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How To Heal A Broken Heart? 10 Soothing Tips

how to heal a broken heart? 10 Soothing Tips

Heartbreak… the one word that leaves us taking deep breaths. It’s that feeling that leaves us in a whirlpool of emotions, not knowing what to do next. Emotional people also tend to feel other physiological symptoms like inability to breathe, etc. But after a while, things start to feel better again. Whether it was a mutual breakup or a one-sided one, you still need to move on. You need to heal a broken heart and get right back to life.

But does everyone have to heal in the same manner as others? Healing from heartbreak is very subjective. Some people may heal faster than others, while others might take longer. Jumping into another relationship soon after isn’t one of the best choices because you’ll still be carrying a lot of baggage from your previous relationship.

While the time frame of coping with a heartbreak may be different, some processes to do it could be the same. People end up asking their friends, “How to heal a broken heart?” There are some ways to do it, and we’ll discuss them to help you through the process.

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How to Heal a Broken Heart?

10 Soothing Tips

How to heal a broken heart

1. Breathe… Feel the pain!

No matter how hard you try to beat around the bush, the pain will ultimately pin you down. Let’s say, for example, I say, “Don’t think about an elephant right now.” What’s the one thing you will definitely think about? An elephant! Similarly, you need to heal a broken heart by feeling the pain it gave you and breathe through it. Parking those feelings somewhere deep inside your heart and brain will never help. When you’re with someone else, those subconscious feelings will come back to life one day or the other.

Do what allows you to think about your relationship and the pain that it caused you. It’s okay to think about your ex for a while, revisit the time you spent together, cry out all the pain, write down your feelings, and do everything else that takes you through the process of feeling the pain and letting it all out of your system once and for all.

2. Connect with Sympathetic People

Cut yourself from people who say things like, “Oh, come on. Get over it, already! It’s been one month.” They’re not sympathetic to your situation. Nobody else gets to decide how long it takes for you to heal a broken heart or how you want to do it. It is not that you should only keep talking about your ex and pain whenever you meet others, but you should hang out with people who’re human to your healing process.

They should be able to say things that help heal a broken heart than scarring it more.

3. Say “Bye-bye” to Social Media

healing a broken heart

Scrolling through social media accounts is one of the best time passes that help get through free time. But, staying on such platforms will either remind you of your once upon a time happy relationship with your ex when you see other happy couples. Also, what if your ex is also on social media? Do you still want to see their posts and hurt yourself more?

Several times, it also leads to misunderstandings. For example, your ex is also feeling as hurt as you are. So, they decided to take a mini-vacation to heal and post a random picture. What’s that first thing you’ll think? “I’m in pain here, and this one’s vacationing somewhere? Doesn’t he/she feel like I am?”

Stay away from such thoughts and feelings that are unnecessary. Spend your time doing something else than whiling it on social media and going back to where you started.

4. Meditate

Focusing on breathing during meditation has a very soothing effect on your hurting heart. You’ll feel more positive and energetic to go around the day than usual. It gives you the time to disconnect from the world and its chaos and be with yourself. You can think about yourself, work on your problem areas, and even unwind with some meditation music. It’ll enable you to feel lighter from all that burden of emotions you’re carrying on your shoulders.

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5. Do what you missed doing when dating

Like to travel? Take a solo trip. Catch up with the books you’ve missed out on while partying with your ex. Get into bed early for a fresh awakening the next day. Take yourself out on a date; dress up, make a reservation, and off you go! Spend time with yourself and see how confident it makes you feel. Eat what you feel like eating, order what you want. Did your partner turn you into a potato couch and order online? Throw away those pajamas and hop to the mall!

Everything that you couldn’t do for yourself when with your ex, do it now! It is one of the best ways to heal a broken heart.

6. A Love Letter to Self

healing from a broken heart

You love yourself, don’t you? Has that changed with your ex leaving? If you said yes, then you really need to work on falling back in love with yourself. Nobody else will love you unless you do. When you feel low and unwanted after a break-up, it becomes essential to heal a broken heart without damaging your image. So what should you do? Stand in front of the mirror or pull out your journal. Now say/write all the things you love about yourself the most. Remember, you’re doing this activity alone, so there’s no one to judge you. If you feel like you have a compassionate heart, go ahead, say it! There’s no one around who’ll think you’re boasting.

When you want to heal a broken heart, focus on healing your thoughts before your heart. Remove all the things your ex said to you while breaking up, forget the flaws that they thought made you less desirable. You’re fabulous as hell, and if one can’t see it, then the break-up is for your best. Even if it is a mutual break-up, you still feel hurt, right? Instead of indulging in self-hate comments, write a love letter to yourself, expressing everything you love about YOU!

7. Hit the gym or bring out your yoga mat

Exercising, sweating, and heavy breathing all have a positive impact on your broken heart. Lead your mind and body the way you want to, without anyone telling you anything. Psychology has several reports that prove the theory of exercise help to heal a broken heart. Everything comes back to normal much faster because you feel powerful. Don’t forget to turn the music up!

8. No no to rebounds

One of the easiest ways to get over your ex is to make a new boyfriend. But is that healthy? No! You’re not being fair… to yourself, to the time you spent with your ex, to your feelings, to your broken heart, and to your new boyfriend. Doesn’t being unfair to so much at once scare you? Rebounds don’t last. They’re only a temporary solution to heal a broken heart. Ultimately, you’ll go back to everything you once felt, and it’s not going to end well! Use the time to heal instead.

9. Forgive

how to heal a broken heart with forgiveness

Forgiveness is difficult to ask; forgiveness is difficult to give. But forgiveness is an excellent way to heal a broken heart. Whether your ex realizes how he’d pushed you that far, or if you’re feeling hurt about something your ex did or is doing, clearly, an apology seems far from possible. Unfortunately, most people forget that forgiveness is not for the person who hurt you, but for you. The moment you say the words, “I forgive you for all the pain you gave to me,” things will turn around!

Forgive to feel lighter; forgive to move on!

10. Rely on your faith

No matter which faith you follow, it’ll definitely have scriptures that help heal a broken heart. Spend your time reading those scriptures, feeling strengthened, and lightweight. Pray. When you feel like you’ve done everything in your power and you still don’t feel better, pray! There’s nothing better than that.

See, now you know how to heal a broken heart, and it’s not that difficult to practice, is it? The pain sure will be more than you can handle, but you at least have a process to follow now.

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