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Police: The Shining Knights of the Pandemic – A short story

police - the shining knights of the pandemic - a short story

It seems like the month commenced just yesterday when we introduced you with our theme 15 days of fabulous poetry. You all adored the theme and showered us with your massive response. Now that the theme is wrapped up and we are just a couple of days away bidding farewell to this month, we thought why not present a post that is very close to our hearts? Police: The shining knights of the pandemic is very special to us.

The lockdown has met its end and we with tethering steps are breathing into the light of the new normal as we unlock. The danger is still hovering over us; yet, to sustain the livelihoods we have to move out. But there is something or rather someone whom we cannot thank enough. As we speak about them, our eyes shine with pride.


They are the ones to whom we cannot express enough of our gratitude! So we thought why not pen down our emotions and convey our heartfelt indebtedness to them?! THE POLICE TEAM!

With this short story, we aim to transport you to the daily life of a police officer, the difficulty they endured during the pandemic, and yet how they selflessly worked for the betterment of the people. Did you know that many officers were unaware of their family members’ ill health, and couldn’t be there for them? If this isn’t unconditional love for mankind and the nation, then what is?  They buried several heart-crushing moments, dealt with the hatred from the public, but worked with a smile on their faces.

Before we jump-start into Police: The shining knights of the pandemic, a little disclaimer. All the characters in this short story are fictional and their resemblance to any real-life person is purely coincidental. We have tried our best to do justice to this beautiful story. Now without any further ado let’s explore the life of a policeman and his family.

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This story is intricately woven around the lives of Veer Rathod, his wife Payal Rathod, and their 3-year-old toddler Kriya. Veer is a senior inspector working for the Mumbai police. His heart is in serving the nation, while his family is his heartbeat. Their joy is lost somewhere and the family is separated because of the pandemic.

Police: The shining knights of the pandemic

Payal was seated on the couch, watching television, and was shuffling the news channels. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips as each channel broadcasted the news of the pandemic. She switched off the television and glanced at her mobile phone. Her husband, Veer, was on duty during the pandemic. He hadn’t contacted her in three days, nor had he returned home for about a month now. Payal was worried sick. “Who said that being the wife of a policeman was easy?”, she muttered to Veer’s photo frame having above the television set.

Her gaze lingered on the phone’s screen for a while before she marched to their toddler’s room.  the room of their adorable toddler. Kriya was their bundle of joy. They had always wished for a baby girl and they had been fortunate enough to be blessed with one. She had bought them immense joy with her arrival.

Payal reminisced about the day when they had held little Kriya for the first time. Their joy had no bounds. Veer had cried tears of joy upon seeing his princess. A smile tugged her lips as the heartwarming memory played before her eyes.

police family

But her smile faded when the current situation invaded the beautiful memory. Payal sat on the bed where the toddler was sleeping peacefully.

Their daughter had been very upset that her daddy wasn’t home for so long. She had cried herself to sleep when her dad said that he wouldn’t come home as he didn’t want to put them at risk. Kriya started giving them a cold shoulder. Payal chuckled. Their daughter was too stubborn. “Just like her dad”, she mumbled. Every night, she would narrate how her dad was in the police, and how he was doing a noble job. “I will be in the police too,” Kriya would announce every night.


Payal moved her hand to caress her daughter’s forehead. She was alarmed when she touched her toddler. Kriya was burning in fever. The sudden illness started Payal knowing that it was one of the prime symptoms of COVID.  Children below 10 years have been at greater risk owing to their low immunity.

She gently shook Kriya. “Kriya, wake up baby”, she said in a soft voice but to no avail. Payal was losing her calm. She didn’t know what to do. As time passed, her panic rose. Merely five minutes had passed but it felt like an eternity.

Payal realized that panicking wouldn’t help her. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. Seconds later, she gathered all the accumulated strength and she glanced at her daughter’s sleeping figure before searching for her phone. She dialed Veer’s number, but in vain. Despite several attempts, she could not get in touch with Veer. Frustrated, Payal gave up.

She called their family doctor, Dr. Shah. Payal briefed him about Kriyas’ condition. He assured her that he would be there to attend to Kriya at his earliest and that she shouldn’t panic. How was that even possible? Sighing, she marched towards the kitchen taking long strides.

Payal filled a bowl with cold water, grabbed a washcloth, and moved back to Kriya’s room. She sat beside her daughter and tended to her ailing daughter. Her eyes took in her sleeping form while her face seemed pale. Payal tried to wake her again but Kriya was too weak to respond.

She kept a washcloth on Kriya’s forehead. Payal tried to call Veer again but his phone was not reachable. She was already worried about her husband and now the thought of something happening to their daughter was breaking her with each passing second. The thought of calling her parents or in-laws for help did occur to her, She wanted to but she did not wish to put them under stress. Not yet, at least. They all were already concerned for Veer and his well being.

Her reverie broke when the doorbell rang. Payal sprang up from the bed and rushed towards the door. It was Dr. Shah. He examined Kriya thoroughly taking his own time. Payal’s stomach was tied in knots throughout the whole examination. Dr.Shah cleared his throat to grab her attention. “It isn’t anything major; just the regular flu. But I need to inject her for a speedy recovery”, he said gently. Payal nodded in acknowledgment. The doctor injected Kriya and they left her room.

family- pandemic

“Don’t stress Payal, Kriya is okay”, Dr. Shah assured.

“Thank you Doctor for coming here at such short notice in this difficult time.”, Payal expressed her gratitude.

“It’s my duty. I will take your leave now. Update me on her condition once she wakes up. Take care.”

“I will, thank you once again,” Payal responded as she escorted the doctor towards the door.

No sooner did the doctor leave than Payal sprinted back to Kriya’s room and kept a keen eye on her daughter. She sat there silently waiting for her to wake up or show some movement when her phone started to ring. Payal did not wish to lift her sight from Kriya, and half-heartedly glanced at the phone. Her eyes lit up as Veer’s name flashed on the screen.

“Hello”, she answered with panic.  “How are you both?” He enquired immediately. Veer’s concerned voice brought a tiny smile to her otherwise worried face. “I am okay. How and where are you?” Payal replied.

“It doesn’t seem like you are okay. You sound upset.” Payal sighed and proceeded to brief him about Kriya’s condition.

The information he just received made him want to be by his little girl’s side. However, being aware of the situation, he felt helpless. He did not wish to put his doll under any risk. “I cannot come home as of now,” he said, feeling a sense of helplessness.

Payal sensed some kind of guilt in his voice and assured, “You don’t have to feel guilty Veer. You are just doing your duty”.

“I feel like I have failed my doll,” he said in a low tone.

“Veer, please don’t say that. I feel proud of the work you do and justice you provide to the people of our country. Do you know how I feel when people respect you because of your good deeds and not because they fear you? Even today, during this pandemic, you are out there helping people without caring for your life. You want to come back, but you wouldn’t because you are scared of infecting us. I understand how difficult it is to strike this balance between your work and home. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all,” she cajoled him with lots of patience like she would explain to their toddler.

family police pandemic

“Now don’t thank me, Veer. You never have to do that. You work for the police, and you have been working through the pandemic. It is common people like me who should thank you,” she said in a hushed voice. She heard someone calling Veer. “Go on. Your work needs you more than us right now. Do what gives you joy and help them so you can come back to us when you can.”

“I will call you back at night. Don’t stress too much. Take care of yourself and Kriya,” he said disconnecting the call.

A few moments later, she heard Kriya mumbling something and rushed to her side. Payal sighed in relief when she felt the fever breaking. She made Kriya some soup and put her to bed again.

After setting Kriya down for another round of sleep, she sat back on the couch, now more relaxed than before. Her husband was okay and her daughter too was doing well. She couldn’t have asked for more. This difficult time made Payal realize that supporting each other is very essential to survive such hard times.

She made a mental note of never letting a situation arise where Veer would have to choose between his love for serving his country and his love for his family. She spent the rest of the day with Kriya, a bright smile adorned her face. The hope that everything would be better very soon lit like a fire. The fact that her husband was a dutiful man from the police department, and that he and the others like him had got people through the pandemic gave her courage.

Thank you to the Police: The Pandemic’s Shining Knights!

With this short story, we would just like to thank the police team and their family. Special thanks to the police families for showing unconditional love and giving them the freedom to serve the nation even during this pandemic. This is the power of love. This is Freedom in Love. If not for your sacrifices, we wouldn’t be half as safe as we are today. This is just one person’s one short episode. There are thousand such episodes of the thousands of policemen, who urge us to respect them a lot more than we do today.


We feel short of words to express our gratitude to the police team who are working hard day and night to keep us safe. This pandemic has made us see them in a new light. They are the pillars of humanity along with the doctors and other corona warriors. We salute the police officers for putting themselves at the risk out there during these difficult times.

With this small tribute, we end this post here. We are enjoying this fun-filled month with you guys. This post has our hearts. Next month is surely going to unveil many surprises for you. Join us on this journey. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Stay tuned to for further interesting updates.

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