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Courageous Gift was Forever Roses -A Love Story

Every stage in our lives ultimately ends, but don’t we have a role in how it actually ends? If we want a happy ending, we must have the courage to do something for it. Here’s a love story that is successful due to courage and love. Having a partner with a significant age difference is …

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inspiring Indian love stories

10 Most Famous and Inspiring Indian Love Stories

Whenever we hear the word โ€œlove storiesโ€ we start imagining a romantic story of a novel or a movie. But some stories are eternal! They live with us from era to era, inspiring us to do what we do with love. India is a land of rich culture and heritage where many love stories sprout. …

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It was the best relationship she ever had!

“It was the best relationship she ever had” is the love story of a woman who finds her way into heartbreak only to find something better eventually. The story has the power to make us re-question our needs, style, and mindset when in relationships. At the same time, it also throws light on the most …

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From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates

Soulmates are people who love you with so much conviction. Love is what brings two dark souls together. It is the light between us. We must remember that we are mere travelers of life on our journey to home, that nothing will matter in the end, for everything is chaos, except love. So love hard …

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A true arranged marriage love story

An Indian Arranged Marriage Love Story

LOVE, what do you think is love? What defines love the best? Love is a vast sea of emotions that doesn’t have a shore. It is much deeper than we foresee. Love can’t be defined by a sentence, a statement, or some story. Love has various definitions in various aspects. In today’s period, we define …

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she divorced her ideal husband

She Divorced Her Ideal Husband- Was This A Love Story?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What? Did she divorce her ideal husband? But why?” Sometimes, “ideal” is not everything you need to stay in a marriage. And sometimes, what looks ideal to others isn’t what it is inside the closed doors of a house. Sameera’s marriage story is not merely a roller coaster ride. It is …

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love letter

Love Letters to Michael- Dilemma & Distance!

Love letters are one of the most obvious declarations of love that ever existed. The giddy feeling of pouring your heart out in a letter, describing every sentiment that you get when you think of that person, waiting eagerly for their reply to your letters – this is one age-old tradition that hasn’t changed, even …

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