to treasure memories of a lifetime. So let us pick a romantic gift, plan a candlelight dinner, or do what our heart desires. The idea is to make our partner feel special and we must give them some quality time.

4. For manifesting emotions

Every relationship crosses a zenith when we start understanding our partner without having to say any words. But breaking this monotone becomes necessary, failing which, we might start taking our partners for granted. Also, this patriarchal society has conditioned men in such a way that many of them feel restricted to portray their emotions freely.

Gift-giving surely comes to our aid for such people, and such situations. Men tend to express their emotions and convey their appreciation by gifting something meaningful to their partners. Similarly, women who might be too shy to express find gifting a good opportunity to acknowledge their partner’s efforts.

5. For celebrating milestones

gift-giving - relationship

Every day is a new experience in our relationships. It is in our hands how to make this journey memorable. Each day will not be the same but it will be worth it if you manage to make even a single memory each day.

By saying this, we do not mean that you need to shower our partners with gifts every day. That is a personal choice. All we’re saying is that in this hustling-bustling world, we will have to find time for each other and celebrate even the smallest moments. Occasions like birthdays and anniversaries without any doubt are special. But the joy of gift-giving without any reason is simply splendid & special.

6. For simply bringing a smile to their face

Our partners do so much for us. Sometimes, they also sacrifice too much or might take extra care of our likings and comfort. They might tease us but will never let us feel uncomfortable. It is our mission to make them feel the same.

By giving gifts, we can project our appreciation for the smallest of gestures they have done for us. After all, their smile is sure to light our world.

7. For felicitations

gift-giving - relationship

One of the keys to preserving a relationship is being together in sorrow and ecstasy. Finding small moments to celebrate is essential. But it is equally crucial to find happiness in our partner’s success. Be it an appreciation at their work or getting an appraisal, the happiness will be double when we become a part of their joy.

Gift-giving on such occasions will enhance our relationships. Let’s pick such a gift that signifies that we are proud of their achievements and it inspires them to perform even better. Always be their inspiration. We giving gifts will always uplift their mood when they feel low. How about we make them feel like royalty, pamper them, and give them all the happiness we can by treasuring those memories with them.

When words fall short, these gestures fill in the void within a relationship. We hope that you all were able to relate to the post at one point or another. Such small gestures are the key to preserve our relationships and make our people feel treasured.

So, here are our ‘7 Reasons Why Gift-Giving is Important in a Relationship’.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Click on the cute little stars to shower us with your love and support. Subscribe to for further interesting updates. Stay tuned with us this festive season. Keep spreading the love!


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