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Sadhguru’s 5 Rules of Love and Relationships

Sadhguru on love and relationships

How many hours of our day, week, life do we spend trying to fix our relationships? Many! We don’t keep a count, but we do count on our people and relationships. Sadhguru’s 5 Rules of Love and Relationships are like a guide to modern living and dealing with those we love. Even though following rules to love someone isn’t how it usually works, but applying his theories to our lives can be liberating for us and our relationships.

Visionary, author, yogi, and renowned speaker Sadhguru is infamous for whose focus is to offer the world tips for spiritual, mental, and healthy well-being. Even though a yogi, his contemporary style and sense of humor attract people globally. His 5 Rules of Love and Relationships have become a hit among people struggling with finding stability in their love lives.

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Sadhguru’s 5 Rules of Love and Relationships

Sadhguru quotes on love

1. If you love someone, let them do what they want, not what you

It’s simple as that, letting someone you love do what they want. Several times we overstep our boundaries even in the closest of our relationships. In fear of losing them, we try and overpower their existence, command our needs, and make it all about ourselves. The freedom to let people be who they want to is the most significant aspect of authentic, soulful love.

2. Relationship is never absolute; it is always variable

“A relationship is a variable reality, not an absolute reality,” Sadhguru explains. People function in their own unique ways, and we can never judge who is right or wrong. But that’s just how humans are for ages and will continue to be for generations to come. All we need is an acceptance that none of our relationships are absolute. Maintaining relationships requires skill and attention, and we should be willing to be attentive and skillful to enjoy the joys of relationships.

Sadhguru also jokes that absolute relationships are only possible with the dead. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a human’s relationship with God is absolute because we have the freedom to behave, think, and handle the relationship as convenient to us. He continues, “If you don’t talk to God for ten days, He’ll still be there on the eleventh day. But, if you do that to your wife or husband, (laughs) something else will happen.”

His message is clear; Human relationships require a lot of attention! Be willing to give and receive it. 

Sadhguru's 5 rules on love and relationships

3. There is no right person on this planet

Okay, breaking news! Claiming that you have found the “right person” is an unrealistic statement. Sadhguru explains that no person ever finds the right person. It is more important to make ourselves suitable for people and situations than looking for that level of perfection in others.

Come to think of it, he’s right! Why do we run around the place trying to attain perfection when nothing and no one is? What’s that harm with a little bit of wrong? It could indeed become of the most enjoyable personalities of that person, and we’ll just be draining them out of their charm. Why? Because we want to love the right person?

4. Love is not External; It is just the sweetness of your HEART

Essentially, love happens within us, not outside us. We don’t know who we will see and who will control those emotions or stimulate the love… but it all happens internally. “The emotion is wonderful that you’re experiencing such sweetness of emotion stimulated by somebody.” Basically, someone else holds the key to stimulate the emotion of love in our hearts. But Sadhguru asks, “Why?”

We don’t need a key when there is no lock, door, or any such other barrier. Sadhguru’s explanation of this idea is mind-boggling. Apparently, there are two ways for us to find our relationship. One is to extract something from someone, and another is by sharing something with someone. Those willing to share will find the most beautiful of relationships, but those only wanting to extract will ultimately meet the end of their relationship.

Starting off on the wrong footing is usually the cause for such terrible failures in relationships. Why make anyone the source of our joy or happiness? The source should always be within us, much like the sweet feeling.

love and relationships

5. Do not love; BECOME LOVE

I’m in love with this statement- BECOME LOVE! It takes a great mind to state something that should be obvious but isn’t in our world. Sadhguru calls loving somebody a “fickle happening.” The reason is expectations. We love someone and expect them to fulfill our expectations, which is not possible all the time. No one is a replica of the image we have of our “one,” unless we’re hopeless romantics waiting for that person to come.

The question we should ask ourselves at such times is, “Have I been able to fulfill this person’s expectations entirely?” But Sadhguru explains how no matter who comes, we will never find complete fulfillment of our expectations, but only partial.

Sadhguru’s modern 5 rules of love & relationships help build healthy relationships with people and ourselves. All we need to do is make a conscious choice of adapting to these suggestions and BECOME LOVE. I want to end with a quote by Sadhguru himself.

You cannot stand in love, You cannot climb in love, You cannot fly in love- You can only fall in love.

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Remember to stay in love, practice self-love, give away a lot more love, and hold on to who you are. Let not the pandemic and its anxieties take away from who you are and what you’re trying to find in life. Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

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