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signs you're addicted to singlehood

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Singlehood

Before starting this article “8 signs you’re addicted to singlehood,” let me ask you- Are you still single? Does that mean you’re available for anyone? Okay, let me give you a scenario where you married the love of your life. Before marriage, you enjoyed their company, loved everything he/she did for you. But after marriage, …

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signs of being addicted to a person

7 Signs Of Being Addicted to a Person; Not in Love!

Do you ever wonder whether you’re in love or in lust? Whether your obsession with someone is a sign of love or addiction? Whether you’re staying in a troubled relationship because you’re addicted or in love? It’s complicated, and lust and love and addiction don’t always exclude one another. Moreover, there aren’t always obvious signs …

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