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God’s love- A Twenty-Five-Year-Old’s Story of Healing With A Miracle

God's love faith testimony


The year 2020 has come with an unpleasant surprise. A virus that no one knew of has hit the world in its face shutting down our systems and lives. People are dying in thousands, and every day we wake up to the news of many more testing positive. Believers around the world are praying for His healing hands so that we can free our fellow humans from this deadly virus. But today, I want to help people rise in faith, that those who stay close to the Lord shall find themselves away from any disease. If you already happen to be suffering from an illness, then trust that Lord has got this. HE has chosen you to show his mighty works. This is a story of God’s love.

A Story of God’s Love- Healing & Miracle

The accident

Twenty-five-year-old Hazel left home for work after a week-long vacation with her friends. She spent the day sharing stories about her trip and showing pictures to her colleagues. Little did she know that it was the only day she had to revel in the trip’s memories. On her way back home, she took an auto and sat tight because the roads were terrible owing to the monsoons. Sadly, the auto did have a small bump, falling into a hole filled with water, but Hazel made it home safe. She sat down to complete some of her backlog, and everything that happened two hours after, changed her life.

No matter how hard Hazel tried, she couldn’t get up because she felt this shooting pain across her right lower back. Her worried parents walked their ailing daughter to the bed until they could decide where they could take her. The initial treatments that went on for two days had no affect on her pain until a Spine Specialist finally suggested an MRI, which revealed what the little bump in the water-filled hole had done.

He explained how there was a crack on the lower disc, and the lubricated liquid had spilt out, both of which caused the pain. There was no other option for recuperation except for a minimum of bed rest for three months, and more if she could not recover.

Finding Refuge in God

God's love


Some of the prescribed medicines did not suit her, and with a pain in her back, she vomited for nights. Regular shots of injections helped ease some pain. The treatment was killing her with pain as well as with boredom. With both her parents working, there was little she could do in their absence except watch shows on television or mobile. Sometimes, she would read books. After a few days, it hit her that the people she once called her friends did not understand the intensity of her accident.

Hazel was a believer, and in the loneliness, she turned to God. With the help of a pastor who she used to speak, she invested her time in Bible study, prayers, and listening to sermons that reassured her faith in healing. He preached to her about the glories of God’s love, His mercy, and His healing.

When the doctor said that it would be a long bed rest that he had first predicted, it broke her but did not shatter her entirely. She knew that God’s love would save her. Her faith grew more substantial than her fears, and with the help of her spiritual father, she believed that even with no one around but for her parents, she was happy. She gathered the guts to work from her bed using the phone and completed a significant assignment doing that. Hazel secretly hoped that people would praise her for the work she did despite her difficulty, but no one could see that, but for her parents and spiritual father. She cried for hours that night.

The Night of the Miracle

miracle and healing


That night, she prayed for longer than she had ever before. She asked for God’s love to show on her body, and for Him to grant her healing so that she could be out in the world. Hazel was too sad to be on the bed and not receive credit for the work she did from there. And that night became the night of her miracle.

During prayers, God spoke to her. He asked her to forget about all the sins she committed in the past because He had forgiven her. The Lord told Hazel to look forward to healing because He would do it at the right time. In the end, God confessed to her how much He loved her and wanted her to know that she is amongst the chosen ones. If not for the pain, she would have never realized that her happiness was in Him and not in the people she waited upon.

The bed rest that went on for nine months changed Hazel’s life extensively. She became an ardent believer of Christ and testified of his glories before anyone who she thought needed healing. The woman who couldn’t sit up to eat, now lives a healthy & happy married life, exercises, and partakes in every adventure she comes across.

Hazel knows that God’s love is greater than all. As far she knows, nothing can take her back to the pain. Not just did God heal her physically, but He also healed her heart.

Trust God’s Love

faith testimony


God has got you even amidst the Corona Virus. His mercy is so great, that he loves us even though we sin. Every day can be a miracle if we stay in faith. Reflect on Psalm 91 from the Bible, which speaks about God’s protection of his children. He will keep you away from the plague, from negative energies and save you from your enemies. When you trust in the Lord whole-heartedly, the battle is never yours to fight, the battle is only yours to live. The Lord is already fighting your battle! Allow God’s love to embrace you and witness the magic of Healing and Miracle.

Just know, God loves you!

5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you. – Psalm 91

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