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5 Touching Stories of HOPE and LOVE amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

HOPE and LOVE are the most powerful feelings that are helping people battle COVID-19. In this scenario, fear is the one emotion that is gripping the world, and we need to fight it just like we are fighting the virus. So here is a piece of information that can help lift your hope of surviving this outbreak.

According to Channel News Asia, as of now, while over 2,99,912 people have tested positive for Corona, you might hear that about 12,907 people have succumbed to it. But what you should also know is that 66,907 people have recovered from this virus, and are out of danger. So you see, it is “hope” that you need to cling on to, and we should wish for 100% recovery in the time to come.

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We are here to spread some hope and love among those fighting the anxiety and stress engulfing the globe. It is during such critical situations that we should unite in love and give hope to all. Some stories that are making the rounds prove that their love lasts through sickness and health… that their love is keeping them hopeful for recoveries. Above all, they prove that LOVE makes fighting every difficulty easier. These are some touching stories that will reinstill our faith in hope and love!

1. Heidi Klum’s Kiss of Love

The “America’s Got Talent” judge, Heidi Klum, complained of some symptoms of Corona. After testing for the same, she isolated herself for the safety of her family. That said, living in isolation is not easy. When she missed her husband, Tom Koltiz, a bit too much, they planted a kiss of love from two sides of a glass window. She captioned the video stating how she’s fighting the urge to kiss and embrace her husband but gives more importance to precautions.

2. Community Love or Daughter’s Love?

In this heartbreaking video from China, a nurse serving the community to fight COVID-19 gives an air hug to her daughter, who she cannot touch. We can see the daughter crying to hug her mom, who she misses a lot. The courageous mother (also in tears), tells her daughter how she is fighting monsters and will be back home soon to hug her little one in person. Such is the power of love; in a crisis, the woman is fulfilling the love she has for her job and is painfully consoling the love she has for her daughter. Watch the video of hope that there are medical practitioners who have left their families behind to fight for us!

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3. “I have Loved you for 67-Years and still do. Happy Anniversary”

You read that right; 67 years of marriage, and still unwilling to let go of one another. This story from Connecticut is of a man whose wife is in coronavirus quarantine. One way or another, he wanted his still bride-like-wife to know how much he loves her. His gesture proves that marriage makes love more profound with time. Bob Shellard stood outside his wife, Nancy Shellard’s window, with a huge signboard and balloons. It read- “I have loved you for 67-years and still do. Happy Anniversary.” Nancy then waves back to her so-in-love husband and sends Bob her love with flying kisses. Watch the video by Latest Viral News below.

4. Pausing to Appreciate Life

Shanghai saw a lot many cases of patients who tested positive for COVID-19. As the cases piled, doctors and patients couldn’t stop to take a breather. But one young doctor practicing calm in the panic offered to watch the sunset with his elderly patient. It proves how we connect with humans on another level to appreciate life. During such times, life does not stay limited to our families, but the world becomes one big family. On the way to CT-scan, the doctor-patient duo lived the moment, bonding with nature’s beauty.

5. Choosing Duty Over Marriage

The Corona Outbreak is sending us more stories of selfless love for people, as opposed to selfish love for their selves. Below is the video of another couple who were scheduled to marry on Valentine’s Day this year. The woman, being a nurse, chose to live by her oath and serve people over marrying the love of her life. This selfless and sacrificing couple kiss one another from two sides of a glass door. You can see the emotions of separation in their eyes, but the passion of dedication with their decision to postpone their wedding. A touching story, indeed, spreading the message of making the right choices, and not being selfish in love.

Cling to Hope and Love!

Our intention behind sharing these stories of hope and love is genuine. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is bringing many lives to a standstill. But these episodes teach us the need to postpone our life commitments for the wellbeing of our planet.

We urge you to avoid panic and live in the faith that we shall all make it to the other side of this struggle. Love every human around you at this time, and choose the safety of your community over personal benefits. Let us all follow the protocols of isolation, testing if you see the symptoms, and get tested if you have a travel history abroad. We salute those performing their duties during this scare for the love of people and their nations.

We pray for the ones still fighting it and offer our condolences to those families who lost their loved ones. Cling to hope and love!

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