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The Season Of Love: A Short Long-Distance Love Poem

the season of love poem

Long-distance relationships are the most challenging ones; different time zones, work schedules, daily chores, etc. add to the woe. One season when we feel the unbearable need to be in the warmth of our loved ones is the winters. The city looks extraordinarily beautiful, while the heart seeks for one day with your other half. The season of Love is one such love poem that expresses the woe of those in LDRs.

Here is a short love poem to express the feelings of long-distance lovers. You can share these lines with your romantic partner to show much you miss him/her this fall!

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The Season of Love

A Short Long-Distance Love Poem

The Season of Love is a Love Smitten original that I wrote when experiencing loneliness when in a long-distance relationship. (Thank, God, that’s over). Go on, see if it connects with the state of your heart and mind.

My eye waters with the winter dew,

They look out for you.


Under the warmth of my blanket when my feet freeze,

Your warmth they seek.


When my body shivers beneath the layers,

Silently for your hug, it murmurs.


On the dark morning roads, my hands go cold,

They crave for your cuddling hold.


The cold winter winds pierce my face,

It yearns for your kiss in this distant maze.


The weather dominates for the closeness of lovers,

With your love…. only your love, I want to stay under covers.

With a tiny hint of romantic sensuality, The Season of Love is for all those who are surviving the winters alone. Why not plan to meet one another around this season? Just an idea! Nonetheless, you can send this to your loved one, who you’re missing from miles away, to communicate how much you miss them.

What is better than sending a love poem to express such feelings? It’s just classic. It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big from the Sex and the City movie, where famous love poems by the greatest of poets sync them back together. Who knows, your partner might just surprise you with an unplanned visit after reading this poem?

But if you are in a long-distance relationship, I must say, you’re a hero! The Season of Love is just a few lines on a few good days. But some days… they’re just so hard, especially when our mediums of virtual communication become a powerhouse of miscommunication. LDRs are stressful and one of the hardest to survive, but aren’t as bad either.

The distance is worth the wait when you finally get to see each other again. It is that very hug that tickles every muscle and nerve in your body, electrifying all the love! Don’t listen to people who say it doesn’t work. IT DOES! You just need to learn the art of letting go, a lot, staying mentally prepared for it, and, knowing that it takes effort to make it work.

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Go ahead, and keep the romance alive this winter, even if you cannot be with your love. We feel you… We hear you!

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