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Happy New Year 2022

love to-do list

Love To-do-list- 1. Love Yourself 2. Thank someone for their presence3. Hug someone who’s having a bad day 4. Thank the universe for all the love and help to get you through this day. Love Yourself. Love people. 

relationship quotes

When you love someone, you miss their presence. Busy or not.

diwali wish image

Here’s wishing you a life that’s bright like the diyas, colorful like a rangoli, and sweet like the Gujiyas. Happy Diwali!

Dhanteras wishes

May your lives sparkle with silver, gleam with gold, and purify with platinum. Happy Dhanteras. 

god's love quotes

People walk away from our lives because human love is inconsistent… it fades away. But God’s love will never fade away. It’s forever!

sad love quotes

Tears express what words cannot.

quotes about love

I’ll have everything I need, and still, the people I love will always be my priority!

romantic quotes

Your arms are the safest place for me to hide.

love quotes

You may be nothing for people, but for me, you are my everything.

dussehra wishes images

Burn all evil thoughts and let positivity shine! Happy Dusshehra

sad love lines

Up in the stars, perhaps I will find you again.

sad love quotes

I regret begging you to stay. If only I knew then that your loss was bigger than mine!

famous bollywood dialogues

साला यह दुख काहे खत्म नहीं होता बे- मसान

the last song dialogues

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn’t make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them more.- The last song.

hindi love quotes

एक महफूज़ ख़ज़ाने में, मैं तेरी यादें छिपा रहा हूं,परत दर परत मैं उन्हें कहीं मिट्टी में दबा रहा हूं। बिछड़कर जो खत्म हुआ, उसे उल्फत न कहना, मैं तो कब्र में भी कुर्बत की, आरज़ू लिए जा रहा हूं।

sad love quotes

Yes, I love you. I always will. But that doesn’t mean I’ll live my life with someone who doesnt event understand love.

love poems lines

They say silence is Golden, I believe it is true, Because in that Golden silence, my thoughts occur of you. – Silence is Golden by Shelagh Bullman

sweet love quotes

Love is about two bodies coming together to complete one soul.

self-love sunday quotes

Hey! Take the day off from loving someone else. It’s self-love Sundayyy!

god's love quotes

Surrender, and witness His Love!

romantic quotes

You may be nothing for people, but for me, you are my everything.

love quotes

I love you; I don’t know how, why, when, where… but I just love you.

romantic hollywood dialogues

I wish I knew how to quit you- Brokeback Mountain

gods love quotes

God’s love is incomparible. Put Him before all others and witness love in its truest forms.

nature love quotes

Nature is a pure form of love; unlike humans, it never disappoints you.

love quote

Now my only wish is to make memories with you forever.

love quotes

I  laugh at people who say, “love is blind.” But blind are those who never loved. 

sad love quotes

I asked for your love, you handed me a list of my faults. Six months later, you asked me to stay. I spoke words of blessings and left.

family love quotes

A family simply means inseparable bonds.

shah rukh khan romantic dialogues

हर इश्क का एक वक्त होता है वह वक्त हमारा नहीं था इसका मतलब यह नहीं कि वह इश्क नहीं था- जब तक है जान

facts about love

It takes time to fall in love It doesn’t happen immediately.

love quotes

You cannot keep following up on the people you love. They should also want to spend time, show interest, and talk to you!

hollywood romantic lines

I am just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.- Notting Hill

bajirao mastani dialogues

हर धर्म मोहब्बत सिखाता है पर मोहब्बत का कोई धर्म नहीं होता वह खुद अपने आप में धर्म है- बाजीराव मस्तानी

facts about marriage

Being in a happy marriage contributes to a stable blood pressure. Stay happy, stay healthy!

romantic quotes

“I always want you to be my forever.”

sad love quotes

I fell for you- I was bound to get hurt.

pet love quotes

Those four legs, innocent eyes and smooth fur melts my heart and I fall in love with him every day.

sad one liners

Sometimes… it’s never enough.

god's love quotes

“If you are waiting on God, do what waiters do: SERVE!”

relationship quotes

“And in the end all I learned is how to love someone, even if you can’t be with them.”

romantic hollywood dialogues

Every night I watch the sunset and Soak up every last ray of its warmth and send it from my heart to yours- Pearl Harbour

cute romantic quote

Let our souls be married today!

sad hindi quotes

तुम्हारे बिना हर दिन अधूरा लगता है..तुम्हारे बिना ये नज़ारा बुरा लगता है ..जब से छोड़ा है तन्हा तुमने इस बवंडर में मुझे..मुझे पानी का ये शोर सूना लगता है|

romantic love quotes

I’m so in love with you that even your imperfections make you perfect than anyone else I’ve known.

sad love songs

Who else has cried to this song on loop? Do you know what it feels like, loving someone, that’s in a rush to throw you away? – Enrique Iglesias

self love sunday quotes

Just 60 minutes… that’s all you need to invest today to love & pamper yourself. Go fot it!

raksha bandhan wishes in hindi

हथेली पर मेरी, वो धागे बांधती आई है, जिसकी रक्षा की कसमें मैने बचपन से खाई है, सीरत में जिसकी मां की परछाई है, बड़ी मिन्नतों से मैंने, एक प्यारी बहन पाई है।

facts about love

Love always comes with passion, compassion, trust and communication.

sweet love quotes

You came into my life and it was Christmas all over again!

missing you quotes in Hindi

“ये ना पूछो कैसे गुजराता है हर पल तुम्हारे बिना , कभी देखने की हसरत तो कभी मिलने की तमन्ना |”

mohobbatein dialogues

मोहब्बत भी जिंदगी की तरह होती है हर मोड़ आसान नहीं होता पर जब हम जिंदगी का साथ नहीं छोड़ते फिर मोहब्बत का साथ क्यों छोड़े- मोहब्बतें

relationship quotes

If you’re lacking in appreciating, you’re lacking in your relationship.

hindi one loner love quotes

ना एक दूसरे से ज्यादा ना एक दूसरे से कम होंगे
सनम कब तू और मैं सिर्फ हम होंगे ?

love quotes

Your smile is so good for my health that everyone asks me the name of the medicine!

love facts

The right relationships help frame a positive personality.

love bollywood dialogues

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.- When Harry met Sally

romantic quotes

I’m stable when I talk to you, but you make me insane the moment you touch me.

sad one liner quote

Your hands were warm. But your heart… always cold.

relationship quote

Love has many faces and characters, but for me, love means you! I don’t know anything else about love except you. I love you.

sunday love

You grow older, and fall in love with the kind of Sundays where you can just lay, laze around, and cherish those moments of peace.

sad one-liner

It’s getting tough to continue a one-sided relationship. I need you to be with me!

facts about love

Love turns off the regions in the brain that control critical thinking, self-awareness and rational behaviour.

Hindi sad quotes

मुस्कुराता चेहरा देख मेरा,
ना जाने क्या समझते हो!
हाल-ए-दिल भी मेरा पूछते कभी…
दरिया-ए-इश्क में डुबोकर मुझे,
भला चैन से कैसे रहते हो?

romantic quotes

Your good morning hug is the highlight of my day.

famous bollywood dialogues

तकदीर बदल जाती हैं जमाना बदल जाता है मुल्कों की तारीख बदल जाती है शहंशाह बदल जाता है मगर इस बदलती हुई दुनिया में मोहब्बत जिस इंसान का दामन थाम लेती है वह इंसान नहीं बदलता- मुग़ल-ए-आज़म

friendship day wishes

Not too perfect, not too flawed… You’re just the right combination for an irreplacable friend! Happy Friendship Day!

love facts

You cannot stay angry with someone you love for more than three days. If you do, it’s not love.

heartbreak quotes

If this is just what you do, next time, just break the person’s heart. Don’t shatter it!

happiness in love quotes

You know what? Your warm cuddles, your caring kiss, and your loving hands feel like a dream. These romantic moments that I spend with you are the star moments of my life.

gods love quotes

If you know love, you know God.

did you know love facts

Love turns off the regions in the brain that control critical thinking, self-awareness and rational behaviour.

long distance quotes

Every time we depart, I look back at you a 100 times, praying that time freezes.

famous love dialogues

I wanted it to be you I wanted it to be you so badly- You Have Got Mail

boyfriend girlfriend quotes

Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend is not love…But, having someone in your life on whom you have blind faith, that even if you hurt them to the extreme, they will still hold ur hand & say, I was, I am, I will always be yours, is love!

self love quotes

Hey you! Yes, you. I know it’s a sunday and you want to laze around. But don’t you forget to spend time loving yourself today!

god's love quotes

“God,” the Great power Of Destiny has written a beautiful story in the pages of your love story. Keep reading to unfold those pages until you find “the one.” Don’t give up on love.

sad quotes

Our closeness didn’t matter to you. What difference will our distance make?

marriage quotes

A‌bove all, a marriage is all about togetherness!

love facts

Love helps in easing chronic pain. It is believed that the warm and fuzzy felling creates same response in the brain as the painkillers.

hollywood dialogues

My nightmares are usually about loosing you. I am okay once i realize you are here.
-The hunger games-catching fire

इतनी शिद्दत से मैंने तुम्हें पाने की कोशिश की है कि हर जर्रे ने मुझे तुमसे मिलाने की कोशिश की है

ओम शांति ओम

self-love quotes

Reminder- People may stop loving you when their circumstances aren’t right. You gotta keep loving yourself. 

apology quotes

An apology that comes from the HEART and with a HUG is the most genuine. 

sad relationship quotes

I just wished you would still look at me the way you did when you promised me a lifetime of HAPPINESS. 

There is no remedy for love but to love more- Thoreau

It’s you and me against the world. Please don’t fight me; fight for me.

Old lines

When in love, there is no space for judgment and distrust

Hollywood dialogue

This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.– Eat, Pray, Love

Sad quote

It’s surprising how some people are able to see the “love” in other love stories but not in their own.

God's love

Each and every blessing you come across, it is a way of God expressing his love towards you.

Sunday love quote

A day full of fantasy, with a cute smile is here for you.Feel the sunshine in the morning, with a cup of coffee. Love the silence around you,Love yourself.

Romantic quote

Happiness lies in true love and I just realised, I am the happiest when I am with you.

Funny quote

If only I knew you’d chicken out and leave after our first fight. ‘d have fought with you the day we met! 

Did you know

Being in a loving relationship impacts our physical and emotional state for the better.

relationship quote in Hindi

कहने को तो ठीक ही हैं हम जनाब
पर यह कैसी आग आपने हमारे दिल में लगाई है
महफिलों में आपका जिक्र करना आदत बन गई है हमारी
आपको खबर भी नहीं और
इस दिल में आपकी तस्वीर बन गईं है

‌Forgive to feel lighter; forgive to move on.

Music connects people. Music connects hearts. Music Spreads LOVE! Celebrating World Music Day

Finally, it’s a fun day! The day we can take an off from work. The day we get to live with ourselves. The day we can chill and love the people around us. it’s Sunday!

fathers day wishes 2021

From carrying me on your shoulders to shouldering the responsibility of protecting me, you’ve been my unwavering strength, courage, and guide. Love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

love quotes

(Love quotes)

Love has perseverance; it never changes, it teaches us to be kind, hopeful & trustworthy.

love facts

Love makes you do things you shouldn’t do.

You were my world. I was just a part of yours.

Sending virtual hugs to every parent reading this for your selfless love and unconditional support towards your children on this Global Parents Day

quotes about love

When in love, there is no space for judgement and distrust.

quotes about Gods love

The great thing in prayer is to feel that we are putting our supplications into the bosom of omnipotent love- Andrew Murray God’s love quotes

hindi love quotes

love changes quotes

One day, everything changes…

did you know love facts

(Did you know love quotes)

If you want to feel close to your partner, make sure you have happy moments together. It’s proven that couples who laugh together are more supportive and loving towards each other.

self love quotes

(Self-love quotes)

Self love is as necessary as your 1st cup of coffee/tea in the morning.

quotes about marriage

Marriages are beautiful when you both can agree that you’re different individuals, and communication is key.

hindi quotes

काम करके किसका भला हुआ है, सिर्फ जेबें गरम हुई, शरीर को कब आराम मिला है? अपनो से दूर, हो कर मजबूर, तू ही बता राजे, चंद पैसों में कब किसको अपना संसार मिला है?

propose quote

I have thought about this for long.
I will keep asking you if you disagree until you say yes.
When I see you smile, when I see you cry, when my life is at risk, when I open my eyes, there is only one thing on my mind- to meet you day and night.
I want to be with you to the end of the time; I am not a thoughtful girl; I clumsily love you. I may be dull and busy sometimes, but I am willing to give my heart, my whole life, and all my love to be by your side; I wanna take care of you for the rest of my life. Dear, Will you be mine?

i love you quotes

(Cute love quotes)

It’s not make up; it’s your love that glows on my face.

God's love quotes

He’s not going to give you more than you can handle; remember, He loves you more than any human can!

psychological love facts

They may say “No”, but men also enjoy cuddling, just as women do!

famous love quote

Famous Love quotes

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” – Noah from The Notebook

love quotes in Hindi

ख्वाइशों को हमनें, तेरी ख्वाईश में तड़पते देखा है,
हूर–ए–जन्नत को हमने, बदगुमान जलकर ख़ाक होते देखा है,
यूं तो महकती है सांसे, फूलों की बहार में ,
पर हमने खुद फूलों को, छुपकर तेरे बदन से महक चुराते देखा है।

quotes about relationships

There are those happy days when all you want to do is get into your pajamas, plonk in front of the television, kick in some wine, and lay there all day with your partner.

long distance relationship quotes

(Long distance love quotes)

I’ll drive down miles if I get to see you only for a minute. That’s just how much I miss seeing you!

relationship quote

It would help so much if the people around start thinking, doing, and understanding things with love. Life would become as easy as ABC. It’s much better than swimming across the waves of jealousy, hatred, and unwanted competition.

quotes by Nicholas Sparks

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it- Nicholas Sparks

Did you know facts about love

Did you know? There’s a disease called hypopituitarism that doesn’t allow a person to feel romantic love! Just imagine!

joel osteen quotes about love

Joel Osteen Love quotes

When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He’s offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person’s life… – Joel Osteen

quotes about love and relationships

What is love without any challenges? What is a relationship that cannot stand distances. In the end, we overcome all of this and become ONE. 

Happy Mother's Day 2021

Kuch Kuch Hota Hain Mother’s Day Speech – Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day – Whether you are far or near me, you’re still the most important person in my life. 

love facts

Did you know- Research proves that the warmth of a hug from someone you love helps ease chronic pain. Not that it replaces the medicines needed for treatment, but it has the same impact on the brain as painkillers. 

love facts psychology

Did you know- When a couple looks into each other’s eyes, their heartbeats become synchronized. Try it!

love quotes

(Beautiful love quotes)

Amid all the temporary joys around me, YOU are my permanent. 

love quotes in Hindi

Hindi love quotes

facts about love

Did you know- It takes only 4 minutes to decide if you like someone? 

pandemic love quotes

There’s no virus in the world strong enough to infect our love. 

relationship quotes

(Hurt love quotes)

An eye draped with the vision of overpracticality will always be blind to a hurting soul. 

relationship quotes

(Relationship love quotes)

To thrive in a happy relationship, you can’t be selfish.

Behind her false eyelashed were her eyes, brimming with true love. 

Looking for love? Get down on your knees and look towards heaven. God’s showering His love on you right NOW!

hindi shayari

उन्हें घाव कुरेदने कि आदत थी,
और हम मलहम लगाते रहें।

self love quotes

Perfection is a myth. If there’s one person who should NEVER stop loving you despite your flaws is YOU!

cute love quote

(Cute love quotes)

His love imprinted a permanent rosy-pink blush on her ever-smiling face.

dating quotes

Date when you want to, who you want to, and however you want to! Age is just a number as long as you’re doing what makes you happy at this age. Don’t let people put a number on your youth and dating life. 

love quotes in hindi

Beautiful Hindi love quotes

Happy Woman’s Day, Ladies!

love quotes

What is love without any drama? What is a relationship that hasn’t overcome all these dramas?

God's love quote

God’s love quotes

Suffering is a sign that God loves you. He wouldn’t let ir happen if he didn’t trust you could handle it. 

family quotes

Our culture expects a woman to make their husbands’ family their own. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But reciprocating the same feeling of making her family your own isn’d bad either. 

relationship quotes

One way to make a boring relationship fun again is to take care of yourself. Being in a relationship means you put your own energy into it and if you don’t take care of yourself, the attraction in the relationship fades.

cute love quotes

The world is a chaos. Only in your arms do I find peace. 

expectations quotes

(Expectation love quotes)

We expect so much from people despite failing miserably at identifying their expectations from us. 

value in relationship quotes

People will come and go, some will touch your life, and some will add value to it, but there are a few people who will stay in your life and give it a beautiful meaning. You need to hold on to that person and share all your worries, success, and failures with them.

true love quotes

False Hopes love quotes: A Lover cannot be false… A stranger doesn’t give hope.

deep relationship quotes

Something simple is enough to bring a smile to the face of our loved ones. The emotions and feelings matter the most and not the price of the gift. Most crucially, the sheer joy that we witness on our partner’s face after gift-giving is remarkable.

sad love quotes short

I stood in the pouring rain, hoping it would make the tears you gave me invisible. All it did was give me flashbacks of our time together.

love relationship quotes

Something simple is enough to bring a smile to the face of our loved ones. The emotions and feelings matter the most and not the price of the gift. Most crucially, the sheer joy that we witness on our partner’s face after gift-giving is remarkable.

sad love quotes

(Sad quotes about love)

He SAID a million things that made her smile. He DID a zillion things that made her cry.

strong woman quotes

A strong woman is hard to find, but a blessing to have in your life. Not that she needs to be someone with a full-proof career plan or someone who is modern; a strong woman is anyone who has the aura and personality to be who she is, unapologetically!

cute love quotes

He looked. I looked. Our eyes locked. He winked. I blushed. He smiled. We hugged. The world was in our arms. 

signs of stashing in dating


sad love quotes

Walk away; it’s fine. But when you look back, I’ll be right here to make you forever mine. 

cute love quotes long distance relationships

In my tears, he suffered from pain. With my smile, his heart healed. Once fine day, he couldn’t stand the distance. He pulled out a ring and kneeled. 

John Lennon quotes

Love is a promise. Love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear- John Lennon love quotes

heart touching love quotes in hindi

मेरे मीत, मेरे गीत हो तुम, जिसे ता-उम्र गुनगुनाऊ, वो संगीत हो तुम, सपनों की दुनियाँ से जिसे मैंने चुराया,

in love quote

To love and to be loved is one of the powerful decisions that we are empowered to make as humans.

joel osteen love quotes

True love turns words and feelings into action- Joel Osteen

hopeless romantic quotes

(Promise love quotes)

“The wounds are deeper than you can heal from outside,” he said. “Then I’ll dive into your wounds until I heal each one of them with my medicinal love,” she promised. 

romantic quotes

In the fire of your eyes, I find the fury of my love. Don’t let it extinguish with the winf that the jealous blow. 

gods love quotes and images