“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama 

Life Coaching

Life is not only about cherishing moments but also achieving milestones. But what about the obstacles that stand in the way? Sometimes, they’re too much to handle, and hold the power to break what made us. But you do know that ONLY you hold the reigns to your happiness, don’t you? Is there anything then that you cannot overcome? I take the liberty to answer it for you- NO! 

But with a little help!

Life Coaching with Hemali Adhiya 

We plan something, but then life happens. Things don’t always go as we plan and that is a reality we have to accept. But accepting isn’t always easy. Life puts us through several trials, and it is only normal to feel emotionally demotivated. But only if it lasts for a while. Ultimately, we have to stand up, dust it off, and leap towards our goals. 

Sometimes, you need the extra push, the warmth of support, and the light of introspection to leave the dark realities behind. And this, Life Coaching!  

Life coaching or mentoring is a blooming experienced. Much different from therapy, life coaching focuses on setting goals, like, “I want need help settling with reality” and finding solutions. Stepping up as a life coach, I will help you explore and own your strengths, develop them, and aid you in identifying your personal and professional goals. You will unlearn and relearn many things, transforming your emotions and life for the better. The positive behavior changes will last longer, enabling you to enjoy the process of this change. 

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Remarkable Benefits of Life Coaching 

  • Enhance self-confidence 
  • Heighten self-awareness 
  • Create a balanced life 
  • Discover your best self 
  • Unlock your maximum potential 
  • Manage time and productivity with efficiency 
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and more 

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How many sessions to opt for? 

You can opt for 1 session but for optimum results, I recommend 4 sessions. My client is my priority and I would not like to keep them in the dark. Thus, the sessions may escalate up 10-15 sessions if the issues are more complicated and require proper investment of time to overcome them. 

My vote of trust: When I feel like you don’t require further sessions, you can trust me to tell you.


What is Life Coaching? 

Coaching is popular primarily in the fields of education and sports. Life coaching helps an individual in various life aspects. It is an opportunity to claim the rights at what you can take in your control and how you can maximixe your potential in life. Through a series of powerful questioning, you will the urge to knock at your deepest feelings, thoughts, needs, and emotions, helping you find your true self and work ahead from there. 

I will coach you to improvise the quality of your life and move out feeling “stuck and helpless.” Although, YOU will stay on the driving seat of your life while I sit by you, strengthening your deepest skills. Coaching works on the various aspects of your life, helping you find positivity and hope. The heightened self-awareness will prove to be beneficial in discovering your purpose in life and therefore bringing out your best self.

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