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Narrative verses never go out of style, and they are simply beautiful if they are “love poems.” A poetic narration isn’t the ‘thing’ today when we think of love, or so we thought, but the world is beaming with young poets. We believe, that until love exists on this cosmos, poems will never die. In fact, don’t we always say the love of a poet never dies, for it stays alive through his/her poems?

publish your love poems hereTo keep the legacy going, and to bring back the old and new poets together on one platform, we have this spell-binding section called Love Poems. We cannot let our past poets and their words fade with time. Rather, we should bring them back to the forefront, to introduce this generation to classic love, and to traditional poetry styles.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that the poems of today are fresh, and have a stylistic approach that can interest the people living now, and amuse those who are yet to come. On this page, we include an amalgamation of poems written by great poets and some original written by individuals of this time.

Here’s more, coming from India, with a balanced audience of people across the world, we publish articles in English, as well as the Hindi language. Fret not, for our Hindi poems come with a full-fledged translation to engulf you in the beauty of the words.

Click below to read these poems:

Hindi Love Poems

English Love Poems

We would love to welcome your words to reach the world through our page. Visit our contact us page for details.