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“In days that follow, I discover that anger is easier to handle than grief.” — Emily Giffin, 

Grief Coaching


I believe that Giffin has expressed giref aptly. Anger will eventually simmer down and you will be able to see things clearly again. But what happens with grief? 

Grief Coaching with Hemali Adhiya 

You will agree that the worst part about grief is its suddeness. There is no time to prepare for it. We’re standing there, happy and content in life, when grief pushes us down the most painful paths of our lives. The primary cause of grief is the loss of a loved one- a loss that no one and nothing can replace. All there’s left to do is accept reality, process grief, and find a way to continue living with the best memories of the person that left us.  

Primarily death of a dear one can cause immense grief. But traumatic events like divorce, separation, injury, retirement, miscarriage, pregnancy, imprisonment, leaving a child home, changing residences, etc can also trigger grief. Dealing with grief isn’t easy. But avoiding dealing with grief is easy, and that is what most people do. Not what I suggest, though. 

When left untreated, grief can have a negative impact on an individual’s potential to live and thrive. It is crucial to not ignore a powerful emotion like grief and choose a path of recovery. I, as a grief coach, will not attempt to fix you but lend you a solicitous and empathetic ear while understanding your pain in your own words. The goal of grief coaching? Moving on and learning to live without the person lost. Grief Coaching is a step-by-step process where we will sit mini goals and slowly overcome the pain. The memories will remain, but the sessions will lead you towards healing. 

Noteworthy Benefits of Grief Coaching 

  • Manage grief 
  • Move on with life 
  • Cope with emotions 
  • Deals with difficult questions and challenges 
  • Become self-sufficient in dealing with pain
  • Find compassion and empathy 
  • Understand the process of giref 
  • Find your way back into life without the person you lost

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How many sessions to opt for? 

You can opt for 1 session but for optimum results, I recommend 4 sessions. My client is my priority and I would not like to keep them in the dark. Thus, the number of sessions could escalate to 10-15 sessions if the issues are more complicated and require a proper investment of time to overcome them. 

My vote of trust: When I feel like you don’t require further sessions, you can trust me to tell you. 

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What is Grief Coaching? 

Grief coaching is not the same as therapy. A counselor will focus on the past and fix triggers. But a coach will gravitate the individual towards the future. 

Grief coaching will assist you to work through your feelings, set goals, and move forward. 

Counteracting loneliness and pain is one of the main aims of grief coaching. The process of counteracting commences with goal-setting. As a grief coach, I believe in setting goals that are achievable rather than delegating a broad goal. These goals revolve around rebuilding what the loss snatched. The loss may be recent or old but grief coaching will lead you to feel yourself again. 

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