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Ek toota khwaab a painful hindi poem

Ek Toota Khwaab- A Painful Hindi Poem

We love freely with no expectations to lose out on the love we have for someone. Why would we even think that? No sooner than we feel the connection with someone than we begin imagining a life together. But when things start to get serious, and you realize that the hopes of being together are …

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Raje ka pyar is a painful hindi love poem

राजे का प्यार -A Painful Hindi Love Poem

राजे का प्यार, sounds romantic, isn’t it? But does love always means romance? Doesn’t it sometimes only mean gut-wrenching pain, especially when one partner hides behind silence and cowardice to even end things mutually? The destiny of every love story or lover doesn’t always meet a happy ending. Break-ups have become common in today’s day. …

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Pehchan by Amrita Pritam Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas Special: Pehchan by Amrita Pritam

Namaskaar. Aap sab ka hardik swagat hai. Aap sab ko Hindi Diwas ki bahut sari shubh kamanaiye! Are you guys confused with the sudden Hinglish greeting? Well, these sentences make us very nostalgic and today we just couldn’t help but use them. (Spoiler Alert: There will be Hinglish phrases throughout the post!) Our country India …

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तेरी एक नज़र

तेरी एक नज़र (Just One Look)- With Translation

  via तेरी एक नज़र  तेरी उस एक नज़र के दीवाने क्या हुए, हम तो भरी महफ़िल में सबसे बेगाने हुए । शायरी की मांग करते रहे सब लोग, और हम शब्द-बे-शब्द यूँही लड़खड़ाते रहे हाँ चलो आज इज़हार करता हूँ, ये सच है की तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ । पता नही अब क्या होगा …

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