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Shooting Down 10 Common Relationship Myths


We generally read and watch rom-com movies, novels, and series and expect our relationship to be like one of them. In reality, relationship myths are somehow very destructive if you are a true believer in love.

Life has its ups and downs, similarly, the relationship has also ups and downs, which we have to encounter and pass through to make our bond stronger. Just like a perfect couple in the movies and dramas have issues, a real-life couple also has to undergo the same.

We bring you 10 common relationship myths that you should throw away from your mind, and probably it’ll help deal with some issues in life.

 Relationship myths

So, what do you think about relationship myths? Do you believe everything you hear or see on television or in books? Well, it’s ok if you are but turning off the myths is healthy for a relationship.

In our society, people build a tower of myths by defining how a relationship should be perfect. The truth is, perfection itself is a myth. There is no way to make a relationship perfect. Rather, an imperfect relationship is more perfect where we understand each other, trust each other and work towards making the relationship strong.

Relationship myths are creepy and destructive to the mind because we could end up throwing away something based on something that doesn’t even exist. These myths match the ideas of today’s Gen Z people and these very different ideas and feelings when getting together create a very toxic combo enough to destroy a relationship.

Let’s take a look at 10 very common relationship myths that people must shoot down!

Shooting Down10 Common Relationship Myths

1. Love will last forever

Love lasts forever

One of the very common relationship myths is that many people believe is love lasts forever. Do you think so too? Yes and no. There’s no one answer to this question as it has many answers from many perspectives and experiences. Those who have lived it believe in it and those who have been hurt might not.

Some people, unfortunately, say, “My biggest mistake in life was to marry you.” Meanwhile, some spend their whole life with each other in love. The idea is, love might or might not last forever in a relationship. Such relationships either break or they end up living together on the grounds of mutual respect, affection, and care for one another, an experience that many older couples have confessed to having.

2. Jealousy means you care

Relationship beliefs

What do you feel when you see your better half/partner with someone else? What happens to you when you get to know there is someone who knows your spouse better than you? Let’s not define it and just try to figure out if that is wrong or right.

People feel jealous when someone comes closer to their love, and things become worse when the closeness increases. The anticipating feeling of losing someone sometimes hits a peak, though, taking turns on the roads of obsession and possessiveness. One might try hard not to show it, but not all kind of jealousy is healthy. “I feel jealous because I do care for you sweetheart,” could get on the nerves after a while.

Try not to believe these misconceptions in relationships. Maybe sometimes it’s funny or tingly to feel jealous but gradually it will grab us and suck up all our love and compassion.

3. You Should Be Able to Read Your Partner’s Mind—and Vice Versa

Relationship beliefs

While being in a relationship we generally read a lot about how to make our relationship stronger and many people used to say, “You should be able to read your partner’s mind.” But what if we cannot? Are we in a wrong relationship? Huh, understanding someone and foreseeing what they are thinking are two different things.

And it makes me laugh when I think I should know what’s going on in my partner’s mind!!! Many of us are not mind readers or mentalists or psychologists. And the funny part is even if we are mind readers, mentalists it takes a lot of time to dig down someone’s mind. And in this Gen Z, we are expecting someone to understand what’s going on in our mind; isn’t it funny?

To be honest, it’s one of the craziest relationship myths. Communication is the key in a relationship and we can only know of one’s habits, not their thoughts, especially not all the time!

4. Your Relationship Will Mirror Your Parents’

Misconceptions about relationships

Usually, some of us this myth and try to find a person with whom we can create a relationship that will mirror our parents’. But isn’t the partner from a different people too? How can you two create a relationship that will mirror your parents’? Yes, it’s good to learn something from our parent’s relationship, but if we believe a relationship should mirror our parents’ one then we are going on the wrong track to achieve true love.

Though we may be quite similar to our parents on some point, the way we act in a relationship can be different. Why not build something new? No two people and no two relationships are the same. Adopting some habits and mirroring the entire relationship is poles apart.

5. A Happy Couple Need Only Each Other and No One Else

Relationship myths

If any of us believes in this, then what happens to our family and friends once committed? Do we also need a job, some self-time, and other outings? To be honest, this is one of the most laughable of the relationship myths because it’s like an invitation to boredom!

A lot of couples speculate that if we are in true love then we only need that and nothing else. The truth is, being with our true love is a great feeling but a best friend, other friends, and family hold great value too. When we are not with our partner friends and family are a good support system, available for us whenever we need them.

At the same time, it is also important that other people don’t become a constant in our relationship. Couple time and couple trips are also necessary to grow stronger.

6. “He Should Know Why I’m Upset, Does He Even Care?”

A friend once asked me, “Does he even love me? And if yes he should know why I am upset.” This drives me crazy. No, dude, no one can know why you are upset until you speak up. We usually expect our partners to know why we are upset. That’s not possible at all times unless there’s been a fight or an argument. Sometimes, some triggers could upset us, and there’s no way for our partners to know than to speak up. We need to constantly remember, even if wrong, are partners are humans too, and we cannot expect supernatural behavior from them.

Why do we base our logic according to a fictional tale?

7. If the relationship was “meant to be,” it will just work out.


So are you also a believer of “If the relationship was “meant to be,” it will just work out”? Without any efforts, without expressing love, without showing care, if we believe that relationship will work out, we should probably give up on all hopes.

Certain relationship myths take us to a place where we believe whatever we are doing is right but it’s the darkest level of our psyche that leads us to hurt our partner.

Love is a vast sea, and a relationship is our ship: they need to be navigated. Yes, we can depend upon the tides to take wherever it wants us to, but when the ship hits something, we are responsible to show it the right path and that requires effort, love and compassion. Relationships are not “meant to be”- rather it’s our mutual understanding and efforts that make it “meant to be”! So we should stop believing these misconceptions in relationships.

Yes, after trying, investing, and doing everything possible, there’s still a space where things are not working out, then maybe, you can leave it to fate.

8.  “He/she knows exactly what they did to upset me.”


It happens to many of us; we generally believe that our partner knows what they did to upset us. “Telepathy exists between couples” is proven by science but when we spend a lot of time together, we do many things, and guessing exactly which action or word or phrase upsets them is tough.

Though we understand and love them, reading every thought is difficult for every couple. We should let them know by telling them what exactly is happened. What do we feel, how much we get hurt and enjoy the moment when they try to make us happy.

Let’s stop believing such relationship myths and make our bond stronger.

9. Couples in good relationships don’t argue.


Research in psychology says, “No matter why a couple argues but what matters is how they argue.” Arguments are normal problems in relationships but the way we fight should be productive otherwise it will be destructive enough to destroy our love. Now, what do you think a productive argument is? When we resist exacerbations and result in problem-solving, mutual understanding, and resolution we are arguing productively.

Fights are the most hurtful moments and from generation, after generation, we tend to believe a perfect couple never fights with each other. When people say they’ve never fought, it only means a sense of avoiding conflicts or keeping quiet.

It’s okay if we fight or argue on some topics as we are different persons with different personalities. We cannot find a clone like us to spend our life with. And when we are different, normally, there will be some disagreeing and arguing. That doesn’t mean we are in a bad relationship.

10. The passion never fades when it’s true

Misconceptions about relationships

We believe that when falling for one we feel the excitement, fluttery hearts, butterflies in the stomach, sparks flying, and passion running high but with passing time, as our love grows deeper, that passion, spark seems to fade away. This is that point when people hit that panic alarm, and cannot stop thinking about the relationship that they think is going to end.

We all are busy in life and in between those busy schedules if we are feeling that spark is gone then we are worn. The spark always remains but when our love grows deeper, the affection becomes stables, and the spark hides. After spending some time, when our relationship becomes stable, it involves much less fluttering and breathlessness.

So as for spark that we thought has been lost to sight can be reignited with attention and fresh energy. We can trust that passion never fades away in a true relationship and is only yet another of the many relationship myths.

We engage in a relationship with some relationship beliefs-  what is good and what is bad, what is supposed to be like, and what we are supposed to feel. Since there’s nowhere we can learn about relationships, most of us based our hypotheses on the relationship we see around us. And these relationships lead us to believe some relationship myths that are responsible for our heartbreak. Relationship myths and beliefs are some unknown factors that can destroy a relationship.

What did you think about these 10 common relationship myths? If you agree, let us know in the comments below. Reach out to us for relationship help here.

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