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How to make your boyfriend feel special?

How to make your boyfriend feel special

Are you among those who are planning on taking your relationship to the next level and are looking up ways on “How to make your boyfriend feel special?” Well, let’s begin with establishing that he’s lucky to have someone like you who is making the effort to do something special for him. People live under the gender-biased notion that only men do things for their women. That is so not true!

To be honest, love needs care, consistent time, and compassion to maintain chemistry. Every relationship requires a little effort, lots of attention, and ample care. And this works both ways- for men and women.  

Busy or not, if you’re in a relationship that you hope lasts, you have to look for ways to make each other feel special. It’s time we answer the question “How to make your boyfriend feel special?” with these 10 effective tips!

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special? 

10 Tips

How to make your boyfriend feel special

  1. Give him a passionate kiss

Time is precious but spending time with a partner is invaluable. Always carve out some time to spend with each other. While spending time with each other, let time flow slowly and naturally. Giving attention to each other a bit more makes our partners special. 

Kissing is so romantic in a relationship and is one of the ways on how to make your boyfriend feel special, especially if you surprise him with it. Look into his eyes, hinting how he’s always the center of attention for you, gently hold his hands, and then give him a passionate kiss to take your chemistry to the next level.  

2. Do A Small Act Of Kindness

It’s like they say, actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, do a little something for him. Take on one of his regular duties and surprise him. Probably, he’s very tired one day, drop-in with some take-out. Say, he’s running late for work, order him some lunch. Plan an outing when he’s most stressed. Aren’t these the kind of things even girls expect from their boyfriends? Why not do the same then, thus answering the question of how to make your boyfriend feel special. 

3. Listen to Him

How to make your boyfriend feel special through text

Silently listening to your partner is a very wonderful way to make them feel great. Just listening to them can be a considerable step to move your relationship forward. You do not need to say a word sometimes but just giving attention can give him a sense of importance.  

4. Pampering Him

Looking for more ways on how to make your boyfriend feel special? Pampering is one of the best ways to make your boyfriend special. Make his favorite dishes, give him a head massage, plan a date for a change, invite his long-distance friends to spend time with you’ll, and the like to make him feel pampered. 

5. Treat him to something you know he loves

Nobody can understand your man the way you do. So, do something he likes when he is happy, low, or when you simply want to shower him with love. This is one of the best ways on how to make your boyfriend feel special. Gift him something he’s been wanting for a while, book him a trekking trip together, or just anything else you think he will love!  

From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates

6. Give him compliments

How to make your boyfriend feel special

“I love the way you think,” “you always know exactly what to say,” “I love you just the way you are,” “you are such a good cook,” “you are a great listener,” “your beard looks nice.” Pass compliments regularly to keep the blood rush in him high. This tip especially works when you are in a long-distance relationship. In this case, sending them a text containing such romantic compliments can move your man’s heart. One of the perfect ways to a man’s heart and gain his love is by complimenting him. It’s very important to give compliments and credits where it is needed. Just a small phrase is enough to make your partner feel great. 

7. Flirt with your better half

How to make your boyfriend feel special through text

Flirting is one of the most seductive ways on how to make your boyfriend feel special. Use your creativity! Flirt, drop romantic hints, and make him blush with everything you say. 

“There’s something on your face- handsomeness”

“I am not able to concentrate on what I am doing now, why are you disturbing me with your hot bod?”

“You are the reason for my smile.”

Flirting can make your boyfriend “oh! Yes man she loves me and can make me feel unique and awesome anytime.”

8. Stroke his ego.

Let’s face it, everyone has an ego, and stroking it every once in a while is very important in a relationship. Make him feel that he is the most special one in your life. One of the ways to stroke his ego is to keep appreciating him. Spend more time with him and make an extra effort every once in a while to make your relationship fascinating.  

9. Show your affection through touch

Delicate touches are the best for conveying words and expressions more affectionately. When he does not agree with you, playfully put a finger on his lips to break the tension. Hug him from the back when he least expects it, hold hands, touch his chest while lying down and talking- these are all some affective touches that can move his heart closer towards you. Make sure your touch is a passionate one so feels it too. 

A subtle touch is essential in a relationship as it is a way to convey what you feel for your life partner and especially because it can stimulate oxytocin in your body also called, THE LOVE HORMONE. It can be a powerful way of non-verbally communicating your love.

10.Lend him your support when he’s feeling down

How to make your boyfriend feel special

Guys don’t show their anxiety and feelings the way women do. They also can think showing their feelings can make them look weak in front of others. But they also need support, but in an unsaid way. You know them, you understand them, they don’t need to say it to you. Talk, discuss, hug, and offer solutions, if possible. 

There’s no better support than emotional support. Offer as much as you can on his bad days, making it one of the top tips on how to make your boyfriend feel special.

Everyone needs to be loved. Like girls, boys are also required to feel the love of their partner every single moment. Showing our love doesn’t mean something great has to be prepared, some small steps, simple acts can make him feel special. 

Although, only you can best decide for your relationship. These are just some common tips on how to make your boyfriend feel special. Of course, there’s a lot more you can do, understanding your man’s lifestyle, choices, and needs. What counts is the thought and effort. May your love grow with each passing day!

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