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Coaching is an approach that targets enhancing performances in every area of life. It focuses on the present to build a stronger future by the process of setting goals through techniques and tools empowered to enhancing the quality of one’s lives. 

Coaching is not merely about a few sessions- it is a transformational journey. It is solution-oriented and aids clients in identifying their goals and overcoming obstructions in the process of achieving them. In the long run, coaching brings improvement in the overall quality of life and gradually accelerates an individual’s stagnant growth. The improvements are based on the potential of the client and thus differ from client to client. 

A coach is not an expert but a facilitator who monitors the performance and progress of the client. A client gets a helping hand to explore skills imbibed deep within to go about achieving goals. It is a coache’s duty to push a client from the state of reeling from darkness to finding their own light. 

A coach-client relationship is one built on trust and truth where they recognize deep-rooted strengths, working through weaknesses & fears, and bouncing back in full swing to own the world. A coach encourages the client in fostering a better life by making the client self-sufficient and self-accountable for life. Coaching deepens self-awareness and eventually brings out the best version of a client.

Benefits of Coaching

Counselling is very widely known and is eventually being accepted worldwide owing to its benefits. But coaching is relatively emerging and its benefits are not highlighted enough. Coaching has personal as well as professional benefits, depending on the type of coaching opted. It builds the ability of an individual to introspect things, which in turn heightens self-awareness, a habit beneficial for goal-setting and growth. Further, coaching also helps the client to develop resilience, resulting in improved stress tolerance and better adaptation to different environments and circumstances. All of these contribute to personal and professional satisfaction.

Satisfaction in various aspects of life is effective for better mental health. Coaching is also about the creation and execution of strategies in a way to achieve the set goals. The achievement of goals encourages the development of self-confidence in the client which is a valuable skill. Apart from this, it empowers the individual to incorporate a deeper level of learning and maintain a better work-life balance. Thus, coaching is neither an overnight fix nor a secret fix but a scientific fix to personal and professional growth.

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Coaching v/s Counselling

Coaching is a process to attain personal or professional goals, but with a difference. The focus is primarily on the present and the future. Coaches are professionals who support clients to progress in life. It is usually short-term and concentrates on the “how”. Coaching techniques aid with behavioral logistics and are solution-oriented or goal-oriented. A client must accept the process in order for the sessions to be effective. It is collaborative in nature and directs a two-way conversation.

On the contrary, counselling is a process to resolve personal or psychological problems where a counsellor guides the client to recognize and solve the issues on a grass root level. The focus can be on the present or past too. Counsellors specialize in human development, family dynamics, sexuality, mental health conditions, and more. It is generally long-term and concentrates on the “why”. Counselling moots techniques to aid with the emotional logistics that facilitate the behavior. It works with emotion-oriented goals. The client usually does not desire to counsel but it is a necessity. It is directive and corrective in nature and is based on one-way conversation.

Both, Coaching and Counselling are impactful. Although, coaching doesn’t offer solutions, but takes an individual through a deep process of finding solutions, making them independent for life. It is important to note that coaching is not for individuals with diagnosed mental disorders.

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Who is it for?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to set a certain goal and is determined to achieve it. The goal could be as simple as, “I want to become more focused in my studies.” 

If an individual has a vision that they wish to attain but are uncertain about the plan of execution, they should opt for coaching. If someone is trapped in the clutches of self-doubt, they should seek a coach for better self-awareness and boosted confidence. When one feels lost, they should go for coaching as it helps connect with their inner self and set achievable goals, clearing the blurry lines of worry and empowering them to visualizing and achieving short and long-term goals. 

Coaching can prove to be a guiding light for procrastinators and over workers because it teaches an individual to maintain work-life balance and prevent burnout. It can also prove to be beneficial for someone who is changing professions and is having a hard time dealing with the transitions. A person not knowing how to deal with grief or a couple struggling to communicate, an individual who wishes to overcome trust issues or someone who is facing difficulties to give their best in a relationship, coaching is for everyone as it is solution-oriented.

If you have the will to make something happen, you can with coaching!

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