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The Awesomeness of Dating in your 30s

Who made the rules? Who said you should settle down and have babies before you turn 30? More than anything else, who said dating in your 30s is boring, difficult, or demanding? NOBODY can make the rules for you. We don’t care if society looks at people who settle down after turning 30 differently. Lastly, dating after you turn 30 is an experience on another level.

It may not be the same experience as dating in your 20s, maybe, not the same kinds of fights like, “Why didn’t you call me?” and probably not the night-long talks. I mean, you’re in your 30s, don’t you have to get to work the next day? Dating in your 30s is so different and not any close to “hell” as many people think it is.

No sooner do you turn 30 and are still single than the world starts prying into your personal business. But how does it matter what people think? The bottom line is, there’s a reason why you are single even after turning 30, and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone! Probably, you had to deal with some personal issues, maybe you lost some years with someone who didn’t last, or your career demanded the time you had in the 20s. Isn’t that why you’ve come this far in life?

Not one, but there are several reasons why dating in your 30s is also easy. I’m going to share a few of them here and change your perspective on this entirely.

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The Awesomeness of Dating in your 30s

1. You know yourself

you know yourself in your 30s

The 20s are for exploring who you are, who you want to become, and what you want from life. But in your 30s, you have a well-accepted personality, you’re on board with the concept of self-love, and you are already walking in the direction of your goals. Basically, you know yourself enough after crossing this “so-called” scary number, and that is what makes dating in your 30s easy as a pie. Right from the beginning, you are sure of the kind of person you want to meet now and know how to pull back when things aren’t clicking for you.

In case you come across a person who doesn’t match your expectations and liking, you’ll know instantly than putting up with them in fear of losing them.

Isn’t that awesome?

2. Dating in 30s= Mature love

dating like in 30s

As I said before, you’re so much more mature in your 30s. You don’t expect your partner to stay on calls with you all night, you understand that working days keep you so busy that it becomes difficult to meet, and, you both don’t have the time for unnecessary bickering. Dating in your 30s is equal to mature love, where conversations drift to implementing things from your bucket list, your investments, and fine dinners. Arguments and fights will still be a part of your relationship, but they’ll be for reasons that disturb your future than what you feel in the present.

Of course, you should find a mature person to enjoy this kind of love. Say bye-bye to puppy love, where your relationship meant catching up at the end of each day, celebrating the rose day, and not knowing what your future holds for the two of you.

3. Responsibilities Matter

responsibility in dating

Be honest, how many times have you ditched your family to be with your special one? Many times? Didn’t you fake feeling sleepy so that you could go to your room and talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend for hours? That is so 20s! Dating in your 30s is a responsibility in itself. You’re not in a relationship only to soak some fun out of it. Most of you will look for committed relationships with people who are on the same page as you. And so there is a sense of trust that they’ll wait for you till you are free from your daily responsibilities.

Those above 30 are anyway more responsible. You don’t laze around on your bed on a working day till 9 AM and run out of the door without a shower after turning your underpants inside out to make it to work on time. Gone are those school and college days where going late to class was more a matter of style than anything else. You embrace your responsibilities in your 30s and finding someone who is also as responsible brings a beautiful balance to your relationship.

4. Time to implement your lessons

dating in your 30s for men

No matter how soon you became successful in your career when in your 20s, they are still those years when you can explore, learn, and unlearn. Each one of us commits endless mistakes and learns life lessons during this phase. And this is what makes dating in your 30s so smooth-sailing. You’ve already committed the silly mistakes, dealt with the embarrassments, and said “sorry” a zillion times. Now, it’s time to implement those lessons in your life. The mistakes you once made in your relationships will no longer be the reason for disagreements when dating in your 30s.

Shed those fears, those habits that cost you before (only as long as it makes YOU happy), and enter your dating life in your 30s with much more confidence than when younger.

5. Money is less of an issue

independence of dating in 30s

And you’re thinking why I’m even mentioning this. Well, our 20s demand a lot out of us. In the initial few years, when a young college student, you often cannot spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend beyond cafes or parks. Mostly, you would also catch up over movies. Your gifts stay limited to flowers, teddy bears, greeting cards, and even chocolates. But money is no longer a problem when dating in your 30s. Rather than grabbing some one+one coffee, you’d rather go to a wine-tasting event or
to the opening of a new fine dining restaurant.

After you’ve spent enough time with your partner, taking a mini trip together, regular weekend getaways, and buying some gifts of more value, become easygoing and regular. You no longer have to set aside your pocket money and manage the month without money. Dating in your 30s gives you the freedom to be a financial equal in the relationship, where you can plan these expenditures with your savings and your other monthly budgets.

Mad Girl’s Love Song by Sylvia Plath

6. Thrive with Independence

dating in 30s

There’s only a particular age until when your parents will want you to be home on time or ask you questions about who you are with so late in the night. In several countries, kids move out when they’re capable of managing their monthly expenditures. In India, of course, the system of living with your parents still goes on. But with job opportunities that take the youth across state borders, by the time they cross their 30s, they’re mostly living alone too.

Dating in your 30s gives you independence. Your parents trust you more to be able to take care of yourself, and so they don’t want to know when you’ll be home every night and if you had a drink or two extra.

Another point of view of this situation is also that you can be your independent self with your partner. When you’re dating in your 30s, you can make your independent choices, decide when you want to spend time with your partner and when not, schedule your work based on simply YOUR time than trying to accommodate the entire world’s feelings in it. You become a confident individual who plays a significant role in your workplace and at home. Also, you’re capable of handling your stuff by yourself, be it cooking a meal or moving your place.

7. Future is in the Present

boons of dating in your 30s

As long as you find a partner who’s looking for the same things as you, dating in the 30s is actually more fun than in your 20s. The 20s phase is a turmoil of confusion. You don’t know where your career will take you and if you’ll love what your partner has grown into by the time you’re ready to pop the question or say a “yes.” That’s not a problem when dating in your 30s. If you’re someone who’s looking forward to marrying someone, you can find someone who also wants the same thing. There’s no unnecessary drama like, “Let’s see what our future has in store for us.”

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to stay single for longer, then you can find someone your age who’s comfortable with that. Having “the talk” about the “future” isn’t so stressful in your 30s as it is during your 20s.

8. Balancing your Emotions

balancing your emotions in dating

Do you react to a situation in the same way as in your 20s after you enter your 30s? Of course not! Life teaches you to become more patient with situations and accept things with a lot more grace than before. This is why balanced emotions are a boon of dating in your 30s. You know how to react when to react, and should you even react. For example, you probably will throw stuff around in your room when angry with your partner.

But in your 30s, you realize that it’s only you who’ll have to clean up the mess later. Haha! Just joking! Well, when you’re dating in your 30s, you know such reactions aren’t mature. You understand your partner well, and so you pick a time that is good for the both of you and deal with your anger by talking things out and finding a middle way.

What more do you want? Date when you want to, who you want to, and however you want to! Age is just a number as long as you’re doing what makes you happy at this age. Don’t let people put a number on your youth and your dating life because you know better by now that dating in your 30s is also as blissful as in your 20s. Only remember, the person you date should make you feel special, loved, and beautiful/handsome. There’s no room for anything less than this, especially in your 30s, when you can demand what you REALLY want. 

Tell us what you think about dating in your 30s in the comments section below. Share this article with your single friends in their 30s and to those who are indeed dating in their 30s. Maybe, you’ll just make someone’s day!

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