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How to Grow Individually in a Relationship? 6 Pro Tips!

how to grow individually in a relationship with tips

Growth… a five-letter word that makes you think about the then, now, and the later. How else would you measure it? You need the data! We’ve been talking about “Growing in Love” when in a relationship. But do you think one can grow individually in a relationship? I cannot contain myself in saying this any other way than screaming a big YES! 

Imagine this scenario- you meet someone when you were young. With time, as the relationship grows, you also age. Point of view, dreams. decisions, thoughts- everything changes. Wait, let’s put that better. EVERYTHING EVOLVES! Do you remain the same as a person? Does your relationship remain the same after spending a few years together? Let’s not get into how the romance changes. Focus only on how the relationship changes for the better. There’s more maturity, understanding, and bonding with time.

What is Growing Individually in a Relationship?

how to grow individually in a relationship

When the relationship grows, you also grow individually in a relationship. The way you saw things before, it’s not the same anymore. The maddening amount of jealousy makes way for cute possessiveness and ample trust. You’re growing together, but you’re also growing individually.

Sometimes, people also tend to find their partners selfish when they want to work on their individual selves. Some others feel guilty about looking out for their personal growth. Here’s something you both need to know- not allowing someone to take care of their individual growth is selfish. And now taking the time to grow your individual self should make you feel more guilty than otherwise.

I mean, don’t we owe this to ourselves? Imagine having a partner who’s the same forever? Would that be interesting in any way? Or, imagine being the same person every day. Does life seem enjoyable? To grow individually in relationships means to grow together too. You’ll be better versions of yourselves and thus your contribution towards each other and your investment in the relationship only meets a greater height. The kind of height you’re not afraid of looking down from. The kind of height where there are no inhibitions about yourself or your partner.

You can call this initiative to grow individually in a relationship as striking the perfect balance between Self Love and Romantic Love!  

Here are some pro tips to grow individually in a relationship.

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6  Tips to Grow Individually in a Relationship 

Remember this before we get into the depth of this concept. Only when there is a YOU, there is a relationship. If YOU don’t give yourself, your dreams, your thoughts, your opinions any importance, don’t expect your partner to do it either. If there’s no space for you to grow individually in a relationship, then you’re walking into years of boredom and caging yourself into a body and mind where you don’t feel like yourself.

DON’T DO THAT! Give your wonderful self a chance to grow, evolve, and dwell in the joys of growth! 

1. Invest wholeheartedly in Self-time

how to grow individually in a relationship

Why wouldn’t you want to spend time with yourself when your partner enjoys spending time with you? To grow individually in a relationship, you need to begin with understanding the areas in which you want to grow. It could be something work-related, health-related, behavior-related, passion-related, or anything else you seem fit to grow. Take time to separate from everything else. Think. Make plans. Act.

2. Share, talk, and discuss your growth plans

personal growth in a relationship

Sit with your partner when you have your thoughts aligned. Talk to him/her about how you’ve been thinking about doing something. Ensure you implement the actions to grow individually in a relationship in a manner that doesn’t affect the both of you as a couple. Seek encouragement from your partner so you’re not demotivated at any point.

3. Stand up for your needs

stand up for your needs in a relationship

Sometimes, unintentionally (or even intentionally in some cases), a partner may take the other for granted. They might make all the decisions alone, not considering that it might not be your need at that time. Sometimes, you might also feel too guilty to ask for what you need, even if it is just something as simple as ten minutes alone. Stand up for your needs. If that’s how you’ll be, that’s how the relationship will shape. You don’t want that because a few years down the lane, you’ll feel suffocated and incomplete.

4. Be available for yourself

be available for yourself

Charity begins at home. Before seeking availability from your partner, be available for yourself. Ask yourself what you want to do on this day. What are the things you need to accomplish? Make things happen in your own life so that things can happen in your relationship too. To grow individually in a relationship, you need to be someone who knows the significance of giving yourself as much priority as you give to your relationship.

5. Speak Confidently in your relationship

speak confidently in a relationship to grow individually

Confidence never goes out of style. When you speak confidently about yourself and the things you do, it shows how you continue to grow individually in a relationship. The more confidently you speak about yourself, the more your partner will feel interested in you. Even if not, it will act as an inner source of encouragement for you to keep going because it makes you feel this way!

6. Meet your people often

grow individually in a relationship

Your circle deserves time with you. Meet people in your circle, friends, family, and colleagues. When you spend some time among other groups, you get to do something different from just relationship stuff. there are other things to talk about, learn, think, and discuss. It’ll have an indirect impact on your mission to grow individually in a relationship.

It’s like the saying goes, lovely people, “Be with someone who wants to see you grow.”

But I say, be someone who wants to grow too. It’s you who has to initiate the thought to grow individually in a relationship. Of course, you don’t need to make this very obvious. All of the above pro tips are conscious decisions that you need to effortlessly implement. At the same time, ensure you encourage your partner to grow too.

Don’t stagnate. What’s love and what’s a relationship that doesn’t evolve? If you don’t evolve individually, how will you evolve together?  Oh, and if you’re looking to grow in your relationship, take our 15 days “Grow in Love” challenge that a lot of people are already taking on our Instagram page. It’s not too late to join in here.

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