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Why Dates are Important in a Relationship? 10 Reasons!

Dating is different according to our age. We stop dating randomly once we are mature. When we’re young, going out on dates with different people is a great way to see what type of person we are attracted to. But as we grow older, dating stops becoming an exploration of people and only remains a path to finding the person we want to spend the rest of our life with just serious talks.

Dates are important in a relationship because it helps us get to know one another better. This time shows us how compatible we are with each other and mainly to decide whether we are having any future together or not. 

What is date night?

A date night is an occasion where a couple spends some quality time together, usually alone, with the purpose of reconnecting and bonding. A date night usually consists of the main activity, such as a dinner or a movie, or a few activities planned to have a romantic relationship. 

If you want a healthy and happy eternal relationship, then here are 7 reasons why Dates are important in a relationship:

1. Increases friendship bond:

importance of dates

Every relationship begins with a friendship. Friendship is the most important element to dating someone. But once a couple gets into a relationship they are no more into a friendship. But is it ok? No, being friends with our partners will strengthen our relationship. Dates are important in a relationship because as we spend some quality time together, it helps us to remember how we started with a casual friendship. The date also helps us to develop the same friendship again if we have lost it after getting into a relationship. 

2. It resolves arguments:

importance of dates

Point of view differ, and that’s the beauty of living among people with varying personalities. Somewhere, life is beautiful because we all think differently. When in a relationship, we finally focus on ‘we’ and not on just ‘I’. Every couple has some arguments and fights. And it is normal. But if we will not solve it for a long time, then it can end a relationship. Dates will give us time to solve arguments and misunderstandings. That’s why dates are important in a relationship. 

3. Time to discuss the future:

importance of dates

Every couple wants their relationship to be successful. This means they want to unite for a lifetime. Planning a future with our partner is an important part of a relationship. Dates give us some time to discuss some important topics of our lives. For example, discussions on career, jobs, financial position, family, making a home, settling in a particular city, etc are some important topics which are a must to be discussed. And that’s why dates are important in a relationship. 

4. Promotes healthy communication: 

dates are important in a relationship

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again- communication is the key to maintaining any relationship. It ignites intimacy, bonding, and allows us to be unapologetically us! While we don’t give much weightage to conversations, dates bring out the special something that’s missing in the relationships and help communicate feelings that we simply don’t want to brush by and rather discuss. Busy or not, dates are important in relationships to allow us to feel lighter that we’ll get an opportunity to discuss something that’s happening or just any feeling.

5. You get accustomed to the surroundings

dates are important in a relationship

If we are planning a long-term relationship and we have given a lifetime commitment to each other, then it is important to know their family and friends also. An individual’s mentality and lifestyle depend on their surroundings. Surroundings mainly include family and friends because we spend most of the time with them. Random dates will give us plenty of time to know this kind of thing also. That’s why dates are important in a relationship. 

The inner circle is the most important aspect of all of our lives, and when we date someone, accepting each other’s inner circle is part of the deal. A lifetime commitment means knowing our partners’ friends and families too, whether you’re comfortable enough around each other or not. Trying to get along is something we shouldn’t shun. An individual’s mentality and lifestyle depend on their surroundings, including people from this circle. Dates are important in a relationship because we learn about one another’s people, thus making accepting each other wholeheartedly part easier to accept.

6. Helps De-Stress: 

importance of dates

What more does one need than some warm hugs, playing footsie underneath the table, and talking about all the things that happened and all the things you want to happen in a set-up that only you own? Nothing, right? Dates are important in a relationship because it helps one unwind for the day. One more or less destresses during these moments of uninterrupted love and attention!

7. Offers a true feeling of Commitment:

importance of dates

Dates are important in a relationship because it builds attachment. When we feel our partner’s commitment towards us, our sense of being genuinely attached will provide us with a stable, deeply satisfying relationship. Partners who cherish each other, who don’t wait for romantic opportunities, and who nurture a powerful sense of togetherness are happier than those who are less-committed couples. Commitment is scary. But commitment satisfies deeply. Dates foster an abiding sense of “couplehood.” They give us a chance to commit as well as to show our love towards our partners. 

8. Increases level of understanding:

Sometimes, due to lack of communication or lack of spending time together, we understand our partners less. Lack of understanding widens the gap between a couple. Dates are important in a relationship because it gives time to plan some such special moments and quality time together through which we can understand our partners more profoundly. We should listen to our partners with abundant interest to understand them. Sometimes our expectations are fulfilled on dates. 

9. It makes us happy:

importance of dates

Everyone wants to be treated specially. When our partner arranges a date, it is obvious that we are supposed to feel special. But we feel more special when our partner arranges a random and reasonless date. These types of dates make us feel happier. Unplanned dates create a different environment of love, which we famously call “romantic.” Yes, just an imagination of this feeling makes us smile ear-to-ear. What would the impact be of the actual dates? Dates are important in a relationship because it makes us feel happier. 

10. Boosts intimacy:

importance of dates

While we are on the topic of romantic relationships, we cannot not talk about intimacy too. It is also one of the common elements of a relationship. In a relationship, after some time, couples travel far from romance and intimacy. But it sure has its effects on a relationship. A date ignites more romance and intimacy in our relationship. Spending alone time with our partners will surely help us to create a romantic environment that’s more lasting. We can dance to simple heart-touching music, listen to songs of each other’s choices, gaze at stars, or just sit on the beach and let the winds do the talking! That’s enough a reason why dates are important in a relationship. 

Some fantastic ideas for dates where we can enjoy ourselves:

1. Picnics/Trekking

date nights

Picnics or trekking is not a traditional idea of a date, but as we said, we have all evolved and love to explore one another’s adventurous sides. It’s a great idea to go on a picnic with our loved ones. Hold hands as you lay or climb, laze around on a bedsheet, reveal our fun selves, and so much more! It doesn’t get better than cozying up amid the fresh air with the beautiful scenery of nature. Doesn’t it sound romantic? 

2. Camping

date nights

If we are the outdoorsy type and love nature a little more than others, then camping is the best idea for a date. There’s nothing more romantic than sleeping out under the stars in the tents while enjoying bonfires in a single blanket is so romantic! 

3. Movie

date night

Movie dates are one of the most common date ideas. If it’s something that both partners enjoy, then how does it matter which movie it is and how good it is. It’s all about holding hands and enjoying each other’s presence in the silent entertainment. Sometimes we can relate some part of movies with our real life and it can help us to relive our romantic relationships.

4. Dinner Dates

A dinner date is also very common. But why not do something different? Cook, instead of going out. Create a romantic setup at home. Wouldn’t that be romance with a difference? Try it, even if it is just something as simple as boiling some maggie and decorating it uniquely. Crack open a bottle of wine, and you’re good to go for a wondrous evening. And this shouldn’t be a gender-biased idea. Both partners should be willing to cook something their girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife likes every once in a while. 

Dating after marriage is a whole different story, though. If you’re looking for some dating tips to rekindle the fire in your marriage, then check out our thoughts here.

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