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मेरे बुलाने पे – Short Love Poem in Hindi

मेरे बुलाने पे- short love poem in hindi

If you want to love somebody, love them unconditionally. That is true love. मेरे बुलाने पे, a short love poem in Hindi is a dreamy rendition of a person who loves someone. What’s the problem then? The problem is that it is a one-sided love because the person who the narrator loves, loves someone else. Sounds complicated? Isn’t that just how love is? Complicated?

Through this short love poem in Hindi, मेरे बुलाने पे, the poet expresses numerous emotions all point at the concept of unconditional love. Such is the divinity of the words that it isn’t easy to translate into the English language. But you can find an explanation of these lines after the poem.

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मेरे बुलाने पे

A Short Love Poem in Hindi

short love poem in Hindi

फ़िर किसी किनारे पे,
ज़िन्दगी के ठिकाने पे,
आ जाओ कभी तुम,
मेरे बुलाने पे।

है मोहब्बत मुझको बेपनाह तुमसे,
पर तुम हो दीवाने किसी और के,
मुकाबला क्या मेरी और उसकी चाहत का,
आवाज़ जो दोगे तुम मेरी चौखट पे,
खुदा से भी भिड़ पड़ेंगे,
सिर्फ इक तेरे इशारे पे।

वक्त कम है और जुदाई लंबी,
इश्क़ के हर घड़ी की है सुई टूटी,
अब इस बदन से तो रूह भी है छूटी,
दस्तक जो दोगे तुम मेरे सिरहाने पे,
मौत से हम लड़ खड़े होंगे,
सिर्फ इक तेरे बुलाने पे।

फ़िर किसी किनारे पे,
ज़िन्दगी के ठिकाने पे,
आ जाओ कभी तुम,
मेरे बुलाने पे।

And if you understand Hindi, you probably just said, “Awww, man!” The short love poem in Hindi, मेरे बुलाने पे, begins with the poet expressing how his lover should look back and answer to his calls somewhere down the years. In the second stanza, the narrator expresses how much he loves her and how he’s aware that she loves someone else. He says that no one can compare the extent of his love with the other man.

love poems in Hindi

And yet, he promises even to fight the powers of God if she comes knocking on his door looking for someone to love. Do you see it? The unconditional love of waiting for someone who is in love with someone else. Despite the pain and hurt, the poet still promises to be there when she needs him.

In the third stanza of मेरे बुलाने पे, a short love poem in Hindi, the poet talks about the profanity of life’s irony that time is always less, but the time of separation always feels long. Sometimes, the period of separation is so long that even the watch’s hands seem broken. And soon after, he feels that even his soul has left his body.

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Despite being a soulless body, even if she, his lover, thinks about him, he will fight the powers of death and love her for the rest of his life. All she has to do, is think of him, call him… just once! And this line is the soul of this short love poem in Hindi.

The poet ends this short love poem in Hindi, मेरे बुलाने पे, with the same lines with which he began, hoping to see his love once again in life, but this time because he called her.

love poems in Hindi

Feel free to share this poem with those experiencing a similar situation in life at the moment. Words have healing power, and you could subconsciously help someone in pain feel better or look forward to some positivity. It would also mean so much to me if you support my poetry by giving it a star rating below or liking the post. And if you happen to subscribe to us, that’ll just make my day!

Stay in love, with love, and around love! The world needs more of such people.

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