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I’m Hemali, an ICF-Certified ACC Level Life Coach, focusing my life on Relationship, Marriage, and Grief Coaching, besides Life Coaching, and here’s a little about me. A teacher transformed into a Writer & Editor transformed into a Life Coach for relationships has allowed me to closely understand and feel what “transformation” really means. And that is just what you can expect out of these coaching sessions with me- A TRANSFORMATION- in yourself, in your life, in your perspective, and in your relationships. 

With strong beliefs like “Life Happens” and “There’s always a solution,” I assert that Coaching is one of the most POWERFUL processes to overcome anything and everything that knocks us off track. Having experienced several ups and downs in my life, relationships, and marriage, to recently even dealing with the grief of losing a close friend, I’ve been able to find my way back through goal-setting, focusing on the present, and visualizing my future. If it worked for me, I KNOW it will work for anyone! 

Hemali Adhiya – ICF Certified Coach

“Coaching you towards Healthier and Happier relationships!”

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It all started with my blog,, which garnered much appreciation from people. Within no time, people struggling in relationships reached out to me for help. But I didn’t want to be a self-proclaimed coach. My certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the pioneer of the coaching industry, stamped my skills with the required certification and authority to help people achieve healthier and happier lives and relationships. 

Active on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Quora, I have clients from all across the country who invested their trust and time in me. They have evolved in their problem areas and have found new meaning in their lives. I feel humbled watching them thrive in their lives and relationships. They claim to have found the best versions of themselves.

If you think coaching can help you too, here’s what I have to say, “Together, we can!”

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