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What Would It Take -A Love Poem on Expectations

what would it take love poem

Most relationships undergo the phase when things are picture-perfect at the start and ultimately change with time. What Would it Take is one such love poem, where the narrator expresses how different the love languages are in the relationship. While one is expecting to become a “we,” the other is struggles with moving ahead from “I” and “you.”

english love poems on expectations

The poem speaks so many things in these few stanzas. Even though people are different, and their partners’ needs are different, none of the expectations the narrator cites in this poem are extraordinary. They are basics like wanting to be felt, heard, seen, touched, and appreciated.

Throughout the poem, the poet relies on the phrase in the title, in which the narrator asks their partner what it will take for them to do these basic things. If you think the poem suits any of your life situations, then share it with the people who you think will relate.

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What Would It Take

A Love Poem on Expectations

love poem

When something happens,

All I want to do is call you first;

What would it take for you to realize

I want to be the first one to hear things from you too.


When I’m upset,

All I want is to hug you and cry it out;

What would it take for you to hold me in these moments,

Without me begging for it.


When you achieve something,

All I want to do is tell you and others how proud you’ve made me;

What would it take for you to recognize my achievements,

And tell me how proud you are of me.


When you’re having a rough day,

All I want to do is leave everything and lend you my ear;

What would it take for you to lend me at least ten minutes of your time,

When I have a rough day.


When I retire for the day,

All I want is to lay in your arms and talk about everything underneath the sun;

What would it take for you to also look forward to ending the day with me,

After spending a tiring day away from each other.


When I think about our future,

All I want to do is include you in all my plans;

What would it take for you to even discuss your future plans with me,

To make life “ours” than just letting it be “mine” and “yours.”

love poems on expectations

What Would it Take is a love poem on expectations in a relationship. It talks about all the things the narrator does and the things they expect from their partners. Love languages may be different, but if there’s one thing that every person in love should understand that love is nothing without reading your partner’s needs. It’s all about learning to make it work together. If you don’t like being held when angry, it’s alright. But if it makes your partner feel better when you do, then make your love count!

Doing these little things like keeping your partner in priority, discussing important life decisions, hugging, going to sleep together without mobile phones, accepting that you are one, especially after marriage, and most of all, appreciating their presence in your life will make your relationship so much more valuable to you and your partner. Don’t you think?

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