places to celebrate valentine's day in India

10 Romantic Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in India

It’s not every day that we plan trips. Trips are a once in a while affair and we put a lot of thought into it. Usually, we plan vacations around our birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. But sometimes, some people, madly in love, want to celebrate this love day far from their routine lives so they can take their relationship to the next level. Making things easy, we’ve collected a list of romantic places to celebrate valentine’s day in India.

When it comes to investing some efforts in our relationships, especially, on a vacation away from your people, it is important to choose a place that’s known to emit romance in its air. Just any place wouldn’t do. Whether you want to make these places to celebrate valentine’s day in India a short trip, a weekend getaway or a proper vacation depends on where you live.

With valentine’s day only a couple of weeks away, it’s time you start making the bookings right away since prices surge close to D-Day. We’re also going to leave you with some pro travel trips for valentine’s since we’re pretty much they wake up in the morning, plan and run out for a trip kind of people.

What to carry on your Valentine’s Trip?

Valentine’s day trips are not like normal trips. You cannot simply take whatever comes to your hand and dash out. Since you’re planning a romantic trip to one of the best places to celebrate valentine’s day in India, you need to also carry stuff that escalates the romance.

1. Special Clothes- Whether you plan to stay in or explore the place, if you’re out on a love trip, carry clothes your partner will get attracted to than the ordinary. They already see you in those, right?

2. Lingerie- Of course, you’d already carry them. But carry the attractive ones that he or she hasn’t seen before to set in the mood.

3. Eye masks- There might be times when you want to snuggle and sleep. You need to cut off from the world outside so you have an undisturbed time. These eye masks will do just that.

4. Fantasy Items- If you or your partner have a fantasy to try, carry whatever you need for it with you. Probably, this might be the place where you get to experience it.

5. Portable Speakers- You’ve probably planned something special for valentine’s day and it might be confined to some romantic time in your hotel room. To break out into a dance, you need songs that are just yours and not what the television plays for you! Play what you like and a sound that’s enough to spark the romance on these portable speakers.

6. An adventurous mind- This is a MUST carry when away on a romantic trip to some of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in India. Be adventurous and open to some novelty on the trip. Try something new and introduce your partner to this side of you.

Places to celebrate valentine’s day in India

1. Minicoy

celebrate valentine's day in minicoy

A beautiful and the second largest island on Lakshwadeep, Minicoy is one of the most romantic places to celebrate valentine’s day in India. Unheard of by a major population, you might be happy to find solace and lone time at several tourist places. The sandy beaches naturally colored in white, the pristine waters, and the pleasant weather conditions this time of the year make this place oh-so-romantic!

2. Agra

celebrate valentine's day in agra

What better than a place that emerged out of love, in the first place? Taj Mahal is not popular but also romantic owing to its backdrop, aura, and history. The moment you step into the gate, you’ll know what all the fuss is about. Visit Taj Mahal, click beautiful couple pictures that the men there will gladly click for you at a bargained price, and explore other places around during your stay there.

3. Alleppey 

valentine's day in alleppey

Kerala is anyway a paradise on Earth. There’s no romantic couple that hasn’t already or plans to visit this serene stretch of land to spend some alone time together. A houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Kerala is just what you need to inject romance into your valentine’s day celebrations. A place that people otherwise call “God’s own country” cannot NOT be on our list of places to celebrate valentine’s day in India. 

4. Srinagar 

valentine's day in Srinagar

A Shikara ride in the Dal Lake is like a dream-come-true trip for many couples. The pristine waters, the vast stretch of gardens with sweet-smelling flowers, and the air that swishes love over every visitor make Srinagar one of the most romantic places to celebrate valentine’s day in India. Did you know that Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir is also called the Summer Capital of India? 

5. Corbett 

celebrate valentine's day in corbett

Some romantic couples are already a family and that’s only a more joyous occasion to celebrate this day of love. After all, children change the meaning of love altogether. Filled with wildlife tours, tent stays, and romantic setups for a family in the open, Corbett is known for the best of holidays. What better for a family that wants to celebrate valentine’s day in India? 

6. Havelock Islands 

celebrate valentine's day in havelock islands

You look for places to visit in India, and the Havelock Islands will be on every list, leave alone a romantic list. If you and your partner are water lovers, then there is no place else to go than Havelock. The place boasts of special arrangements for couples including water bungalows and other water activities that both of you can partake in together. 

7. Kumarakom

Kumarakom on valentine's day

Also situated in Kerala, Kumarakom is also known for its most romantic surroundings in India. People often visit the place for weekend getaways and it would be a wonderful addition to your trip to Kerala. Why not combine Alleppey and Kumarakom in your plans to celebrate valentine’s day in India? 

8. Malvan 

malvan on valentine's day

Located in Maharashtra, Malvan is yet another of the places to visit for the water-lovers. The silent beaches and the private time you will enjoy with each other will leave you craving for an extended vacay. It is one of the most lovey-dovey planed to celebrate valentine’s day in India because it is an off-beat place where you can enjoy privacy. 

9. Nainital 

celebrate valentine's day on nainital

Uttarakhand is hands-down one of the highly-visited places in India. But not many consider the place around valentines. Why not, though? Convenient to reach from Delhi, Nainital stands tall at a height of 6,358 feet above sea level, it boasts of scenery that’s worthy of capturing in your mind and heart more than the cameras. It should definitely be an option in your list of places to celebrate valentine’s day in India! 

10. Coorg 

celebrate valentine's day in coorg

Here’s alerting all the coffee-lovers- Coorg is the land of coffee. Trekking up the jungles and the tea/coffee estates is one of the most blissful experiences you can experience in this lifetime. From candlelight dinners to buying chocolates at every nook and corner of Coorg, this is one of the most romantic places to celebrate valentine’s day in India. 

It’s time to get your plans into action because there’s not much time left. You see, travel agencies are super busy planning trips for all the weddings and valentine’s trips people around the country are already planning. Do ensure you take care of all the precautions listed by the government in the city you plan to visit since we’re seeing another COVID wave in the country. 

If one of these places does actually turn into a reality this valentine’s day, don’t forget to tag us in at least one of the many pictures you’ll post on social media. You can tag us on @love_smitten

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