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From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates


Soulmates are people who love you with so much conviction. Love is what brings two dark souls together. It is the light between us. We must remember that we are mere travelers of life on our journey to home, that nothing will matter in the end, for everything is chaos, except love. So love hard as you can and we’ll soon turn into stories. The world might disappoint you but the universe won’t. 


One way to get a sense of why love should matter so much, why it might be considered close to the meaning of life, is to look at the challenges of loneliness. Could it be that one person loves and hates another person at the same time? What if today he says “ I LOVE YOU” but tomorrow he says “I hate the day I met you”. Is it possible for a person to love someone with a whole heart and then hates them for a while? Of course, it is and we all experience that in our lives.


Think about a person you love more than God, the one whom you love every single minute of your life. I don’t understand how anyone can be so familiar with each other. How does every smile, every whisper bring them closer? It’s kind of impossible!

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From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates

Hello everyone, my name is Payal, an honest and straightforward girl. I am here to share my “soulmates” story, the rollercoaster era of my life. I was someone who always looked for a perfect life and a perfect husband. But as we say God is above everything and only He decides what happens. Here’s my #Ayal soulmate story, that started one summer.

Summer is a dreamy season according to me when adults sit at their desks, and children sit in the school, they dream of summer with infinite fun. Dhaval was a famous or well-known kid at my school. Everyone knew him and was afraid of him. On one hand, he was a notorious kid at school, his mom used to visit the school twice a week due to his devilish behavior.

Dhaval’s sister, Dhara was my best friend. We all have friends at different phases of our lives. But I was lucky to have one friend who stuck with me throughout all stages of my life. Dhara and I spent our entire day together from going to school to doing homework, from eating to cleaning each other’s house. We did EVERYTHING together!

We were neighbors, so, we knew each other quite well and so did our family. And our moms were best friends like us. I always used to visit her house when my favorite dish was cooked. Plus, Dhaval would mostly be out, so I would take my time and relish the food, knowing he won’t be home till late.

But unfortunately, that day, he was there on time. Why God? I just hated seeing him and thought it was a bad day when I did. But I was already there and had no choice but to have dinner with him there. How shameless was he when he ate from my plate without my permission? That angered me and I screamed at him. In return, he pinned me on the table! Ughhhh.

When I went back home that night, I wondered how any girl would ever live with him. In class, he would neither study, not let anyone else study. Yes, I agree that he was the only handsome guy in the school and how back and forth girls hovered around him. But I wasn’t one of them and was glad when we finished high school.

I was 21 when I started my job. As we were 2 elder sisters and one younger brother we needed to share some financial responsibility at home. I worked in the courier department where my profile was to seal the courier and hand it over to the delivery person.

One day, one of the delivery agents misbehaved with me. I was so tense and upset. Unaware of how I could handle this situation, I immediately called Dhara and asked her to come over. She was there at her soonest. I narrated everything to her and she insisted on telling this to my parents. Although, I was scared and couldn’t share what happened for a few days.



The next day I came to know that the courier boy was hospitalized as he was brutally beaten for misbehaving with me. I was shocked. Who did that? I went to the hospital to enquire more about what happened. I even met the delivery agent who said that twenty boys thrashed him with hockey sticks. I tried to understand who initiated this but he wasn’t sure who it was. All he knew was everyone around called him “Tinu.” 

It was him… it was Dhaval who his close ones called Tinu. I was surprised he did this for me! When I reached home, I was looking at him in a different way. There was no aggression in my eyes. 

He was a good man by heart, I realized that day. I don’t know but this incident changed my mind about him. All of a sudden every thought of him felt like cherry blossoms. I started liking him but I didn’t.

And then Vijay entered the scene in my life. Vijay… one of the most handsome guys in my college. He was a fair and honest guy who did not lie or cheat people. He was so disciplined, and yet so cute! Mmmm… yes, I had a crush on him. We both knew that we had something for each other.

As I was in my 20’s, my parents were already considering my marriage. (That’s how it was back then). I knew they would never disagree marrying me to someone I liked as far as the boy was a Hindi, especially of Vaishnav caste. Vijay was a Hindu but of Jain caste.

I was about to make up my mind and ask him. But his parents were also looking for an alliance for him. He shared how his family would not accept a girl for him who wasn’t a Jain. e also had some martial talks in his family and he told me that his family will never accept a girl until and unless she is of Jain Hindu caste. Even though there was something between us, nothing ever happened. 

My hope was broken, by my heart wasn’t. Thank God I hadn’t fallen for him deeply. I moved on from the Vijay chapter, knowing that someone else would come along. It only pinched me that it wasn’t the final ending for me. 

heart break


Dhara and I were separated as she moved to another district. But we still met on weekends. One day, I went to her place straight after work. That day, she asked me something, “Can I ask you something on the condition that our friendship will still remain as strong as now?” 

“Yes, what is it?”

She asked, “Will you marry my brother?” I was a bombshell. Like why was she asking me this?

The situation was uncomfortable. I told her I would speak to my parents about it and left home. But I was too nervous to bring this up in front of my parents. But somehow, they came to know! My mother was totally on board. She was so happy I would go to my best friend’s house. My dad, although, was a little hesitant in the beginning since Dhaval wasn’t as educated as my other brother-in-law. He asked for some time to think about it.

But the real question was, “Am I ready to live with him for the rest of my life? Are Dhaval and I soulmates? Was he my prince charming?” 

Thinking about it sucked! My sister suggested I went out on a date with him so I could know him better. For a few days, Dhara, Dhaval, and I weren’t in contact with each other, until we finally decided to go on a date.

I was so nervous since I never imagined going out with someone I knew as a notorious kid. Until then, he was just my best friend’s brother and the person I hated most. I was all dressed up and on my date by 5 PM, but he wasn’t. The hero turned up an hour late for his first date in a black shirt, dashing style, and cute smile. I finally understood why girls hovered around him. I saw him differently that day. 

Another stupid thing he did was turning up there with a friend. Who does that? It was embarrassing! How could I talk to him freely in front of his friend? How could I ask him if he smoked or consumed alcohol? Did he date someone before me? Did he even like me? There were thousands of questions in my mind. And what did we talk about instead? Our rude neighbors! 

I didn’t know what I would tell my sister! That he came on a date with his friend? Wow! It was ok. It was expected. I kpe thinking what would happen next and what I would do next. But a few days later he reached out and asked me to another date, “Just you and me,” he said. I was excited all over again, but also confused. I had to decide if he was my “the one.”

 I decided to ask someone who has already been in love. I asked my sister and she asked me to close my eyes and think about that boy and narrate my feelings to her. I allowed my thoughts to linger on his beautiful smile and took a deep breath and put those dark thoughts aside. That’s when my sister said that when two souls fall for each other, there is nothing else but the craving to be close to each other. They’re soulmates!

“The jitters we feel when we touch each other’s hand or hear his voice or his smile, that feeling when it all feels so right, all that matters. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and at every level, which brings some sense of happiness and peace. And you will finally know how love is supposed to feel!” My sister made it all clear to me. 

After many meets and dates, I was on a decision and I realized that YES HE WAS THE ONE. Why?

He brought a twinkle to my eyes, butterflies in my stomach, and brought love in my heart for him. Today, exactly after six months of meeting him as an alliance, I was about to confess my feelings to him. Before confessing I was surprised when he asked me my thoughts about love? I don’t know what happened to me but I answered so dramatically that he took me on his lap and went, “awwww.” Ok, so, he knew!

Here’s what I told him, ” I have learned about love from the book of your eyes. I have found love from the sound of your heart. Sometimes I look at the sky and wonder why am I here? Am I sent here from another universe? What’s the purpose? And then I found you beside me. And everything made sense. Everything made me right. It’s so beautiful to be with you. Me listening to your hooligan’s stories under a sky. Us having a forever.”

“I know it’s true and real and it’s happening. I need to tell this that I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR SOUL. I am glad to have you as my soulmate.”

He went crazy with joy. But the thing that still mattered to us was my dad accepting our relationship. All my cousins, aunts, and uncles were convincing my father to accept this as we already knew the family. 

A soulmate usually comes once in your life to shake things up and Dhaval did that in my life. He shook things in my life. Life was so simple before he came. But it was also more beautiful when we realized we were soulmates. 

Finally, my father also agreed to our relationship. And today, we are happily married. A soulmate relationship isn’t always about peaches and creams, sometimes it’s roses and thorns. And of course, thorns were a part of my life too since I chose a rose as my soulmate.



What a romantic story! Here’s the suspense, Payal is my mother, and the way she expressed her feelings makes me love my parents even more. I love my #ayal.

From haters to love, enemies to soulmates- they live happily ever after. 

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