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I miss us -Just the way we were: A sad love poem

I miss us- Just the way we were is a sad love poem written by a woman who’s missing the relationship she once had with her man. Whether you are with someone or separated, ups and downs remain a perpetual concept of life. During such times, you lose out on a lot, including the kind of relationship you once had with someone. I miss us- Just the way we were is a poem inspired by a similar situation.

I Miss Us – Just The Way We Were

i miss us just the way we were

I miss us, 

Just the way you coiled around me each morning like a love-sick pup, 

Hoping we’d never have to get up, 

Now I hardly realize when you’ve left the room, 

Like waking up together has met its doom. 


I miss us, 

Just the way you snuck up on me on busy mornings, 

All the while looking for me, screaming and calling, 

Now you pass by and my presence goes unnoticed, 

Making me feel unwanted in places remotest. 


I miss us, 

Just the way you held on to me tightly after returning home, 

That feeling… it was shalom!

Now you love your space and phone more, 

And it hurts… hurts to my core! 


I miss us, 

Just the way you’d throw my phone away when we went to bed, 

There was so much I laughed to; so much you said, 

Now you don’t look at me even when both of us are awake through the night, 

Not knowing that this loneliness for meis not just an internal fight. 


I miss us, 

Just the way you kissed me good night until we drifted into sleep, 

After sharing with me your dreams so deep, 

Now you turn away or sleep with your phone, 

While I cry myself to sleep and silently moan. 


I miss us, 

Just the way you said those lovely things, 

Speaking of being home or going away some place like the planet’s only beings, 

Now it’s like living like strangers, always having people around, 

I miss being just us, while you only enjoy the crowd. 


I miss us, 

Just the way you looked, cared, and loved me all the time, 

Everything you could offer was unconditionally mind, 

Now you often scream about wanting to stay away, 

While I’m still stuck in the beauty of your sudden touch and warm embrace.

sad love poems

The sad love poem speaks the heart of a woman who’s losing her man to the world’s stress. He’s probably too bored with her or doesn’t realize how it’s always two people in a relationship, and so it is both’s duty to fight for their joint happiness. It doesn’t work one way, does it?

Several people (not just women) experience this feeling when their relationships have passed a few years together, and they find their lives monotonous. But my pitch is, does it have to affect your permanent relationships? We still slap a smile across our faces and go to work, meet people, go out. Then why shouldn’t we also try to keep our relationships/marriages happy? So, what? It requires a little extra effort, probably communicating issues. But does neglecting a partner, asking them to go away till one of them feel better a healthy solution?

Of course, space always helps. It gives to time to breathe and miss each other. But every life alteration doesn’t necessitate going apart to see things in a better light. Sometimes… actually, let’s strike that. Sometimes Most times, we need to stick together. And if you find someone who wants to stick with you throughout the thins more than the thicks, then it’s something you should treasure than avoid or mistreat.

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At the end of the day, no relationship can get better or end without talking it out. Work on making your partner a part of your life than just a part of your house. Think of it as one combined entity than two separate people when it comes to dealing with the bigger things in life. Hug each other when low for hours than hugging an electronic device. Just hold hands than turning away. Appreciate with a smile than making people feel unwanted!

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