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10 Routine Ways to Nurture a Relationship

An important question between two people in a relationship after a while is how to nurture a relationship. Relationships without nurturing can eventually fall apart. A relationship doesn’t only mean a romantic one; it includes all our relationships, the ones with our family and friends.   A healthy relationship requires people to invest time, love, and …



What is Gaslighting in a Relationship? 10 Subtle Signs!

Every relationship is different, including the way we behave in them. One trend that is making the rounds in the relationship and dating world is called gaslighting. What is it, though?  What is Gaslighting in a Relationship?  Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt his/her thoughts, memories, …


power of forgiveness in a relationship

The Power of Forgiveness in a Relationship

Forgiveness = for + give + ness Break this word down and its true meaning stands out! Forgiveness is the strength for-giving grace to oneself, to others, and to situations that we perceive as adverse. In this small segment, let’s explore the power of forgiveness in a relationship, what is forgiveness, and how you can …


are you having an emotional affair? Here are the signs

Are You Having An Emotional Affair? 8 Strong Signs!

Having an emotional affair isn’t extraordinary anymore. When our emotional needs don’t meet in our relationships, we tend to bend towards people outside for support. One of the biggest misconceptions we have is that we cheat only when we get physical with someone who isn’t our partner. The truth is, emotional cheating also has the …