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It was the best relationship she ever had!

“It was the best relationship she ever had” is the love story of a woman who finds her way into heartbreak only to find something better eventually. The story has the power to make us re-question our needs, style, and mindset when in relationships. At the same time, it also throws light on the most important kind of love for humankind, self-love.

It was the best relationship I ever had!

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Anuj walked away, without waiting for Tia’s response. She was in shock and needed time to gather her words, or rather her feelings. Anuj took advantage of the same, and turned away from her in the crowded garden and made his way to his car. Tia reacted the moment she saw him reach the parking lot and ran to stop him.

“Anuj… Anuj…”

But he didn’t want to go ahead with the confrontation of why he wanted to leave her. What would he say? That he fell out of love? That he didn’t have the guts to convince his parents but did have enough to sneak Tia out at night? That his dad found him someone as a business deal? Or just that he was too blind to see all the things she did for him? And so he wished to walk out on the best relationship one could ever have!

Anuj left like he couldn’t see Tia following him to the parking lot. Tia stood there numb, not knowing how Anuj could call her to a crowded place, so she wouldn’t create a scene, tell her he was marrying someone else and so he cannot see her anymore, and walk off like there was no need for discussing, apologizing, or hugging it out.

Shattered and teary-eyed, Tia went back to her place, avoiding her roommates, and locked herself in the room. Worried about seeing her in that state, Tia’s roommates banged on her door fervently, until Tia finally came out and broke the news, “You know that thing I called my best relationship?”

Her roommates looked at each other in confusion and said, “Yeah?”

“Well, that just ended. Or rather, I was dumped.”

Tia called her relationship with Anuj the “best relationship” because she came from a messed family. Her father left when she was little, her mother didn’t have any time for Tia since she was the eldest one while her siblings were much younger, who also hated Tia for a reason even they didn’t know. Being a vulnerable person, she also trusted people easily, losing several friends on the way. It was Anuj who brought back some spirit into her life. And so, she hated calling it dating, and termed it “the best relationship” before friends and on social media.

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But now… even that wasn’t existent. Her dreams of marrying Anuj, finally become a part of a huge family, basking in all the love broke with Anuj’s insensitivity. Even though her roommates tried to console her, Tia couldn’t feel better about any of it. Her roommates cared, but they weren’t very close friends who could help her out of this heartbreak.

Tia went back into her room and kept calling Anuj, hoping he would respond some time or the other. He did pick up, eventually, but screamed that he doesn’t want to be associated with her anymore and that he is blocking her. If she showed up at his place, he would lodge a police complaint.

Tia couldn’t believe her ears. The man who wouldn’t get tired of speaking to her, left, without giving her a justified goodbye, giving her the time to adjust to the news. She kept crying all night and didn’t know when she fell asleep.

Whether it was a miracle or a guardian angel, but Tia felt differently about herself and her best relationship the next morning. Even though she was still hurting, she decided to do something to lift her spirits. Her roommates were out on the balcony, sipping on their morning tea when they saw Tia come out with a bag, all dressed up.

They tried talking to her, “Don’t tell me you’re going to Anuj’s place!”

Tia looked at them. She said, “Well, there has to be something I can do to feel better. After all, he was my everything; he was my best relationship!” Without waiting for them to respond, she left.

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But she did the unthinkable. Instead of heading to Anuj’s place, Tia headed to the airport, bought an end-moment ticket to the place on her bucket list, Bali, let her swollen eyes hide underneath her sunglasses, and flew straight to Bali.

Initially, when she landed, Tia was scared. She’d never been on a solo trip before. But before she slept the previous night, the words “police complaint” kept ringing in her ears. During their relationship, there were times when Anuj would disrespect Tia, and she would melt with a single apology. But now this time. This time, it was her ego he hit, and she didn’t want to feel like a loser or inferior anymore! And so she decided to take this solo trip to a place Anuj never wanted to go.

Tia settled into a hotel, took a long hot bath, and cried her heart out for the first two days. She didn’t leave the room and ordered food every three hours to keep stress at bay. But on the third morning, Tia felt a lot lighter. Not that she could forget her best relationship in a matter of three days. But she felt light enough to get some sunshine.

After gathering details from the front desk, Tia decided to explore the city on her own. She walked around the town, heading into whichever place made her feel better. With every step she took, she was shedding behind her fears, her pair, and the memories of her best relationship.

Within a week, Tia felt much more confident about being by herself. She walked around, found a favorite spot for her morning coffees, talked with old couples in the parks, bought herself some local fashion accessories, and did everything she could that made her happy. Tia didn’t return home for fifteen days.

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In fact, Tia didn’t return home at all. The person who returned was a very different, rejuvenated, and positive person. Her roommates were shocked at seeing her. They barged into her room, “Look, we know we’re all not that close, but we do worry, okay? If something had happened to you, what would tell your family?”

“I’m sorry. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing and what I should tell people. Never had I imagined that my best relationship would screw me over worse than my other relationships. I went to Bali, guys, and had the most amazing solo trip ever! I gathered the guts to do something I never would have done if Anuj were around.”

“You went to Bali by yourself?”

“Yes, I went there by myself, and I found myself. I realized how I could never do anything I wanted and was clinging to him because he was my only connection. Little did I know it was damaged more. I should have seen this coming because he kept giving me hints about how his parents would never agree. I thought, he was joking or that he would ultimately convince them. But there was not a drop of remorse in his eyes.”

“And guess what guys,” she continued, “He wasn’t the best relationship. The time I spent with myself, those moments of self-love, that is a true relationship. The way I look at myself now, love myself now, this is the best relationship I can ever have, whether I find another man or not!”


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