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lockdown wala love quarantine

Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love” Environment

“Lockdown Wala Love” is an idea represented by Mental Health Professional and Guest Blogger Ms. Khushali Adhiya. The article is a well-thought collaboration with her Social Media and Youtube Handle- Roobaroo Talks. Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love Environment” By: Khushali Adhiya Love is regarded as the deepest and most meaningful emotion. It holds …

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strong woman

10 Signs You Are Dating A Strong Woman

via We now coexist in a tough world, and to do that, one has to be an optimist, a go-getter, and most importantly, strong. For women, it is two times tougher, because, let’s face it, it is a different world and struggle altogether. Although, with the progressive times, women who wish to stand out are …

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Feeling of First Love

Feelings Of First Love- Have Things Changed?

Oh, those feelings one experiences when they fall in love for the first time; even though very different in a broad perspective, but yet something every person can relate to. Suddenly, the poet inside us pops out; life becomes more lively, days become brighter, and you will have a whole new romantic take about moonlight. …

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