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Lovesickness is a Real Thing! 10 Striking Signs


The monsoons are here and it is showering us with dozens of opportunities to spend quality time with someone special. But have you ever experienced that feeling of floating on the clouds, or had a permanent grin plastered to your face? Have you ever heard that someone is looking like a ‘Lovesick Puppy’ and thought that this is an over-exaggeration and that being lovesick is just so fictional? It’s time we burst this bubble and break it to you that lovesickness is a real thing and it can happen to a wide array of people, at any given age, not just teenagers!

Lovesickness is a very real concept but some of the books and dramas have done an excellent job at portraying this phenomenon as very romantic, but this is not true! One cannot always have rosy glasses on and lovesickness though it is not fictional, it is not as cute either. Here’s addressing an important question.

What is Lovesickness? 


The term lovesickness is an amalgamation of two words ‘love’ and ‘sickness’. While love is a wonderful feeling and can be very rewarding in various aspects, an unexpected heartbreak or much worse a bad divorce can leave an individual to deal with emotional turmoil topped with physical distress. If your relationship is a constant roller coaster ride that guarantees no stability, the initial euphoria might just fade away leaving one to deal with misery. The ideas of forbidden and unrequited love too follow a similar journey and put an individual in the death trap of sadness. The grief of something as trivial as being ghosted by someone you were excited about too merits this list.

Coping with heartbreak, rejection, or death of a loved one is not everyone’s cup of tea. But as they say, “Time is a Great Healer.” Ideally, the sting of these emotions should lessen with time. Yet there are many people who bar this and fight a losing battle. Not every individual can cope with rejection and goes down the path of lovesickness but there are certain signs that are an indication of the hampered emotional and physical well-being of a person. They are…

Signs of Lovesickness 

Like every disease has some symptoms that can help the professionals diagnose it, lovesickness too has some prominent signs, which an individual can recognize and take measures to overcome then. Some of the noteworthy signs of lovesickness are:


1. Mood Swings

We have often heard about the mood swings of a pregnant lady but the mood swings of a lovesick person? They are hard to understand. A major difference between normal mood swings and that of someone being lovesick is unable to point out the cause of it. The person might be full of life and energy at one moment and the next moment might witness them being absolutely detached and depressed, the lowest that they can be. If this pattern occurs regularly it is time for them to analyze their behavior carefully and decide for themselves.

2. Isolation

Extreme mood swings are only one sign of lovesickness. Individuals prefer to isolate themselves. This is much worse as nothing interests them anymore. As a consequence of which they shut off the people around them. They might be ruled by the fear that people do not understand them anymore or the way they used to. This results in them suppressing their emotions and not sharing them with anyone.

3. Too much or too less

When we are sick, our diet is affected immediately. Similarly, lovesickness too has its impact on the diet of an individual. There are two major possibilities, either one eats too much or one hardly eats anything. Neither of them is good as the balance is toppled. Sometimes the person might be too busy thinking about their current situation that they do not get time to take care of themselves or pay close attention to their diet. Barring a few occasions when they show interest to eat, they would prefer to binge on junk steer clearing of any healthy food.

Well, no two people can be the same. While some struggle with diminished appetite, others overeat. One would eat more than they used to which would make them feel sleepy and hinder their progress and creativity. This would also not allow them to do even the things which are the bare minimum.

4. Nausea

We all are well aware of travel sickness or morning sickness. But nausea because of lovesickness? Yes, it is very much possible. It is caused because of the butterflies in the stomach or the nervousness that one feels. This might result in loss of appetite. Also, too much eating too can make one feel nauseous. Well, nausea is very normal but one has to observe their behavioral pattern and thought patterns to know what is the exact cause of this nausea.

signs of lovesickness

5. Dizziness

Dizziness is very common and can be caused due to dehydration or lack of appetite as well. One might feel that they are about to faint or their head is spinning. But how to be sure that it is because of lovesickness? If it is accompanied by several other symptoms stated here, one is probably lovesick. But one must visit a professional to rule out any other causes of the same.

6. Overanalyzing

A lovesick individual is bound to dig deep for the meaning of words. They will spend ample time attempting to decipher the hidden meanings in actions, words, and body language of others. This also extends to their love interest. If their love interest does something for them, they will waste time overanalyzing it. They try to see things from other perspectives but fail at it by not gaining any insight.

7. Sleeplessness and Headaches

A lovesick person might face a hard time falling asleep as they are always on a trip of overanalyzing things and thinking about their love interest all time. If they close their eyes, they see the images of their love interest which in turn distracts them and steals their sleep. Sometimes this can be chronic insomnia. This also promotes irritation. It is natural if one has difficulty in sleeping, they might not have enough sleep to rest their system leading to headaches. The overthinking factor too is a huge contributor to increase headaches.

8. Sustained Tiredness

We all are aware that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Someone who is lovesick might take a toll on their mental health by experiencing many of the above-stated signs. Hence, they might easily tire themselves out owing to the mental stress. They might feel constant tiredness and will not enjoy performing the activities that they usually do.

what is lovesickness?

9. Distraction and False Reality

Lovesickness makes it hard for an individual to concentrate. They are pre-occupied which results in a deficient attention span. All of these lead to their productivity being stagnant since they cannot concentrate even on the most basic tasks.

They are often very confused about things and cannot get a grip on themselves because of the lost concentration. Such people might face a hard time recalling certain past experiences as their consciousness is affected. Their ability to interpret and connect things mentally is lost temporarily. They create a false reality where things are totally opposite to what they are in the real world.

10. Stalking Behavior

Stalking celebrities or famous personalities are very common. But someone dealing with lovesickness might go crazy with their stalking pattern. They might closely monitor the lifestyle of their love interest both online and offline and desperately wish that they are a part of it. If they are not in touch with their love interest, they will frequently check their inboxes in hope that they are contacted. Such a person will spend several hours tracking the activities of their love interest as it gives them a sense of satisfaction in having a life.

They are insecure and will start thinking about the possible competition that they might have to face in order to win their love interest. Such individuals also treasure the belongings of their love interest, if they don’t have a solid object, they might cherish their images together and might imagine that they both are together having a happy time. They can try as hard as they wish to but they cannot ditch these belongings as it means a lot to them.

How to Deal with Lovesickness?

how to deal with lovesickness

If you have noticed any of the above signs and wish to overcome them, but are confused about how to go about it? Here are some things that you can do to escape the clutches of lovesickness.

  • Abandon: If you are done being lovesick, and want to break free from the spell of love-sickness, go on a no-contact mode. This is one of the quickest ways to recover. Initially, it might be tough to not talk to them or think about them but in a month’s time, you will start forming new patterns which will prove to be a great help.
  • Stop Stalking: The title says it all. If you implement the first suggestion, it should be followed by this one too! In order to stop thinking about them, you should stop stalking them on their social media and even offline, if you do that. This will keep your urge to contact them in check and also keep you in touch with reality too!
  • Don’t Overanalyze: It is crucial to not dig deep into the meaning of every conversation, action, or body language. Just observe their facial expressions and actions enough to decipher what they actually mean and not add extra understanding of how to want things to be.
  • Try to Socialise: One of the signs of lovesickness is isolating oneself. So if that happens, try to come out of your shell and open up. If someone truly cares for you and wants to help you, let them in, and don’t shun the help. Go out and try to mingle, be in a joyous environment. Trying is the key but don’t push too hard.
  • Observe and Clear Your Head: If you are lovesick, you might face difficulty in concentrating but it would be beneficial if you pay close attention to your thoughts and their loop pattern. Make conscious efforts to keep yourself busy when your thoughts play on a loop and try to clear your head. These efforts would boost your attempts to overcome lovesickness.
  • Focus on Yourself: If you are captured by the lovesickness, the majority of attention would be on your love interest but it would be great if can divert that attention and focus on yourself. Work on setting boundaries, and focusing on your needs, and your self-worth. Recognize your worth and do not expect others to make you feel special. Give yourself time to heal and accept the reality rather than living in a false reality.
  • Seek Help: If you have given a shot to the above-stated suggestions or just cannot find enough motivation to push yourself, seek help from a professional. You can approach a therapist who can guide you to come back on the correct path and help you in setting goals for your betterment. Do not be afraid to ask for help as it takes a lot of courage to even ask for help!

With this, we end our article ‘Lovesickness is a Real Thing! 10 Striking Signs’. We hope that it was useful for you to figure out what lovesickness is and how to deal with it. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below. If you need relationship, marriage, life, or grief coaching, CLICK HERE!

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