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power of forgiveness in a relationship

The Power of Forgiveness in a Relationship

Forgiveness = for + give + ness Break this word down and its true meaning stands out! Forgiveness is the strength for-giving grace to oneself, to others, and to situations that we perceive as adverse. In this small segment, let’s explore the power of forgiveness in a relationship, what is forgiveness, and how you can …

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love letter

Love Letters to Michael- Dilemma & Distance!

Love letters are one of the most obvious declarations of love that ever existed. The giddy feeling of pouring your heart out in a letter, describing every sentiment that you get when you think of that person, waiting eagerly for their reply to your letters – this is one age-old tradition that hasn’t changed, even …

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signs of being addicted to a person

7 Signs Of Being Addicted to a Person; Not in Love!

Do you ever wonder whether you’re in love or in lust? Whether your obsession with someone is a sign of love or addiction? Whether you’re staying in a troubled relationship because you’re addicted or in love? It’s complicated, and lust and love and addiction don’t always exclude one another. Moreover, there aren’t always obvious signs …

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how to make a boring relationship fun again

10 Ways on How to Make a Boring Relationship Fun Again!

Relationships are like waves; they have highs and lows, they can be destroying or they can be liberating. They feel like freedom in the air and the world at your fingertips. They are adventures at two in the morning and the comfort that a trustable person brings into your life. Relationships are important because they …

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Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee: A Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, editor, and critic. He is famously known for his macabre and haunting poetry & stories, the main themes of which typically revolve around death. Annabel Lee is one such example. He was one of the poets of the Romantic era and was one of the earliest people …

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celebrity couples and true love

8 Celeb Couples Who Made Us Believe in True Love

True love is a very rare thing. The kind of love which is independent, which gives you your freedom, which isn’t stifling, which lets you be who you are always and forever – that kind of love is extraordinary, and holding onto it is the best thing you can do! In today’s world, with the …

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being independence in life- self-love

Being Independent in Life: Code to Self-Love

As a nation and as citizens of this nation, Indians celebrate seventy-three years of independence from colonial rule this year. Historically, such events hold meaningful significance in the existence of humans as social beings. Being independent of oppression, suppression, discrimination, abuse, and violence is the central right of a free life. Before we go any …

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benefits of independence in love

10 Benefits of Independence in a Relationship

Why is independence in a relationship important? Isn’t it easy to fall in love with a kindred soul?   When we fall in love with someone, when we are in a relationship with someone, it is very easy to put their happiness ahead of ours. It quickly goes to the top of our priority list …

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