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how couples in thriving marriages serve each other

How couples in thriving marriages serve each other?

Words like “marriage” and “serve” could throw people off from the emotions of love. It has started feeling like people have become unknown about the concept of marriage. They look down upon it or take it very casually. What I believe is not getting married has taken the place in the “I’m cool list,” and …

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should men help around the house

Should a Man Help Around the House? Our Take!

Whoa… Did I just pull out the big guns? Men? Chores? Household? Debate? Alright, let’s calm down a second! We’re not going to point fingers at anyone but simply share from experience of sharing house chores and answering the big question, should a man help around the house? Women around the world complain, “I feel …

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8 important questions to ask before marriage

8 Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

When you finally decide to pop the big question or prepare to say, “yes,” it indicates you are ready to move into life’s next phase. Wedding styles differ, but if there’s one thing that ironically remains the same is how every marriage requires knowing your partner well. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know details like …

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how should married couples split finances?

How should married couples split finances?

Marriage… the most subjective relationship, and yet blissfully confusing! It’s weird how marrying someone changes everything in life, and yet life and people expect you not to change at all. The more you think about it, the more its complications will suck you in it, so let’s not get into it. But after spending the …

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